Finding Paradise Cheats & Cheat Codes for Xbox One, PlayStation 5, Windows, and More

Finding Paradise title screen

Finding Paradise Cheats & Cheat Codes for Xbox One, PlayStation 5, Windows, and More

Finding Paradise is an adventure game released on December 14, 2017. It is the third game in a series that started with To the Moon. The To the Moon series currently has four games. Imposter Factory is the newest one and it came out in 2021. Finding Paradise acts as a direct sequel to To the Moon and A Bird Story. Finding Paradise picks up with Doctor Eva Rosalene and Doctor Neil Watts. Freebird Games developed and published the game for the Nintendo Switch, Android, Linux, Microsoft Windows, iOS, and macOS. Finding Paradise is easily accessible for anyone who wants to play it because it can be played on mobile devices.

Finding Paradise Premise

Doctors Eva Rosalene and Neil Watts want to help Colin Reeds fulfill his dreams. Colin Reeds is an old, bedridden man that Rosalene and Watts are looking after. Both doctors work for Sigmund Corp, a company that developed technology capable of creating artificial memories. Since this technology could be used for nefarious purposes, it’s illegal to use on anyone of conscious mind. Only comatose patients who don’t have much time left are eligible. Sigmund Corp calls this a “wish fulfillment” program.

Colin’s dying wish is “to change something, yet change nothing at all.” This paradox leaves Eva and Neil uncertain of how they can fulfill such a wish. Finding Paradise follows Rosalene and Watts on their journey through an interactive compilation of Colin’s memories. This allows them to better understand Colin’s life through momentos (items that are important to Colin). Rather than use Sigmund Corp’s approved tech, Watts decides to use a machine he’s modified, which creates some interesting anomalies while exploring. While traversing Colin’s memories, they come across a girl named Faye, who seems to be an important figure in Colin’s life. As far as the doctors can tell, though, Faye doesn’t exist. Much of their investigation focuses on Faye and the mystery behind her.

Finding Paradise Main Characters

Finding Paradise: A photo album of Colin's memories

©The Black Piano Key / Freebird Games – Original

Finding Paradise is told from the perspective of two people exploring the memories of a dying patient. In total, the game will take anywhere between five and six hours to complete, meaning there’s not a lot of time to spend with a large cast of characters. All the additional characters are fragments of Colin’s memory. Most of them are touched on but don’t become the main focus of the story. With a relatively small cast of main characters, Finding Paradise allows the player to get to know each one intimately.

  • Dr. Eva Rosalene: Dr. Eva Rosalene is a doctor employed with Sigmund Corp. She, along with Dr. Neil Watts, is assigned to Colin Reed’s case, a bedridden elderly man participating in Sigmund Corp’s wish fulfillment. Dr. Rosalene is one of the two characters that players will control. The gameplay mostly consists of Rosalene and Watts solving puzzles together to continue their exploration of Colin Reeds’ memories.
  • Dr. Neil Watts: Dr. Neil Watts is also a doctor employed with Sigmund Corp and he’s the second playable character in Finding Paradise. Watts modifies the technology that allows him and Rosalene to enter Colin Reeds’ memories. His modifications create imperfections in the tech, which results in strange anomalies within Colin’s memories. Due to his modifications, Faye, Colin’s old imaginary friend, is able to seize control of the machine.
  • Colin Reeds: Colin Reeds is a bedridden old man with a dying wish. He wants ” to change something, yet change nothing at all.” Most of the game takes place within Colin’s memories. Dr. Rosalene and Dr. Watts explore his entire life. During their exploration of his memories, Rosalene and Watts learn just about everything there is to know about Colin. He happily married a woman named Sofia and they had a son, Asher, together. Colin was an airplane pilot, which was a lifelong dream of his. He played the cello. Colin also had a lonely childhood. He had no siblings and his parents worked long hours, leaving him alone for extended periods of time. Due to this, Colin created a friend who lived across from him, Faye. Faye was the only person Colin spoke to for a large majority of his childhood, but she doesn’t seem to exist in the real world. Rosalene and Watts find no evidence of her.
  • Faye: Faye is Colin Reeds’ childhood companion. Faye lived across from Colin and spent most days speaking with him. Faye is the only friend Colin has for most of his childhood. Their personalities were polar opposites. She inspired a lot of Colin’s life, including his desire to become a pilot. Watts eventually comes to the conclusion that they need to erase Faye from Colin’s memory, not quite understanding what Faye is or why she’s so prevalent. Refusing to be erased, Faye manipulates the errors in Watts’ machine to take control of it. After facing off against Faye and uncovering the truth of what she is, Watts realizes that the best way to handle her is to give her control of the memories and leave. Faye helps Colin enjoy his last few years with his family without Sigmund Corp’s influence. Just before he dies, she appears to him one last time to ask him if he’s happy. Faye is Colin’s imaginary friend. She only exists to ensure his happiness and she does until the end.

The To the Moon Titles in the Series

The To the Moon series consists of four games:

  • To the Moon (2011)
  • A Bird Story (2014)
  • Finding Paradise (2017)
  • Imposter Factory (2021)

Each game in the series tells an independent story, but each connects to the Sigmund Corp in some way. A Bird Story actually follows Colin Reeds as a boy. The game doesn’t actually name the boy, but once Finding Paradise came out, players were able to connect the young boy from A Bird Story to the dying old man in Finding Paradise. Although A Bird Story does connect to Colin’s memories in Finding Paradise, the franchise as a whole isn’t about Colin Reeds. Sigmund Corp’s artificial memory creation technology sits at the core of the franchise.

Finding Paradise Cheat Codes

Finding Paradise Colin Reeds and Faye

©The Black Piano Key / Freebird Games – Original

Finding Paradise is a relatively straightforward game that offers a minimal mechanics gameplay experience. The player controls Dr. Eva Rosalene and Dr. Neil Watts to navigate Colin Reeds’ memories. Although the player will need to solve some puzzles with Rosalene and Watts, the gameplay is mostly designed to fixate on the story. For most of the To the Moon series, the games’ main focus is telling a good story. The simplistic gameplay makes an interactive but easy-to-navigate experience for the player to sit back and enjoy the story.

Due to the simplicity of Finding Paradise’s gameplay, there aren’t really any cheats or exploits for it. The game is already straightforward to play and emphasizes good storytelling over complicated mechanics. There isn’t a need to cheat. Finding Paradise also doesn’t fixate on rewarding the player with anything other than the story. The game has a total of one Steam achievement, but the real reason to play the game is for the joy of the story.

Finding Paradise Steam Achievement

  • Wish Granted: Fulfill Colin’s last wish.

Players should be able to unlock the “Wish Granted” Steam achievement by simply playing the game to completion. There are no special requirements to get it.

Finding Paradise Cheat Codes FAQs

Google doesn’t have any related frequently asked questions if players search “Finding Paradise Cheat Codes”. The only question that comes up inquires about cheat codes for a game called Burnout Paradise, which is a completely unrelated racing game. Other related questions that pop up are general questions about cheat codes, but nothing specific to Finding Paradise. If players search “Finding Paradise Achievements” instead, a few relevant frequently asked questions pop up.

What are the requirements for Finding Paradise?

This question refers to the system requirements for anyone playing Finding Paradise on a PC. According to System Requirements Lab, in order to download and successfully play Finding Paradise, players will need to meet the following requirements:

  • CPU: Intel Pentium III 800 MHz+
  • CPU SPEED: Info
  • RAM: 1 GB
  • VIDEO CARD: 1024×768 High Color +
  • OS: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10
  • SOUND CARD: DirectX: 9.0+

How long to beat Finding Paradise?

On average, players will spend about five hours playing the main story. If players do a completionist run, they’re looking at an extra 30 minutes, for a total of five and a half hours. Just playing the game through will show off just about everything the game has to offer.

Is Finding Paradise the sequel to To the Moon?

Finding Paradise is the third game in the To the Moon series. To the Moon is the original game, followed by a shorter, one-hour game called A Bird Story. Finding Paradise is a direct sequel to both of these games. There is a fourth game after Finding Paradise titled Imposter Factory.

Do I need to play A Bird Story before Finding Paradise?

Technically speaking, no. A Bird Story is a short, one-hour-long game about a little boy taking care of an injured bird. In Finding Paradise, players find out that the little boy in A Bird Story is Colin Reeds, the dying old man. Playing A Bird Story will enhance the experience and help the player understand Colin a bit better. That said, Finding Paradise is a standalone game that doesn’t require any prior knowledge to play, understand, and enjoy.

Do I need to play To the Moon to play Finding Paradise?

Much like A Bird Story, players don’t need to play To the Moon to play and understand Finding Paradise. To the Moon is also a standalone game. That said, the series does have a continuous theme and presence throughout each game. Players should consider playing each game to get the full effect of the series.

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