Trash Panic


Note: This game is also titled Gomibako.

  • Trophies

    Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

      Achieved SSS Rank on all Main Dish Stages (Silver): You've gotten SSS rank on all stages.
      Cleared and Passed all "MOTTAINAI" on Main Mode - Main Dish (Bronze): You've received the master of Personal Delivery title.
      Cleared Emptying the Trash Box! (Bronze): You're a totally clean player.
      Cleared Main Mode - HELL (Silver): A present to the survivor of HELL, a steel trash box.
      Cleared Main Mode - HELL with a Green Trash Box (Bronze): A present for the player who has worked so hard: the strongest trash box.
      Cleared Main Mode - HELL with a Red Trash Box (Bronze): At last, you've received the green trash box. Dispose away.
      Cleared Main Mode - HELL with a Steel Trash Box (Bronze): You received the next trash box, the red trash box. Burn, baby, burn.
      Cleared Main Mode - HELL with the Strongest Trash Box (Gold): Thank you for playing, trashy player.
      Cleared Main Mode - Main Dish Through the ECO Route (Silver): You're an ECO-logistic player! Unlocked HELL mode.
      Cleared Main Mode - Main Dish through the EGO Route (Bronze): You are an EGOist player! Unlocked HELL course.
      Cleared Main Mode - Sweets on ECO (Bronze): Attained the title of Trash ECO Patissier.
      Completed all the Main Mode - Main Mish Stages on the A Route! (Bronze): You've completed all stages on the A route.
      You've Played More than 24 Hours! (Bronze): You're a Baur.

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