Lost In Blue: Shipwrecked

Strategy Guide/Walkthrough/FAQ



  • Play as Lucy

    Successfully complete the game, and save when prompted. Start a new game session with your cleared saved game to play as Lucy.

  • Satisfying hunger

    The Sweetfish recipe reduces hunger by a large amount. Making a lunch usually works better than making a dinner.

  • Hunting

    Most prey can be hunted by slowly walking up to it with a spear. Get as close as desired, then use the spear or knife to kill it.

  • Preventing rats

    Avoid storing food on the shelf for too long. Simply taking it off the shelf and placing it back on every two days will stop them from appearing.

  • Glowing "???" item locations

    Search the indicated location at night to find the corresponding hidden item:

      ??? Fruit: In first forest, go to the tree with Arnoglossa growing underneath. This gives +100 Water and Food.
      ??? Lure: In Bamboo Grove, go to the top of the hill at the cliff, and listen for a bird singing. This is the best fishing lure.
      Beach Ball: In Northern Cape, have a torch, and go to the 180 degree turning point on the way down on the cliff face.
      Bone for Max and Jump Rope: In Original Beach, go to the farthest location from the camp on the rock face, slightly on the beach.
      Red Medicine: At the lake, go to the tree past the mushrooms. This gives +50 Health.
      Stone Tablet 1: In the cave, have a torch, and go to the first jutting out rock near the vines.
      Stone Tablet 2: In Old Field, have a torch, and go next to the bamboo trees on the cliff face.
      Stone Tablet 3: In Town Ruins, have a torch, and go to the corner farthest from the stairs in the house where you get the radio near the top.
      Yellow Medicine: In the jungle that Fiona lights on fire, go outside the cave on the left side on the cliff. This gives +50 Health.

  • Mushroom effects

    Note: You can eat mushrooms before going to sleep to avoid any bad effects.

      Green mushrooms: Harmless
      Brown mushrooms: Cannot go to sleep; does not affect your stamina
      Black mushrooms: Creates deadly poison that can kill most animals in single hit

  • Medicine recipes

    Successfully combine the following ingredients to create the corresponding medicine:

      Antidote: Arnoglossa + Green Herb + Red Mushroom + Glass Bottle (empty) (cures poison)
      Cold Medicine: White Mushroom + Brown Mushroom + Brown Herb + Glass Bottle (empty) (cures illness)
      Herbal Medicine: Arnoglassa + Red Herb + Orange Mushroom + Glass Bottle (empty) (cures stomachaches)
      Wonder Medicine: Black Mushroom + Blue Mushroom + Yellow Herb + Glass Bottle (empty) (cures infections)

  • Meal recipes

    Combine the following ingredients with the indicated cooking technique to create the corresponding meal:


      Fruit Plate: Guava + Passion Fruit + Banana + Papaya + Yellow Seeds (heals 75 points)
      2 Burdock + Chili
      Carrot + Chives + Yellow Seeds
      Carrot + Daikon Radish + Chives + Rock Salt
      Mushroom + Mugwort + Fern + Herbs
      Potato + Carrot + Yellow Seeds
      2 Seaweed + Yellow Seeds


      Meatball Soup: Water + Eggs + Meat + Chili
      Bird Meat + Carrot + Onion + Water + Salt
      Boar Meat + Bamboo Shoot + Burdock + Water + Chili
      Carrot + Potato + Chives + Water + Yellow Seeds
      Freshwater Fish + Bird Meat + Mushroom + Water + Chili
      Salmon + Carrot + Daikon Radish + Water + Salt

    Deep Fry

      Deep Fried Onion: 2 Onions + Oil + Herbs
      Deep Fried Patty: 2 Animal Meat + Onion + Oil + Rock Salt
      French Fries: 2 Potatoes + 1 Rock Salt

    Pan Fry

      Animal Meat + Potato + Daikon Radish + Rock Salt
      Bamboo Shoot + Burdock + Chives + Herbs
      Blue Mushroom + Bamboo Shoot + Herbs
      Mushroom + Red Fruit + Blue Fruit + Egg + Yellow Seeds


      Grilled Clam: 2 Clam + Rock Salt
      Sweetfish Roast: 2 Sweetfish + Rock Salt
      Bird Meat + Onion + Chili
      Salmon + Seaweed + Rock Salt


      Potato + Taro + Water Bottle + Rocksalt
      Salt Water Fish + Shellfish + Seaweed + Water Bottle + Herbs
      Turkey Meat + Daikon Radish + Yellow Fruit + Water Bottle + Herbs

  • Item locations

    Search the indicated location to find the corresponding item:

      Black Mushrooms: Enter the first series of caves. During the day, there is an area with sunlight. Climb the vines on the wall in that section to find Black Mushrooms. They are used to make Deadly Poison, which can be used with arrows to instantly kill a deer. After they are picked, Black Mushrooms will grow back there very slowly.

      Feathers: Shoot the birds in the Bamboo Grove or top ledge in the Western Beach area with a sling shot or a bow and arrow.

      Supple Vines: There are two trees in the jungle area with Supple Vines. The first is in a raised area near the entrance from the beach where you found the medicine, and the other is near the exit where you build the small raft. Combine 2 Supple Vines to create a Supple Rope.

      Wild Ox: Climb the ledges near the drinking hole. Enter the Craggy Place. Remain along the east edge, and go all the way south then to the west. Enter the narrow gap between the rocks leading north. Continue north until you reach an area that has a large square stone. Push the stone to the west. Climb up, then go all the way to the south. Jump over the gap to the east. Face north, and climb the ledge. Push the large stone on the north edge of the area. Climb up the ledge to the south. Find the large flat rock in this area, then return in the direction you came from. You will eventually encounter the Wild Ox.

  • Item construction

    Combine the following items to build the indicated object:

    Arrows (10)

      Stick + Leaf

    Fluffy Bed

      2 Logs + Animal Skin + Soft Fur
      3 Wool + Soft Fur
      3 Wool + Soft Fur
      2 Logs + 2 Supple Ropes
      2 Logs + 2 Supple Ropes

    Hard Bed

      2 Logs + 2 Tree Vines
      Log + 2 Tree Vines + Wooden Board
      3 Leaves + Tree Bark

    Large Drying Rack

      2 Logs + Sturdy Stick + Supple Rope
      Sturdy Stick + Supple Rope
      2 Sturdy Sticks + 2 Supple Ropes

    Large Raft

      4 Logs
      2 Logs + Sturdy Stick + Supple Rope
      2 Logs + 2 Supple Ropes
      2 Logs + Wooden Board + Animal Skin
      Sturdy Stick + Wooden Board + Supple Rope + Animal Skin
      2 Logs + Supple Rope + Animal Skin

    Large Shelf

      2 Logs + 2 Sturdy Sticks
      2 Wooden Boards + 2 Sturdy Sticks
      2 Logs+ 2 Supple Ropes
      Log + Sturdy Stick + 2 Wooden Boards
      Log + Sturdy Stick + 2 Supple Ropes

    Large Smoker

      4 Leaves
      Supple Rope + Sturdy Bamboo + 2 Big Rocks
      Supple Rope + 3 Sturdy Bamboo


      Twigs + Bark


      2 Logs + Rope + Stick
      Wooden Board + 2 Sticks
      2 Logs + Rope + Stick
      Wooden Board + 2 Sticks

    Signal Fire

      Stick + Tree Vine + 2 Big Rocks
      Stick + Tree Vine + 2 Leaves

    Small Drying Rack

      2 Logs + Rope + Stick
      Rope + 3 Sticks
      2 Ropes + 2 Sticks

    Small Raft

      3 Logs + Sturdy Stick
      2 Logs + Sturdy Stick + Rope
      2 Logs + Green Bamboo + Rope
      Log + Sturdy Stick + Green Bamboo + Rope (required to get to the island in the middle of the lake)

    Small Shelf

      2 Logs + 2 Tree Vines
      2 Logs + 2 Tree Vines
      Wooden Board + 2 Sticks

    Small Smoker

      4 Leaves
      Rope + Green Bamboo + 2 Big Rocks
      Rope + 3 Green Bamboo

    Soft Bed

      3 Feathers + Animal Skin
      2 Logs + 2 Supple Ropes
      3 Feathers + Animal Skin
      2 Logs + 2 Supple Ropes

    Stone Axe

      Tree Vine + Rock Slab + Stick

    Stone House

      Black Slab + Red Slab + 2 Brown Slabs
      Black Slab + 2 Red Slabs + Brown Slab
      Black Slab + Red Slab + 2 Brown Slabs
      2 Logs + 2 Supple Ropes
      Black Slab + 2 Red Slabs + Brown Slab
      2 Black Slabs + Red Slab + Brown Slab
      2 Black Slabs + Red Slab + Brown Slab
      Log + 2 Sturdy Sticks + Supple Rope

    Suitcase Raft

      Driftwood + 2 Tree Vines
      Driftwood + Stick + 2 Tree Vines

    Wooden Bow

      Stick + Tree Vine + Animal Skin

    Wooden House

      2 Logs + 2 Sturdy Sticks
      2 Logs + Sturdy Stick + Supple Rope
      Log + 2 Study Sticks + Wooden Board
      2 Logs + 2 Supple Ropes
      Log + 2 Sturdy Sticks + Wooden Board
      Log + 3 Supple Ropes
      Log + Supple Rope + 2 Leafs
      Log + Study Stick + 2 Supple Ropes

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