Mario Kart 8



  • Bonus cups

    Successfully complete the indicated circuits in first place to unlock the corresponding cup:

      Flower Cup: Successfully complete the Mushroom Cup.
      Star Cup: Successfully complete the Flower Cup.
      Special Cup: Successfully complete the Star Cup.
      Banana Cup: Successfully complete the Shell Cup.
      Leaf Cup: Successfully complete the Banana Cup.
      Lightning Cup: Successfully complete the Leaf Cup.

  • Bonus characters

    Get a gold trophy by finishing first place in any cup and engine class in Grand Prix mode to unlock one of the following characters 13 characters at random. Note: Once a character has been unlocked on a particular track and CC class, you will not be able to unlock another new character the exact same way.

      Metal Mario
      Baby Rosalina
      Gold Peach

  • Play as Mii

    Finish first place in every cup of a single engine class to unlock Mii.

  • Bonus parts

    Collect the indicated number of coins to unlock body, glider, and wheel parts to customize your vehicles. You will unlock a new part for every 50 coins earned; after earning 1,000 coins, the intervals increase to 100 coins for each unlockable part. Coins can be earned in Grand Prix, VS mode, and online races.

      Cushion Wheels (Wheels): 50
      Mr. Scooty (Bike): 100
      Blue Standard (Wheels): 150
      Pipe Frame (Kart): 200
      Tri-Speeder (Three-wheeled Kart): 250
      Slick (Wheels): 300
      Wild Wiggler (ATV): 350
      Button (Wheels): 400
      Cloud Glider (Glider): 450
      Varmint (Bike): 500
      Plane Glider (Glider): 550
      Yoshi Bike (Bike): 600
      Flower Glider (Glider): 650
      The Duke (Bike): 700
      Circuit Special (Kart): 750
      Prancer (Kart): 800
      Crimson Slim (Wheels): 850
      Landship (Kart): 900
      Flame Rider (Bike): 950
      Retro Off-Road (Wheels): 1,000
      Steel Driver (Kart): 1,100
      Azure Roller (Wheels): 1,200
      Wario Wing (Glider): 1,300
      Comet (Bike): 1,400
      Off-Road (Wheels): 1,500
      Metal Wheels (Wheels): 1,600
      Jet Bike (Bike): 1,700
      Teddy Buggy (Kart): 1,800
      Waddle Wing (Glider): 1,900
      Bowser Kite (Glider): 2,000
      Hot Monster (Wheels): 2,100
      Cat Cruiser (Kart): 2,200
      Sponge (Wheels): 2,300
      Peach Parasol (Glider): 2,400
      MKTV Parafoil (Glider): 2,500
      Cyber Slick (Wheels): 2,600
      Sports Coupe (Kart): 2,700
      Unknown: 2,800
      Unknown: 2,900
      Unknown: 3,000

  • Gold parts

    Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding gold part:

      Gold Glider: Collect 10,000 coins.
      Gold Handle: Use the Wii Handle for at least 50% of your most recent 100 stages.
      Gold Standard Kart: Get at least one star (score at least 54 points) on every 150cc and Mirror mode race.
      Gold Tires: Break all of the Time Trials Staff Ghosts records.

  • Mirror mode

    Get a gold trophy on all eight Grand Prix tracks to unlock Mirror mode.

  • Grand Prix stars

    Earn the indicated number of points in Grand Prix mode to be rewarded with the corresponding number of stars:

      1 star: Earn 54 or 55 points (two 1st and two 2nd place finishes or three 1st and one 3rd place finish)
      2 stars: Earn 57 points (three 1st place finishes and one 2nd place finish)
      3 stars: Earn 60 points (four 1st place finishes)

  • Miiverse stamps

    There are a total of 62 unlockable Miiverse stamps; 30 character stamps and 32 track stamps. Finish first place in any Grand Prix to unlock that character's stamp. Beat the normal staff ghost time for a track to unlock the track stamp for the particular track.

  • Alternate credits and title screens

    Get a gold trophy in all 150cc and Mirror mode races to alternate the credits sequence and title screens for Multiplayer and Single Player modes.

  • Quick start

    When "2" appears during the pre-race countdown, hold [Accelerate].

  • Using trams as a speed boost in Toad Harbor

    The trams in Toad Harbor usually knock you out when you drive into them by accident, but if you are flying after jumping from a ramp or booster, you can actually use the roofs of the trams to your advantage. While in the air, land on a tram's roof to bounce off it undamaged. For an extra boost, perform a flip.

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