Tony Hawk's Underground

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  • Perfect rail balance

    Select "Cheat Codes" at the options menu, then enter "letitslide" as a code. Alternately, get all 129 goals.

  • Perfect manual balance

    Select "Cheat Codes" at the options menu, then enter "keepitsteady" as a code. Alternately, get all 129 goals.

  • Perfect skitches

    Select "Cheat Codes" at the options menu, then enter "rearrider" as a code. Alternately, get all 129 goals.

  • Play as T.H.U.D.

    Select "Cheat Codes" at the options menu, then enter "NOOO!!" as a code to unlock T.H.U.D. Alternately, successfully complete story mode on the sick difficulty setting. Note: In the Neversoft FMV sequence at the start of the game, the boy that gets eaten is Eric. The thing that pops out to eat him is T.H.U.D.

  • Moon Gravity

    Select "Cheat Codes" at the options menu, then enter "getitup" as a code. Alternately, get all 129 goals. -From:

  • All FMV sequences

    Select "Cheat Codes" at the options menu, then enter "digivid" as a code to unlock all FMV sequences.

  • Pre-made skaters

    Go to create a skater and change the name to one of the following entries. The character will change into the corresponding skater:

      1337 (Rulon Raymond)
      Akira2s (C Surla)
      Alan Flores buffoon (Pete Day)
      Alex Garcia
      Andy Marchel
      arrr (Captain Cody)
      Big Tex (green skinned cowboy with a cowboy hat, cowboy boots, Hawaiian shirt, shoots, and a tribal tattoo)
      Chauwa Steel
      Chris Rausch
      ChrisP (Chris Peacock)
      crom (Eric Grosser)
      Daddy Mac (Dana MacKenzie)
      Dan Nelson
      Dave Stohl
      DDT (Darren Thorne)
      deadendroad (Ralph D'Amato)
      fatass (Brad Bulkley)
      FROGHAM (Kendall)
      GEIGER (Jake Geiger)
      Guilt Ladle (Kevin Mulhall)
      Hammer (Ted Barber)
      Henry Ji
      Jason Uyeda
      Jeremy Andersen
      Joel Jewett
      Johnny Ow (Chum)
      leedsleedsleeds (Wardy)
      Mike Ward
      moreuberthaned (Mikey Ortai)
      M'YAK (Rock)
      Noly (Nolan Nelson)
      NSJEFF (Jeff Morgan)
      POOPER (Paul Robinson)
      Stacey D
      tao zheng
      The Kraken
      The Swink
      THEDOC (Adam Lippmann)
      Todd Wahoske
      TOPBLOKE (Dave Cowling)
      TSUEnami! (Todd Sue)
      woodchuck (Michelle Deyo)
      Yawgurt (Gary Jesdanun)
      ZiG (Zac Drake)

  • Cool Specials

    Get all 129 goals.

  • Kid Mode

    Get all 129 goals.

  • Rollerskates

    Get all 129 goals.

  • Flame

    Get all 129 goals.

  • Always Special

    Get all 129 goals.

  • Hangar level

    In the Moscow level, find the place where there are a lot of tanks and a building that reads "AEHNH". Stand in front of the building to the left. Line your self with the brown ledge. Climb up it. Stand on the brown ledge that you are about to grind on. If you are in the correct location, to your left should be a tree and straight ahead should be a big red building palace-looking thing. Grind that ledge and jump toward the previous viewed window. You should go down a ramp. Where the ramp is located, is a ramp that goes up on the right, revealing the "Tony Hawk 2" icon as you went down the ramp to unlock the Hangar level from Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2.

  • Hotter Than Hell level

    Successfully complete story mode to unlock the Hotter Than Hell level.

  • Venice Beach level

    From the large hotel you start at in the Hawaii level, follow the main road all the way around in either direction. When you find the strip of buildings that are opposite on the map from the hotel, you will find a large tiki head. Alternately, go out the front doors of the hotel and through the plaza all the way out the other side. Jump inside the tiki head's mouth to find a secret area. Skate down the tunnel until the end and boneless into the air to grab the "Tony Hawk 2" icon to unlock the Venice Beach level from Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2. Note: Think of the map as a square. If the beach is at the bottom, the tiki head is on the top side of the map. It is much easier to get inside the tiki head's mouth if you dismount your board first.

  • School 2 level

    In the New Jersey level, cross the bridge, then get on top of the large building immediately afterwards. Shimmy across the tall gate and pull yourself onto a ledge. There will be a "Tony Hawk 2" icon on the ledge alongside a tall building that will unlock the School 2 level from Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2.

  • Play as Gene Simmons

    Successfully complete story mode on the normal difficulty setting to unlock Gene Simmons.

  • Play as Iron Man

    Successfully complete story mode on the beginner difficulty setting to unlock Iron Man.

  • Play as Pedestrians

    Find all gaps in the game to unlock the Pedestrians.

  • Create-A-Deck mode

    Successfully complete "Slamma Jamma" in story mode to unlock Create-A-Deck mode.

  • Kiss Concert FMV sequence

    Collect all the letters that spell K-I-S-S in the Hotter Than Hell level. This will unlock the Kiss FMV sequence. Then, collect K-I-S-S again. This will start the Kiss Concert.

  • Bails 1 FMV sequence

    Collect three secret tapes to unlock the Bails 1 FMV sequence.

  • Bails 2 FMV sequence

    Collect six secret tapes to unlock the Bails 2 FMV sequence.

  • Always Hard FMV sequence

    Collect nine secret tapes to unlock the Always Hard FMV sequence.

  • Lost Footage FMV sequence

    Successfully complete the game on the too easy and beginner difficulty settings to unlock a new "Lost Footage Tape", in which instead of challenging Eric, you punch him and take the tape.

  • Alternate ending sequence

    Successfully complete story mode twice or complete sick mode to view an alternate ending sequence.

  • Jump higher

    While off your skateboard (walking), when you jump the first time (press X), you can also jump a second time while still in the air (if you keep tapping X). This is very helpful for out of reach places. Note: You can only jump twice.

  • Use any car used previously

    After completing any goal that you had to use a car, you can find that car somewhere in that level as well.

  • Scratched up deck

    Create your own deck or get any pre-made one. Grind a lot with it by doing tailslides, noseslides, boardslides, and lipslides. After grinding for so long, your board will wear on the bottom and the picture will be all scratched up.

  • Switch tricks

    Riding switch is the opposite of what your rider is used to. If you have a regular stance rider, then switch would be the goofy stance for them, and vice versa. When you do switch tricks, you get more points than what you would normally get for doing it in regular/goofy form. For example, doing a Kickflip (regular) results in 100 points, but a Switch Kickflip gets 120 points. It makes a larger difference on bigger tricks such as specials.

  • Special moves

    When jumping onto a grind, tap Triangle(2) to do extra grinds such as Salads, Darkslides, Hangten Nosegrinds,5-0 Overturns, Hurricanes, Double Bluntslides, Crailslides, and Nosegrinds To Pivots. When manualing, press Left, Right, Square to do the Space Walk. During the truckstand, press Circle(2) to do the Pogo To Hair Flip.

  • Secret tape in Hawaii level

    Climb the hotel that you start at. Get to the roof and to the right of the pipe on the right is the side of the building. Grind that ledge onto the wire to get the secret tape.

  • 10,000 point gap in Hotter Than Hell level

    Find the Go-Kart. Drive the Go-Kart around until you find a huge ramp that goes over the center of the level. Drive off it as fast as possible and you will clear a gap that gives you 10,000 points.

  • Secret tape in Manhattan level

    When you start, go down the street to the left of the worker with the jackhammer . At the end of the street is a lit up billboard with a ladder. Climb the ladder, then jump and grab the ledge. The tape is there for the taking.

  • Hitch a ride in Manhattan level

    When skating in Manhattan, it is possible to ride in the back of the DC trucks driving around the city. Skate behind one and jump into the back when you get a chance. Doing so will allow you hitch a ride around the block.

  • Secret tape in New Jersey level

    Go under the bridge on the side that allows you to do so. The tape will be floating there for your taking.

  • Drive car in New Jersey level

    In story mode, after you complete the driving mission in New Jersey, go up to the car to drive it.

  • Secret tape in Slam City Jam level

    Go to the vert ramp and get off your board. Climb up onto the lights hanging from the ceiling and walk over to the big four-sided television screen. Walk into it and the glass should break. The secret tape will be inside.

  • Secret tape in Tampa level

    Go to the small building to the left of the cop car. Climb up the wire that is heading towards the tall building. The tape is in between the gap of the building at the top.

  • Secret tape in Vancouver level

    Start at the entrance of the stadium (where the parked trucks are located, and where you get into the contest. From there, look at the tape. You should see it above the glass dome behind the subway-like spline entrance. Go down left from here and wait for a vehicle to drive out of the tunnel. Skitch it towards where you started from. Make sure you are on the left side of the car. When you are about to pass the subway entrance spline, get of the vehicle and spline the entrance from the side. This will launch you across the dome into the secret tape.

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