Sonic Colors

Strategy Guide/Walkthrough/FAQ


  • Second and third Sonic Simulator Acts

    Collect all 180 Red Rings from all 36 Main Acts to unlock the second and third Sonic Simulator Acts.

  • Super Sonic

    Successfully complete all 21 Sonic Simulator Acts in Single Player mode. The options satellite at the main screen will glow and allow you to play as Super Sonic. While playing as Super Sonic, you can collect 50 gold rings and activate the Wisp abilities. Note: Special Wisp abilities will be disabled and the level designs will change. Also, Super Sonic cannot be used in Challenge mode.

  • Use Mii in Sonic Simulator

    Collect 30 Red Rings to unlock your Mii character in the Sonic Simulator game.

  • View credits

    Successfully complete the Final Story, and allow the credits to end. A Rainbow Star will appear on the map. Select the Rainbow Star to view the credits again.

  • Extra lives at results screen

    Successfully complete a level. When your rank and score appear at the results screen, repeatedly jump and dash through the numbers until they break, and gold rings and extra lives will appear.

  • Control title screen

    At the title screen, press the Analog-stick to change the view.

  • Change Sonic's color in Sonic Simulator

    At the character selection screen in the Sonic Simulator, press Z or C to change his color to blue, red, pink, black, or green. Note: Press L or R when using a GameCube Controller.

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