PokePark Wii: Pikachu No Daibouken


Celebi appears in entrance area

Enter "2115 4585" as a password.

Darkrai appears in the House Zone

Enter "1670 3396" as a password.

Groudon appears in the Magma Zone

Enter "9336 0553" as a password.

Jirachi appears in the Stone Zone

Enter "8848 4977" as a password.

Pikachu's balloons in Pelipper's Sky Flap Race

Enter "8037 3821" as a password.

Pikachu's snowboard in Empoleon's Snow Slider

Enter "4169 5651" as a password.

Pikachu's surfboard in Gyarados' Marine Slider

Enter "7887 2252" as a password.

Quick start

While playing Absol's Hurdle Bounce, Bulbasaur's Daring Dash, or Dusknoir's Speed Slam, press 2 when the race begins to get a quick start.

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