Trick'N Snowboarder

Note: This game is also titled Tricky Sliders.

  • Resident Evil characters

    At the title screen, press Triangle(2), X(2), Square, Circle, Square, Circle. If you entered the code correctly, you will hear a sound. Then, enter free mode and press L2 or R2 at the character selection screen to access Leon, Claire, and a zombie cop.

  • Bonus track

    Successfully complete story mode. Then when selecting a track, press L1 to unlock a new track.

    Game Shark Codes

    North American Version

    Infinite Time800AAEB8 0000
    Max Points800C135C FFFF
    Unlock Daichi300E3F8C 0001
    Unlock Ashley300E3F8D 0001
    Unlock Jack300E3F8E 0001
    Unlock Lila300E3F8F 0001
    Unlock Majagh300E3F90 0001
    Unlock Gale300E3F91 0001
    Unlock Leon300E3F92 0001
    Unlock Claire300E3F93 0001
    Unlock Zombie300E3F94 0001
    Unlock All Characters
    (GS 2.2 or Higher Needed)
    50000502 0000
    800E3F8C 0101

    Japanese Version

    Infinite Time800AC860 0000
    Max Points800C2E04 FFFF

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