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Rare Blades

You can obtain Rare Blades through Core Crystals. However, obtaining Core Crystals can be difficult since you only get them gradually through game progression along with finding them in chests or drops from enemies; however, Core Crystal drops are often rare. Once you get a Core Crystal, bond with it to get a random Rare Blade. You can also give other members of your party a Core Crystal to bond with so they can carry a Rare Blade. Note: To bond with a blade, pause the game and go into the Bond Blade options. Select the character you want to give the Rare Blade to, and then the Core Crystal. Each Rare Blade has its own attributes (known as Blade Arts) that can really boost your game; depending on the Blade you have will determine what Blade Arts will be equipped. Additionally, you can upgrade Blades, which give further perks to it. This can be done through the Affinity Charts under the "Manage Blade" options in the Blades menu.

Easy gold

When starting the game, save as many items as possible. Also, do not waste your money making excessive purchases or bonding Core Crystals at the start of the game. Instead, save your money. Once you reach Torigoth in Gormott Province, there is a vendor called Maschnach Exchange. The merchant will offer lots of gold for certain items. Sell the requested items to the vendor and search for whatever featured items are being presented to earn a lot of money early in the game.

Easy XP

To get easy XP early in the game, go to Lyta Oasis in Gormott Province. It is located towards the lower side of the starting island. Once there, you can find a group of enemies that will not attack until you begin the encounter. They are not too hard to defeat, especially if you take advantage of their weaknesses. Once the enemies have been defeated, find an inn and rest with all the party members that were part of the encounter. Then, go back and fight the enemies again. Repeat this process as many times as desired. Additionally, make sure not to die, as you will lose all earned XP and have to start over again.

Disable Battle Narration

After playing the game for an extended amount of time, the excessive amount of chatter between characters during battle can become annoying since sometimes you will hear the same enemies grunting and the same lines repeated many times during the same battle. To disable all in-game battle chatter, select the "System" option at the main menu. Choose "Options", "Sound Settings", then mute the Battle Narration volume.

Tiger Tiger medals

Unlock Poppi by progressing in the main story to gain access to Tiger Tiger. Successfully complete the indicated task to get the corresponding medal from Tiger Tiger:

    Crystals medal: Collect all Ether crystals.
    Damage medal: Take no damage.
    No Kill medal: Do not kill any enemies.
    Perfect medal: Take no damage, collect all Ether crystals, and collect all treasure chests.
    Treasure medal: Collect all treasure chests without losing any.

Snow-White Rhino location

In the "Young Man's Prize" side quest, you will be tasked with finding the Snow-White Rhino. This side quest can be activated by talking with Eluned. You can find Eluned at Torogoth, which is located in the Gormott Province. The Snow-White Rhino is found (appears as a red bag) at Seigle Fell. You will first need to reach the island on the west side of Seigle Fell, which is where you will find the red bag (Snow-White Rhino). However, you can only find it at 5. Thus, go into the console settings and change the system time to 5. The Snow-White Rhino will now appear as the red bag item at exactly 5. After you have collected the item, return to Torogoth and give it to Eluned to get 500 Gold, 480 EXP, 49 SP, and a Fabulous Hat as the quest reward.

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