Urban Trial Freestyle


  • Trophies

    Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

      It's a lifestyle (Gold): Set a 5 star rank in every level.
      Rough n' tough (Silver): Finish any track using only acceleration and brake.
      Twist again (Silver): Make 500 flips total.
      Rise to the Challenge (Silver): Complete all Challenges.
      Streets paved with gold (Silver): Find all the cash lying on the tracks.
      Piece of cake (Bronze): Complete a track without crashing.
      Free Spirit (Bronze): Complete all tracks in Downtown Area.
      Ripping up the Suburbs (Bronze): Complete all tracks in Outskirts Area.
      Conquering the depths (Bronze): Complete all tracks in Underground Area.
      Warehouse Wasteland (Bronze): Complete all tracks in Industrial Area.
      The Great Getaway (Bronze): Complete all tracks in Train Depot Area.
      Mayhem (Bronze): Crash 100 times.

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