Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Cheats, Codes, Cheat Codes, Walkthrough, Guide, FAQ, Unlockables for Switch

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Cheats, Codes, Cheat Codes, Walkthrough, Guide, FAQ, Unlockables for Switch

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe


Play as Gold Mario

Place first in all twelve 200cc cups to unlock Gold Mario as an alternate color for Metal Mario. Progress through the 50cc, 100cc, and 150cc Grand Prix cups to unlock the 200cc races.

Bonus parts

Collect the indicated number of coins to unlock body, glider, and wheel parts to customize your vehicles. You will unlock a new part for every 50 coins earned; after earning 1,500 coins, the intervals increase to 100 coins for each unlockable part. Coins can be earned in Grand Prix, VS mode, and online races.

    Part 01: Collect 30 coins.
    Part 02: Collect 60 coins.
    Part 03: Collect 90 coins.
    Part 04: Collect 120 coins.
    Part 05: Collect 150 coins.
    Part 06: Collect 180 coins.
    Part 07: Collect 210 coins.
    Part 08: Collect 240 coins.
    Part 09: Collect 270 coins.
    Part 10: Collect 300 coins.
    Part 11: Collect 330 coins.
    Part 12: Collect 360 coins.
    Part 13: Collect 390 coins.
    Part 14: Collect 420 coins.
    Part 15: Collect 450 coins.
    Part 16: Collect 500 coins.
    Part 17: Collect 550 coins.
    Part 18: Collect 600 coins.
    Part 19: Collect 650 coins.
    Part 20: Collect 700 coins.
    Part 21: Collect 750 coins.
    Part 22: Collect 800 coins.
    Part 23: Collect 850 coins.
    Part 24: Collect 900 coins.
    Part 25: Collect 950 coins.
    Part 26: Collect 1,000 coins.
    Part 27: Collect 1,050 coins.
    Part 28: Collect 1,100 coins.
    Part 29: Collect 1,150 coins.
    Part 30: Collect 1,200 coins.
    Part 31: Collect 1,250 coins.
    Part 32: Collect 1,300 coins.
    Part 33: Collect 1,350 coins.
    Part 34: Collect 1,400 coins.
    Part 35: Collect 1,450 coins.
    Part 36: Collect 1,500 coins.
    Part 37: Collect 1,600 coins.
    Part 38: Collect 1,700 coins.
    Part 39: Collect 1,800 coins.
    Part 40: Collect 1,900 coins.
    Part 41: Collect 2,000 coins.
    Part 42: Collect 2,100 coins.
    Part 43: Collect 2,200 coins.
    Part 44: Collect 2,300 coins.
    Part 45: Collect 2,400 coins.
    Part 46: Collect 2,500 coins.
    Part 47: Collect 2,600 coins.
    Part 48: Collect 2,700 coins.
    Part 49: Collect 2,800 coins.
    Part 50: Collect 2,900 coins.
    Part 51: Collect 3,000 coins.
    Part 52: Collect 3,100 coins.

Gold parts

Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding gold part:

    Gold Glider: Collect 5,000 total coins.
    Gold Standard Kart: Get at least one star in all Mirror Grand Prix cups.
    Gold Tires: Defeat all Staff Ghosts in Time Trial mode in 150cc races. Alternately, collect 15,000 total coins.

Grand Prix stars

Earn the indicated number of points in Grand Prix mode to be rewarded with the corresponding number of stars:

    1 star: Earn 54 or 55 points (two 1st and two 2nd place finishes or three 1st and one 3rd place finish)
    2 stars: Earn 57 points (three 1st place finishes and one 2nd place finish)
    3 stars: Earn 60 points (four 1st place finishes)

Alternate credits and title screens

Get a gold trophy in all 200cc and Mirror mode races to alternate the credits sequence and title screens for Multiplayer and Single Player modes.

Choosing season on Animal Crossing track

When starting a race on the Animal Crossing track offline in any mode except time trials, hold L for Spring, R for Summer, ZL for Fall, or ZR for Winter to select the track season.

Totaka’s secret song

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Lower the music volume, and go to a race that features Yoshi spectators in the crowd. They can be found at Donut Plains 3, Sweet Sweet Island, and the Yoshi Circuit. Eventually one of them will hum Totaka’s secret eight note song instead of their normal random grunt. Kazumi Totaka’s is Nintendo sound designer and has placed the same secret song in other games, such as Mario Paint and Animal Crossing .

Quick start

Just after the “2” disappears during the pre-race countdown, hold A to get a turbo boost as soon as the race starts.

LAN play

At the opening screen where it says press L and R to play, hold L and R and click the Left Analog-stick to replace the “Wireless Play” option with a “LAN Play” option.

Easy coins

To easily farm coins, complete the following steps. This exploit also requires two Joy-Cons (two single ones are fine). Select Multiplayer mode, and choose two players. Select “VS Race”. Select Lemmy as the first player and Larry as the second player. Set Lemmy’s kart as the “Streetle” with “Standard” tires and “Parafoil” as the glider. Set Larry’s kart as the “Cat Cruiser” with “Sponge” tires and “Parafoil” as the glider. While setting up both karts, press + or – on each controller to change the settings. Set “Auto Steering” to “On”, “Control” to “Joystick” (motion control will not work), and “Auto Accelerate” to “On”. At the race settings screen, select “200cc Race” and set “Teams” to “No Teams”, “Items” to “No Items”, “COM” to “No COM”, “COM Vehicles” to “All Vehicles”, “Courses” to “Choose”, and “Race Count” to “48 Races” (number can change, but 48 is recommended if you will be coin farming for an hour or two). Go to the Egg Cup and choose Mute City as the track. Select the “OK” prompt when it appears. Then, simply set both controllers down and let the game play for an hour or two. Each race takes approximately 2 minutes and 30 seconds — so you can complete a cup about every 10 minutes.

Using trams as a speed boost in Toad Harbor

The trams in Toad Harbor usually knock you out when you drive into them by accident, but if you are flying after jumping from a ramp or booster, you can actually use the roofs of the trams to your advantage. While in the air, land on a tram’s roof to bounce off it undamaged. For an extra boost, perform a flip.

All shortcuts and corner-cuts

The following is a list of all secret shortcuts and corner-cuts on the 48 tracks in the game:

Mushroom Cup

Mario Kart Stadium

    Shortcut 1: Near the end of the track, look for the green pipes and cross from the near the wall.

Water Park

    Shortcut 1: In the underwater area, drive through the carousel.

Sweet Sweet Canyon

    Shortcut 1: Near the end of the track, drive through the large donut.

Thwomp Ruins

    Shortcut 1: After the second thwomp near the end of the track, jump over the platform on the left side.

    Shortcut 2: After the first lap, take the central ramp.

Flower Cup

Mario Circuit

    Shortcut 1: At the end of the track, take the flight ramp.

Toad Harbor

    Shortcut 1: Near the start, take the left-hand side ramp to fly over the docks.

    Shortcut 2: After the path divides, boost over the grass.

Twisted Mansion

    Shortcut 1: After the start, drive along the path between the shelves.

    Shortcut 2: After the water area, hit the stunt boost with enough speed.

Shy Guy Falls

    Shortcut 1: After the blue ramp, use the stunt boost and drive into the left alcove.

Star Cup

Sunshine Airport

    Shortcut 1: At the start, use the orange ramp to enter the plane.

    Shortcut 2: At the end of the track, use the conveyer belt near the crates.

Dolphin Shoals

    Shortcut 1: Drive inside the right cave to use a boost pad.


    Shortcut 1: At the end of the track, use the boost before the finish line.

Mount Wario

    Shortcut 1: When the track divides, drive to the center to find a ramp.

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Special Cup

Cloudtop Cruise

    Shortcut 1: After the first turn, drive left and use the stunt boost.

    Shortcut 2: Near the end of the track, use the leaves to reach the finish line.

Bone-Dry Dunes

    Shortcut 1: After the first lap, skip the right turn using a boost item.

    Shortcut 2: Near the end of the track, drive between the two stone bundles.

Bowser’s Castle

    Shortcut 1: Drive left before the finish line to reach a stunt boost.

Shell Cup

Moo Moo Meadows

    Shortcut 1: Right-hand side before the start.

    Shortcut 2: Use the bumps in the road for a stunt boost.

Cheep Cheep Beach

    Shortcut 1: You can boost through the shallow water and skip the turn.

Toad’s Turnpike

    Shortcut 1: Use the ramp in the truck.

Banana Cup

Dry Dry Desert

    Shortcut 1: If you end up in the water, stunt boost yourself out.

Donut Plains

    Shortcut 1: At the start of the track, there is a boost shortcut.

    Shortcut 2: Stunt boost off the Monty Moles.

Royal Raceway

    Shortcut 1: Use the ramp after the first bend.

DK Jungle

    Shortcut 1: Drive left after the blue ramp to find a shortcut.

Leaf Cup

Wario Stadium

    Shortcut 1: Stunt boost off every ramp.

Sherbet Land

    Shortcut 1: Boost between the lamppost and the icy column at the start.

    Shortcut 2: There is a hidden path between the cones.

Music Park

    Shortcut 1: Boost through the grass at the start of the track.

    Shortcut 2: From the piano key bend, drive left to find a ramp.

    Shortcut 3: Stunt boost off the ripple effects.

    Shortcut 4: The drum at the end of the track is a shortcut.

Lightning Cup

Tick-Tock Clock

    Shortcut 1: Use the clock’s hand at the start.

Piranha Plant Slide

    Shortcut 1: Use a boost item to push through a fake bush at the end.

Grumble Volcano

    Shortcut 1: Boost through every rough patch of land.


Yoshi Circuit

    Shortcut 1: Drive through the waterfall to find a ramp, but you need speed to reach it.

Dragon Driftway

    Shortcut 1: After the dragon mouth cave, use the ramp on the left-hand side.

Mute City

    Shortcut 1: Before the end line, boost downhill for a quicker finish.

TriForce Cup

Wario’s Gold Mine

    Shortcut 1: Get off the rails on the left-hand side.

Ice Ice Outpost

    Shortcut 1: After the path divides, drive right towards two ramps.

    Shortcut 2: Use the ramps before the end line, but make sure not to fall outside.

Hyrule Circuit

    Shortcut 1: At the start, use the mushroom to cover the maximum distance.

    Shortcut 2: Hit all three boost pads in the castle to find a ramp near the Master Sword statue.

    Shortcut 3: There is a boost area after the castle.

Crossing Cup

Cheese Land

    Shortcut 1: At the start of the track, boost right.

    Shortcut 2: There is a cave near the bend with a boost path inside.

    Shortcut 2: At the end of the track, there is a flight ramp near the cheese wheels.

Wild Woods

    Shortcut 1: At the end of the track, there is a ramp boost.

Animal Crossing

    Shortcut 1: After the beach area, boost over the gap on the left-hand side.

    Shortcut 2: At the end of the track, there is a boost path.

Bell Cup

Neo Bowser City

    Shortcut 1: Boost over the side-section after entering the tunnel.

    Shortcut 2: Near the low gravity section, boost over the rough path.

    Shortcut 3: At the blue ramp near the end, boost and drive left to get back on the track.

Ribbon Road

    Shortcut 1: Near the start of the track, boost over the pink patch.

    Shortcut 2: At the middle of the blue ribbon, use the yellow ramp and then a blue flight boost.

    Shortcut 3: Near the end of the track, there is another boost path.

Big Blue

    Shortcut 1: Boost through the first bend in the Big Blue.

    Shortcut 2: Near the end of the water slide area, drop off from the right side.

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