Overwatch 2 Cheats & Cheat Codes for PC, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 5, and More

Overwatch 2 Cheats & Cheat Codes for PC, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 5, and More

Overwatch 2 is the second generation title for the widely popular hero first-person shooter series Overwatch, launched by Blizzard in 2022. Several characters and teamplay elements are reimagined for the new title. Overwatch 2 is free to play and features full cross-platform play. The game launched simultaneously for PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

The Overwatch League is a professional esports league in which teams from the United States, Europe, and Asia compete against each other for placements and prices. The league is produced by the game’s developer, Blizzard Entertainment.

Overwatch 2 Premise

The game’s premise is based on its hero-shooter genre, where two teams compete against each other. Each player selects a hero from a roster of 35 diverse characters. The heroes fall into three main categories: damage, support, and tank. Each class has a distinct role to play. The damage heroes focus on offense, support heroes on healing and buffing, and tank heroes on creating space for their team and taking the bulk of the hits. Every character also boasts a unique skill set consisting of active, passive, and ultimate abilities. Overwatch 2 mainly revolves around PvP combat in various modes and maps, offering both casual and competitive ranked matches.

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Sombra shooting in Overwatch 2.
Overwatch 2 has a variety of heroes with distinct abilities.

Compared to the first OverwatchOverwatch 2 made changes to team composition. Teams are reduced from six players to five in Overwatch 2, with one fewer tank slot. Also, the new maps are specially designed to suit this change. In terms of the heroes themselves, the damage class now enjoys increased movement speed, support heroes regenerate over time, and tank heroes have been redesigned to play a more offensive role. The game also includes a ping system to highlight specific points on the map to teammates.

Overwatch 2 Characters

Overwatch 2 comes with a vast selection of characters, also called heroes. The first 13 heroes are unlocked by default to new players. The heroes available at the start are Reinhardt, Winston, Orisa, Zarya, Soldier: 76, Reaper, Pharah, Torbjorn, Tracer, Windowmaker, Mercy, Lucio, and Moira.

To unlock new heroes, players must complete Quick Play matches. In the case of Sojourn, Junker Queen, Kiriko, and Ramattra, players must also complete special challenges. There are 37 heroes total, the newest one being Lifeweaver, revealed in April 2023. If unlocking heroes by playing the game isn’t up to your alley, you can buy them from the in-game store.

Orisa in Overwatch 2.
Orisa is one of the heroes accessible by everyone from the beginning.
  • Ana – Role: Support, Weapon: Biotic Rifle, Abilities: Sleep Dart and Biotic Grenade, Ultimate: Nano Boost
  • Ashe – Role: Damage, Weapon: The Viper, Abilities: Coach Gun and Dynamite, Ultimate: B.O.B.
  • Baptiste – Role: Support, Weapon: Biotic Launcher, Abilities: Regenerative Burst and Immortality Field, Ultimate: Amplification Matrix
  • Bastion – Role: Damage, Weapon: Configuration: Assault and Configuration: Recon, Abilities: A-36 Tactical Grenade and Reconfigure, Ultimate: Configuration: Artillery.
  • Brigitte – Role: Support, Weapon: Rocket Flail, Abilities: Repair Pack, Whip Shot, Barrier Shield and Shield Bash, Ultimate: Rally.
  • Cassidy – Role: Damage, Weapon: Peacekeeper, Abilities: Combat Roll and Magnetic Grenade, Ultimate: Deadeye.
  • Doomfist – Role: Tank, Weapon: Hand Cannon, Abilities: Seismic Slam, Power Block, and Rocket Punch, Ultimate: Meteor Strike.
  • D.va – Role: Tank, Weapon: Fusion Cannons and Light Gun, Abilities: Boosters, Defense Matrix and Micro Missiles, Ultimate: Self-Destruct and Call Mech.
  • Echo – Role: Damage, Weapon: Tri-Shot, Abilities: Sticky Bombs, Flight and Focusing Beam, Ultimate: Duplicate.
  • Genji – Role: Damage, Weapon: Shuriken, Abilities: Deflect and Swift Strike, Ultimate: Dragonblade.
  • Hanzo – Role: Damage, Weapon: Storm Bow, Abilities: Storm Arrows, Sonic Arrow and Lunge, Ultimate: Dragonstrike.
  • Junker Queen – Role: Tank, Weapon: Scattergun, Abilities: Jagged Blade, Commanding Shout and Carnage, Ultimate: Rampage.
  • Junkrat – Role: Damage, Weapon: Frag Launcher, Abilities: Concussion Mine and Steel Trap, Ultimate: Rip-Tire.
  • Kiriko – Role: Support, Weapon: Healing Ofuda and Kunai, Abilities: Swift Step and Protection Suzu, Ultimate: Kitsune Rush.
  • Lifeweaver – Role: Support, Weapon: Healing Blossom and Thorn Volley, Abilities Petal Platform, Rejuvenating Dash, and Life Grip, Ultimate: Tree of Life
  • Lucio – Role: Support, Weapon: Sonic Amplifier, Abilities: Crossfade, Amp It Up, Soundwave, Ultimate: Sound Barrier
  • Mei – Role: Damage, Weapon: Endothermic Blaster, Abilities: Cryo-freeze, Ice Wall, Ultimate: Blizzard
  • Mercy – Role: Support, Weapons: Caduceus Staff and Caduceus Blaster, Abilities: Guardian Angel, Resurrect, Angelic Descent, Ultimate: Valkyrie
  • Moira – Role: Support, Weapon: Biotic Grasp, Abilities: Biotic Orb, Fade, Ultimate: Coalescence
  • Orisa – Role: Tank, Weapon: Augmented Fusion Driver, Abilities: Energy Javelin, Fortify, Javelin Spin, Ultimate: Terra Surge
  • Pharah – Role: Damage, Weapon: Rocket Launcher, Abilities: Jump Jet, Concussive Blast, Ultimate: Barrage
  • Ramattra – Role: Tank, Weapons: Void Accelerator (Omnic Form), Pummel (Nemesis Form). Abilities: Void Barrier (Omnic Form), Ravenous Vortex. Ultimate: Annihilation
  • Reaper – Role: Damage, Weapon: Hellfire Shotgun. Abilities: Shadow Step, Wraith Form. Ultimate: Death Blossom
  • Reinhardt – Role: Tank, Weapon: Rocket Hammer. Abilities: Charge, Fire Strike, Barrier Field. Ultimate: Earthshatter
  • Roadhog – Role: Tank, Weapon: Scrap Gun. Abilities: Chain Hook, Take a Breather. Ultimate: Whole Hog
  • Sigma – Role: Tank, Weapon: Hyperspheres. Abilities: Kinetic Grasp, Accretion, Experimental Barrier. Ultimate: Gravitic Flux
  • Sojourn – Role: Damage, Weapon: Railgun. Abilities: Power Slide, Disruptor Shot. Ultimate: Overclock
  • Soldier: 76 – Role: Damage, Weapon: Heavy Pulse Rifle. Abilities: Sprint, Biotic Field, Helix Rockets. Ultimate: Tactical Visor
  • Sombra – Role: Damage, Weapon: Machine Pistol. Abilities: Translocator, Stealth, Hack. Ultimate: EMP
  • Symmetra – Role: Damage, Weapons: Photon Projector. Abilities: Sentry Turret, Teleporter. Ultimate: Photon Barrier
  • Torbjorn – Role: Damage, Weapons: Rivet Gun, Forge Hammer. Abilities: Deploy Turret, Overload. Ultimate: Molten Core
  • Tracer – Role: Damage, Weapons: Pulse Pistols. Abilities: Blink, Recall. Ultimate: Pulse Bomb
  • Widowmaker – Role: Damage, Weapons: Widow’s Kiss. Abilities: Grappling Hook, Venom Mine. Ultimate: Infra-Sight
  • Winston – Role: Tank, Weapons: Tesla Cannon. Abilities: Jump Pack, Barrier Projector. Ultimate: Primal Rage
  • Wrecking Ball – Role: Tank, Weapons: Quad Cannons. Abilities: Grappling Claw, Roll, Piledriver, Adaptive Shield. Ultimate: Minefield
  • Zarya – Role: Tank, Weapons: Particle Cannon. Abilities: Particle Barrier, Projected Barrier. Ultimate: Graviton Surge
  • Zenyatta – Role: Support, Weapons: Orb of Destruction. Abilities: Orb of Discord, Orb of Harmony. Ultimate: Transcendence

Games in the Series

There have only been two games in the Overwatch series since the inception of the franchise seven years ago. While Overwatch 2 was released on all platforms at the same time, the first Overwatch was released for Nintendo Switch over three years later than other platforms, in 2019.

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The map Junkertown in Overwatch 2.
Junkertown is one of the maps returning from the original Overwatch.
  • Overwatch (2016)
  • Overwatch 2 (2022)

Cheats in Overwatch 2

There are no traditional cheat codes in Overwatch 2. Due to being a competitive, online video game, cheats would affect the way others experience the game, and thus are not allowed in the game. The developer of the game is strictly against using third-party applications and other means to get a competitive advantage. However, there are some tips and tricks that we can share that might help you out and improve the experience in Overwatch 2. We’ll also give you a few secret locations of the maps, too.

Elimination boost: When you eliminated a player, you get a temporary boost of 25% in movement and reloading speed, which is refreshed each time you score a new kill. 

Heroes for returning Overwatch players: Blizzard rewards those that come back to Overwatch after playing the first title and gives all Overwatch 1 characters for free from the beginning.

Using pinging: Overwatch 2 has added a pinging system, which allows easy communication with just a press of a button. 

Find Lucio’s mixing studio: In the Paraiso map, you’ll find a secret area behind the Club Sinestestia. This is Lucio’s studio which includes his album covers, mixing table, and much more.

Timetable in Grand Central Station: Find the Grand Central Station on the map Midtown, and you’ll see a timetable displaying departures to other maps. One of them is Blizzard World, which also references the Deeprun Tram World of Warcraft


Is Overwatch 2 pay to win?

This depends largely on the definition of the term. While all the heroes and their powers are the same to all people, unlocking them is certainly more difficult without paying. However, once the hero is unlocked, there’s no difference in power level.

What is the best rank in Overwatch 2?

The best rank in Overwatch 2 is Grandmaster. The ranks in order are, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Master, and Grandmaster.

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