Mario Kart: Double Dash!! Cheats, Codes, Cheat Codes for GameCube (GCN)

Mario Kart: Double Dash!! Cheats, Codes, Cheat Codes for GameCube (GCN)

Mario Kart: Double Dash!!

All Cup Tour

Win the Special Cup in the 150cc class to unlock the All Cup Tour, which is a combination of all of the four default cups.

Special Cup

Win the Star Cup in the 100cc class to unlock the Special Cup.

Mirror mode

Win the All Cup Tour in the 150cc class to unlock mirror mode.

Luigi’s Mansion battle arena

Win the Mushroom Cup in the 150cc class to unlock Luigi’s Mansion battle arena.

Tilt-A-Kart battle arena

Win the Flower Cup in mirror mode to unlock the Tilt-A-Kart battle arena.

Baby Luigi’s Kart

Win the Mushroom Cup in the 100cc class to unlock Baby Luigi’s Rattle Buggy Kart.

Birdo’s Kart

Win the Flower Cup in the 150cc class to unlock Birdo’s Turbo Birdo Kart.

Bowser Jr.’s Kart

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Win the Special Cup in the 50cc class to unlock Bowser Jr.’s Bullet Blaster Kart.

Daisy’s Kart

Win the Flower Cup in the 50cc class to unlock Daisy’s Bloom Coach Kart.

Diddy Kong’s Kart

Win the Star Cup in the 150cc class to unlock Diddy Kong’s Barrel Train Kart.

King Boo’s Kart

Win the Special Cup in mirror mode to unlock King Boo’s Pipes Kart.

Koopa’s Kart

Win the Star Cup in the 50cc class to unlock Koopa’s Parakoopa’s Para Wing Kart.

Luigi’s Kart

Win the Mushroom Cup in the 50cc class to unlock Luigi’s Green Fire Kart.

Petey Piranha’s Kart

Win the Star Cup in mirror mode to unlock Petey Piranha’s Piranha Pipes Kart.

Toadette’s Kart

Win the Mushroom Cup in mirror mode to unlock Toadette’s Kart.

Toad’s Kart

Win the Special Cup in the 100cc class to unlock Toad’s Kart.

Toadsworth’s Kart

Win the All Cup Tour in mirror mode to unlock Toadsworth’s Kart.

Waluigi’s Kart

Win the Flower Cup in the 100cc class to unlock Waluigi’s Kart.

Parade Kart

Win the All Cup Tour trophy in the mirror mode to unlock the Parade Car. This is the car that you ride in if you finish first in any cup, at any class. Its stats are: Speed 4, Acceleration 3, and Weight 4.

New Karts in Grand Prix

Win a Grand Prix in first place to unlock a new Kart. There is a bonus Kart in each cc class and Grand Prix that you can win (nine total).

Alternate opening and ending screens

Win the All Cup Tour in mirror mode to unlock an alternate opening and ending screen.

All bonuses

Win all cups with a “Gold” rank on all difficulty settings to unlock all bonuses.


To taunt enemy racers, press X or Y without having an item.

Alternate title screen

At the opening screen when “Nintendo!” is spoken, hold X or Y. Lakitu will then appear with a fish on his rod. Additionally, win a gold trophy to unlock an alternate title screen with all the characters.

Acceleration kart attribute

The more stars, the faster you will reach your top speed. Weight of course will alter how fast you accelerate. It is fractional, but a kart with *** speed and **** weight will accelerate slightly slower than a *** speed and *** weight kart. Acceleration also dictates control and stability. Basically, the higher the acceleration and the heavier the kart and/or the higher the speed, the harder the kart is to control and the more you will get to power-slide to be able to complete those turns and not lose speed.

Weight kart attribute

Weight will determine who can bash out who. Heavier karts will bash around lighter karts obviously and also determine who the bullies of the game are. Weight affects the other attributes described above. The higher the weight and speed, the more you will want to powerslide to maintain top speed.

Quick start

At the start of the countdown, repeatedly tap A to get a boost.

Quick restart

When you fall down in a course, press A as soon as Lakitu drops you. You will get a boost as you start up again.


When you are sliding, you will see yellow sparks. Move the Analog-stick in the opposite direction from your turn, then let it fall back to center. You will see orange sparks. Once you see them, move it opposite again. You will see blue sparks. Once you see them, you can let go for a boost or keep holding them until the curve ends. This is useful in long turns.

Faster karts

Each driver will go slightly faster if they are driving their own kart. This works well if you are using the Waluigi and Luigi combination on Waluigi’s kart.

Easy win

If you have three controllers, set the game up for a three player Grand Prix. Have the first and second player be the two kart duo and you control the lone kart. Play the game and the odds should be on your side, since one player is gone. When you finish, complete the other player. This works well when trying to unlock new bonuses. Also on tracks with jumps or narrow paths, ram into your enemies. They will fall off the edge, wasting their time. This works best with heavier karts.

Better chance of getting good power-ups

When approaching a power-up box, release the accelerator about half a second before picking it up. Wait until the item slot has stopped rotating and you know what your item is before you start pressing the accelerator again. By doing this you may lose time and position, but if timed correctly and performed at good spots where slowdown in minimal, this trick is well worth it.

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Steal items

Have a combination of Yoshi and someone else. Have the other person drive and have Yoshi as the weapons player. Have the driver go up to a person then have them press the buttons to make his tongue come out. This will steal their item, if they have any, and can be useful for knocking people off bridges on tracks such as Dino Land.

Pass items

Note: This can only be dine in two player mode. If you pick up a double ? box so that both the players get power-ups, and the driver cannot switch with the passenger at the moment, the driver can “pass” his item onto the passenger by pressing the X or Y. This is useful if one person is good at driving and one at shooting, or if it is too confusing to switch.

No lightning damage

If you are in the air, lighting bolts will not effect you.

Recover from lightning

If you are far ahead and struck by lightning, drive off a cliff. You will be big again.

Shortcut in Bowser’s Castle

When you reach the part of Bowser’s Castle where Bowser is sending fireballs at the racers, continue going straight instead of turning right. You will fall off the ledge and onto the road behind it, gaining plenty of time.

Shortcuts in Daisy Cruiser

Drop down into the cargo area and get a double item box and an exhaust pipe that will give you a speed boost.

When you are at the point with the life rings on the ropes, hit one and immediately place a fake box or banana. Other players will not see them.

Shortcut in DK Mountain

After you are shot up the hill, on the second turn on the grassy area of the mountain, power slide to the left. Then, let go and power slide again to the right. The back of your kart should hit the mountainside. Go forward to jump the abyss. Note: If you have a big kart and you fall, this will not work.

Shortcuts in Dino Land

If you have a mushroom and are in the cave with the geysers, turn right, boost, and you will be able to make the jump.

On the part just before the two bridges, turn right. There is a narrow path with a boost that takes you to the end of the bridge. Note: This is very risky and heavier karts have better odds of making it.

Shortcut in Dry Dry Ruins

When near the pit with the Sand-Pirahna, remember the following: he will not eat you if you have a star; and you can power slide in the pit and perform a mini-turbo to dash out the other side.

Bob-omb Blast mode in Luigi’s Mansion

When playing in Bob-omb Blast mode, if you are in top, throw bombs on the middle floor. If you are in the middle floor, throw bombs in hallways. If you are in the basement, defend your turf with ground-zero explosions.

Shine Theft mode in Luigi’s Mansion

When playing Luigi’s Mansion in Shine Theft mode, when they go up or down to find you, change floors.

Balloon Battle mode in Luigi’s Mansion

When playing Luigi’s Mansion in Balloon Battle mode, outrun everyone and if you get homing weapons, fire them from the third floor.

Shortcuts in Mushroom Bridge

Drive on the bridge to get a massive speed boost; just do not fall off.

If you have a mushroom, you can go up the dirt hill and shave a lot of time off your score.

Once you start the race, turn right as soon as you get off the bridge (left in mirror mode). You should see an open path. Drive down that path and you will soon reach a large green pipe. When you enter it, it should instantly warp you back onto the track from the top of the pipe into a 2-Item box.

Boost in Mushroom Bridge

When you locate a mushroom car, bump into it. If you do, it will throw out a mushroom on the ground to give you a boost.

Shortcut in Mushroom City

When at the first junction pair, choose the one that goes straight forwards and stay to the right . You should see a small pink path cutting through the block and shave off many seconds. Also, when you come to the bridge area, stay to the right again to see a small ledge with no Bombcars on it. It is much safer.

Boost in Mushroom City

When you locate a mushroom car, bump into it. If you do, it will throw out a mushroom on the ground to give you a boost.

Shortcut in Peach Beach

As soon as you go onto the beach, go left and up the ramp to cut a few seconds off your time.

Star power-up in Rainbow Road

Sometimes a shooting star appears every once in a while. When it hits the road, a star will be on the ground for you to pick up.

Shortcut in Wario Coliseum

When you are entering the circular room with the huge pit in the middle, go straight instead of around and hit the boost ramp to jump the pit. This will shave some distance and time.

Shortcuts in Yoshi Circuit

Go all the way through the track until you reach the tunnel. After going through the tunnel, drive off the edge of the cliff into the side of the mountain. You must have a star or mushroom to get this shortcut.

Before you reach the first tunnel, instead of going around to the left go straight ahead with a boost to shave a few seconds off your time. There is a jump on the grass.

As you drive out of the mouth tunnel, you will see Nintendo signs. Veer off the road if you have a mushroom. Use the mushroom as soon as you hit the edge. You have to do it perfectly or you will land in the ocean. It will take you down Yoshi’s neck, give you a chance for an item box, and best of all put you in a position where you do not have to curve around.


The following is a list of each character’s special items:

    Mario/Luigi: Fireballs (self-explanatory)
    Peach/Daisy: Heart (1-hit shield, receive item that damaged you)
    Yoshi/Birdo: Egg (homing bomb, drops items)
    Baby Mario/ Baby Luigi: Chain Chomp (giant Chain Chomp pulls you around, attacking enemies)
    Koopa/Paratroopa: Triple Shells (self explanatory, red or green)
    DK/Diddy Kong: Giant Banana (giant banana, explodes into three little bananas when hit)
    Bowser/ Bowser Jr: Bowser Shell (giant shell)
    Toad/Toadette: Super Mushroom (unlimited mushroom for short period of time)
    Petey Piranha/ King Boo: Any Special (any special item, position most likely determines item)

Nintendo staff ghost times

When you beat a certain time, you will unlock one of the Nintendo’s staff ghost, as follows:

    Luigi Circuit: Beat 1:29:000; Staff time: 1:26:277
    Peach Beach: Beat 1:23:000; Staff time: 1:20:404
    Baby Park: Beat 1:14:000; Staff time: 1:11:108
    Dry Dry Desert: Beat 1:53:000; Staff time: 1:50:755
    Mushroom Bridge: Beat 1:34:000; Staff time: 1:31:458
    Mario Circuit: Beat 1:44:000; Staff time: 1:41:384
    Daisy Crusier: Beat 1:55:000; Staff time: 1:52:207
    Waluigi Stadium: Beat 2:02:000; Staff time:1:59:658
    Sherbert Land: Beat 1:28:000; Staff time: 1:25:904
    Mushroom City: Beat 1:53:000; Staff time: 1:50:663
    Yoshi Circuit: Beat 2:02:000; Staff time: 1:59:886
    DK Mountain: Beat 2:15:000; Staff time:2:12:639
    Wario Colosseum: Beat 2:24:000; Staff time: 2:21:106
    Dino Dino Jungle: Beat 2:03:000; Staff time: 2:00:908
    Bowsers Castle: Beat 2:47:000; Staff time: 2:44:690
    Rainbow Road: Beat 3:19:000; Staff time: 3:16:476

Kart stats

The stats for each kart is as follows:

    Red Fire (Mario)

    Speed: ***
    Acceleration: ***
    Weight: ***

    Heart Coach (Peach)

    Speed: **
    Acceleration: ****
    Weight: ***

    Turbo Yoshi (Yoshi)

    Speed: **
    Acceleration: ****
    Weight: ***

    Goo Buggy (Baby Mario)

    Speed: *
    Acceleration: *****
    Weight: **

    Koopa Dasher (Koopa)

    Speed: **
    Acceleration: ****
    Weight: **

    DK Jumbo (Donkey Kong)

    Speed: ****
    Acceleration: **
    Weight: ****

    Koopa King (Bowser)

    Speed: *****
    Acceleration: *
    Weight: *****

    Wario Car (Wario)

    Speed: ****
    Acceleration: **
    Weight: ****

    Green Fire (Luigi)

    Speed: ****
    Acceleration: **
    Weight: **

    Rattle Buggy (Baby Luigi)

    Speed: **
    Acceleration: ****
    Weight: **

    Bloom Coach (Daisy)

    Speed: ***
    Acceleration: ***
    Weight: **

    Waluigi Racer (Waluigi)

    Speed: ***
    Acceleration: ***
    Weight: ***

    Turbo Birdo (Birdo)

    Speed: ***
    Acceleration: ***
    Weight: ****

    Para Wing (Parakoopa)

    Speed: *
    Acceleration: *****
    Weight: **

    Barrel Train (Diddy Kong)

    Speed: ****
    Acceleration: **
    Weight: ***

    Bullet Blaster (Bowser Jr.)

    Speed: ****
    Acceleration: ***
    Weight: *

    Toad Kart (Toad)

    Speed: **
    Acceleration: ****
    Weight: **

    Toadette Kart (Toadette)

    Speed: *
    Acceleration: *****
    Weight: **

    Piranha Pipes (Petey Piranha)

    Speed: ****
    Acceleration: **
    Weight: *****

    Boo Pipes (King Boo)

    Speed: **
    Acceleration: ****
    Weight: *****

    Parade Kart (???)

    Speed: ****
    Acceleration: ***
    Weight: ****

Speed kart attribute

The Speed rating is, of course, the top speed of each vehicle. Note that the top speed averages only vary 1 to 2 mph per star, but over 3 laps, it all adds up. The Kart’s weight factor will not only determine how much you slow down if you go off course, but also how much speed you will lose by making a turn without power sliding. For example, Bowser’s Kart may have a ***** rating on speed, but the ***** rating on weight tends to make him lose more speed unless you power slide into your turns. The rule is, the heavier you are, the more power sliding will be necessary to keep that nice top speed bonus. Remember, the difference is fractional, but after three laps it all adds up. Other factors in-race that will alter your top speed is turning without power sliding (it will knock you down 1-2 mph), incline of the road (down-slope faster, up-slope slower), and turning while power sliding (which will actually raise your top speed 1 mph if you sustain it) will not lower your speed at all. The class speed breakdown is as follows. Note: This is an average. One star of weight more or less will alter the speed 1 mph or so respectively:

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50cc 100cc 150cc/mirror
* 42 mph 47 mph 54 mph
** 43 mph 48 mph 55 mph
*** 44 mph 49 mph 56 mph
**** 45 mph 50 mph 57 mph
***** 46 mph 51 mph 58 mph

Note: It does not matter who you have driving; speeds remain the same no matter what character you choose to drive.

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