Madden NFL '99

  • High stepping into the endzone

    Get within 10 yards of the endzone and press Up + L2 + Triangle + Right to high step if there is enough room between the player and any defenders.

  • Hidden stadiums

    Enter one of the following codes at the code entry screen to activate the corresponding hidden stadium:

    Cleveland BrownsDOGPOUND99
    Original Miami DolphinsNOTAFISH
    Original OaklandSTICKEM
    Original Tampa BaySOMBRERO

  • Hidden teams

    Enter one of the following codes at the code entry screen to activate the corresponding hidden team:

    All-Time All-MaddenTURKEYLEG
    All-Time Stat LeadersIMTHEMAN
    All '60sPEACELOVE
    All '90sHEREANDNOW
    75th AnniversaryTHROWBACK
    Equipment ManagersGEARGUYS
    1999 Cleveland BrownsWELCOMEBACK
    Long range special teamsLONGLEGS

    Game Shark Codes

    Home Team Score 08006A32E 0000
    Away Team Score 08006CDEE 0000
    Infinite Creation Points80095CAA 2400
    Max Agility8015FF3E 0064
    Max Speed8015FF40 0064
    Max Awareness8015FF42 0064
    Max Throw Power8015FF44 0064
    Max Throw Accuracy8015FF46 0064
    Home Team AFC Pro Bowl800616AE 005E
    Home Team NFC Pro Bowl800616AE 005F
    Home Team All-Madden800616AE 0060
    Home Team All-Time-All Madden800616AE 0061
    Home Team All-Time Stat Leaders800616AE 0062
    Home Team 75th Anniversary800616AE 0063
    Home Team All '60s800616AE 0065
    Home Team All '70s800616AE 0066
    Home Team All '80s800616AE 0067
    Home Team All '90s800616AE 0068
    Home Team Equipment Managers800616AE 0064
    Home Team 1999 Cleveland Browns800616AE 006B
    Home Team EA Sports800616AE 006A
    Home Team Tiburon800616AE 0069
    Home Team Bandits800616AE 006C
    Home Team Blues800616AE 006D
    Home Team Bruins800616AE 006E
    Home Team Bulldogs800616AE 006F
    Home Team Colonials800616AE 0070
    Home Team Dodgers800616AE 0071
    Home Team Flyers800616AE 0072
    Home Team Generals800616AE 0073
    Home Team Indians800616AE 0074
    Home Team Kings800616AE 0075
    Home Team Pirates800616AE 0076
    Home Team Rangers800616AE 0077
    Home Team Sharks800616AE 0078
    Home Team Stars800616AE 0079
    Home Team Tigers800616AE 007A
    Home Team Titans800616AE 007B
    Home Team Wildcats800616AE 007C
    Home Team Yellow Jackets800616AE 007D
    Away Team AFC Pro Bowl800616AC 005E
    Away Team NFC Pro Bowl800616AC 005F
    Away Team All-Madden800616AC 0060
    Away Team All-Time All-Madden800616AC 0061
    Away Team All-Time Stat Leaders800616AC 0062
    Away Team 75th Anniversary800616AC 0063
    Away Team All '60s800616AC 0065
    Away Team All '70s800616AC 0066
    Away Team All '80s800616AC 0067
    Away Team All '90s800616AC 0068
    Away Team Equipment Managers800616AC 0064
    Away Team 1999 Cleveland Browns800616AC 006B
    Away Team EA Sports800616AC 006A
    Away Team Tiburon800616AC 0069
    Away Team Bandits800616AC 006C
    Away Team Blues800616AC 006D
    Away Team Bruins800616AC 006E
    Away Team Bulldogs800616AC 006F
    Away Team Colonials800616AC 0070
    Away Team Dodgers800616AC 0071
    Away Team Flyers800616AC 0072
    Away Team Generals800616AC 0073
    Away Team Indians800616AC 0074
    Away Team Kings800616AC 0075
    Away Team Pirates800616AC 0076
    Away Team Rangers800616AC 0077
    Away Team Sharks800616AC 0078
    Away Team Stars800616AC 0079
    Away Team Tigers800616AC 007A
    Away Team Titans800616AC 007B
    Away Team Wildcats800616AC 007C
    Away Team Yellow Jackets800616AC 007D

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