Super Monkey Ball: Banana Blitz

Strategy Guide/Walkthrough/FAQ



  • Staff Credits mini-game

    Successfully complete World 1 to unlock an option for the Staff Credits mini-game at the Options menu.

  • World 9

    Successfully complete all eight default worlds without using any continues to earn a crown in each of them to unlock the ninth world, Sinking Swamp.

  • World 10

    Successfully complete World 9 without using any continues to unlock World 10.

  • Super characters

    Successfully complete World 1 through World 9 with only one character (either AiAi, Baby, Doctor, GonGon, MiMi, or YanYan) to unlock the "Super" version of that character. The "Super" version of that monkey can accelerate slightly faster.

  • Play as Baby Robo

    Successfully complete all mini-games at least one time. Then, play any mini-game to force the game to save your stats. Then, highlight Baby at the character selection screen of the main game and press 1 to play as Baby Robo from the mini-games.

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