Midnight Suns DLC: A Comprehensive Guide for Supernatural Heroes

Midnight Suns DLC: A Comprehensive Guide for Supernatural Heroes

Marvel’s Midnight Suns and its new DLC packs are a strong break from the Marvel games of years past. No web-swinging action of Peter Parker or Miles Morales in New York but instead you’ll have to enter a pure tactical-RPG mode. Midnight Suns follows the story of The Hunter, a deep cut of Marvel lore as this fully customizable character joins the ranks of the Midnight Sun Order to protect Earth from the horrors of the supernatural realm.

Midnight Suns was released on all major platforms in December of 2022 by publisher Powerhouse 2K and was developed by Firaxis Games. This game is a turn-based tactical RPG similar to games like XCOM: 2 and to a degree Pokémon games. You’ll step into the shoes of The Hunter, one of Marvel’s first fully customizable players. Playing as the Hunter you’ll be able to choose their gender, their skills, their powers, and to some degree their moral alignment and playstyle. To find the best combination you’ll have to play this game a few times. Thankfully, there are some amazing DLC packs that will keep this game fresh and exciting.

Midnight Suns DLC Packs

Combat on the streets in Marvel’s Midnight Suns.
This tactical game taps into superhero fandom.

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Marvel’s Midnight Suns game is a turned-based tactical game, so in turn, you’ll have the chance to use various characters to add to your deck of heroes to aid in battles. The main game will feature world-famous characters like:

Just to name a few that can help you in your missions. All of the current DLC packs for the game are focused on new characters that open up new storylines and missions.

DLC Pack #1: Blood Storm

The Blood Storm DLC for Midnight Suns currently retails for $14.99 (plus tax) and will feature Ororo Munroe, better known as Storm from the X-men canon. She has the power to control the weather and rain down the power of thunder, lightning, and even hurricanes.

The new storyline will follow Storm’s quest to recruit a new mutant to Xavcier’s School for Gifted Youngsters. Unfortunately due to the recent vampyre scourge, this new mutant has gone M.I.A. With the help of Wolverine, Magik, and the Midnight Suns, Storm creates a search party. Unfortunately, Sin, a Hydra mastermind and granddaughter of Red Skull is hot on the missing mutant’s trail with less-than-ideal plans in mind.

DLC Pack #2: The Hunger

The Hunger DLC for Midnight Suns currently retails for $14.99 (plus tax) and follows the story of a deadly vampyre plague running rampant in New York. Brillant biochemist Dr. Michael Morbius transforms himself into a bat-like being who feeds on the blood of the living in an attempt to cure his rare illness. Morbius is forced to join the forces of the Mightnight Suns to fight the vampyre threat and find a cure for Morbius’s affliction. If the stakes weren’t already high enough, Hydra started infusing the undead DNA from Morbius’s research into its troops to create squads of Super-soldiers. Can you cure Morbius from his affliction and save the city from the evils of Hydra?

DLC Pack #3: Redemption

Venom turns to show his brighter side in his own DLC

The Redemption DLC for Midnight Suns currently retails at $14.99 (plus tax). This follows the story of Eddie Brock and his alien symbiote Venom as he joins forces with Spider-Man and the Midnight Suns to write his wrongs.

After committing horrible crimes with the Demon-queen herself, he switches sides to fight the Vampyre plague infecting the sewers of New York City. As Vemon you’ll claw, chomp, and destroy the Vampyre hoards and make amends for your actions. However, as Vemon breaks free from one controlling demon, another one has their eye on him. Can you guide venom through the sewers and into the halls of the Midnight Suns as an honorary member and a force for good?

DLC Pack #4: The Good, The Bad, and The Undead

The Good, The Bad, and The Undead DLC for Midnight Suns is currently selling at just $14.99 (plus tax) and strays from the Vampyre storylines of the other DLC packs for the game. This pack follows everyone’s loveable jerk, Wade Wilson aka Deadpool. Various challenges, fart jokes, and brutal in-your-face action await you in this DLC.

Midnight Suns Season Pass DLC

If you just can’t keep your hands off this game and need every single DLC, then you can always get the season pass for Midnight Suns. Currently listed at $49.99 the season pass will give you access to all the DLC packs mentioned above.

Midnight Suns DLC checklist

There are dozens of new items in the various DLC packs but here are the main items to be on the lookout for.

Playable Characters:

These new characters are all playable after you complete either the season pass or the main events of each pack.

  • Deadpool
  • Venom
  • Morbius
  • Storm


Depends on the DLC but each DLC will have amazing skins that relate to the story. Generally speaking, you’ll be getting a whole gang of new skins for all the characters in your deck. Various skins for Spiderman, Blade, the Hulk, Venom, and a ton more.

Abby Upgrades:

In the main game, you can add on fun items to dress up the Midnight Suns’ Abby. The best one comes from the Deadpool DLC. You can get Deadpool’s Food Truck which will be selling all of the chimichangas your heart desires.

Enhanced T.H.R.E.A.T. Room will be available shortly after completing the Storm DLC. It gets a fresh coat of paint and new art to enjoy in all of its digital glory.

Are Any of the Midnight Suns DLC Worth the Money? 

In short, probably not. If you are buying the season pass to get all four DLC packs then yes it’s good value for money and will add around 20 hours of play game to the main story. However, at $15 a pop for 3 hours or less of gameplay per DLC, it’s probably not worth the money.

The characters are larger-than-life but yet feel flat and boring in-game. Almost as if it was a carbon cut-out of their original. The story is one most superhero and Marvel fans have heard a dozen times before but not in the fun action way. the Vampyre story feels like they needed a set piece for their heroes to do their ‘amazing’ flips and attacks without actually challenging any aspect of the player, or the character, or bringing new light to the nature of the supernatural.

If the Midnight Suns IP is something you would be willing to trade your car for then yes, these DLC packs will have you over the moon with an IV drip of pure nostalgia. If you are just a fan of card and turn-based games, the DLC will be cheap, far too easy, and simply not worth your hard-earned cash.

*This section is only the opinion of the writer and not representative of CheatCC as a whole*

Midnight Suns DLC Tips and Tricks

The DLC is just an extension of the main game so having a solid deck of characters that work the best with your play style and tactics is going to be the best first step. Another good step is to be willing to experiment with different styles. If the same level is kicking your butt time and time again, then try throwing in some heavy hitters or fast strikers to your deck and see how things change.

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