Diddy Kong Racing DS Cheats, Codes, Cheat Codes, Walkthrough, Guide, FAQ, Unlockables for Nintendo DS

Diddy Kong Racing DS Cheats, Codes, Cheat Codes, Walkthrough, Guide, FAQ, Unlockables for Nintendo DS

Diddy Kong Racing DS


Future Fun Land

Once you get all the trophies and amulets, it will look as if the island is saved and the credits will roll; however, all is not completed. Go to the lighthouse at the beach and it will turn into a rocket and launch into space. After the intermission sequence ends, drive into the portal of light where the lighthouse used to be. You will be teleported to a new world, Future Fun Land.

Adventure 2

Defeat Wizpig in Future Fun Land to unlock Adventure 2. This adventure involves collecting platinum balloons on reversed tracks.

Play as Drumstick

Look for the mountain with the Frog Effigy. It is to the left of Wizpig’s head. Use the stylus to pull back the frog and let go to release it. Try to launch it up to the Frog Effigy. Once you successfully do this, a short intermission sequence will play and a new frog with a chicken head will jump out. Run this frog over to unlock Drumstick. His stats are:

    Top Speed: 4/5
    Handling: 2/5
    Acceleration: 5/5

He is the best racer in the plane.

Play as Taj

Collect all 47 Balloons, have the full Wizpig Amulet, and get all gold trophies. Once you have done this, go to Future Fun Land and start the final Wizpig battle. Defeat Wizpig to unlock Taj. His stats are:

    Top Speed: 5/5
    Handling: 1/5
    Acceleration: 1/5

He is the best racer in the car, although his stats will make you think otherwise.

Play as T.T.

Beat all of T.T’s times in Time Trial mode with every vehicle. You must also have the full T.T. amulet. You will see his ghost when you start the Time Trial. You must beat this. Once you defeat his ghost in every level, with every vehicle (including the unlockables), T.T. will be playable. His stats are:

    Top Speed: 5/5
    Handling: 4/5
    Acceleration: 5/5

He is the best racer in the hovercraft and is a very good, all-round racer in every vehicle.

Play as Wizpig

Successfully complete Adventure 2 to unlock Wizpig. Like Taj, his stats look bad, but he is still good. His stats are:

    Top Speed: 5/5
    Handling: 1/5
    Acceleration: 1/5

Quick start

At the moment the race commentator says “Get Ready” and those words fade from the screen, press A.

More effective turbo boosts

You can get more effective turbo boosts by releasing A before hitting a zipper or by using a Blue Balloon. You can hear and see a difference.


When playing in Adventure or Single Race mode, you can gain speed and overtake a racer by driving behind them until white speed lines appear behind you. Note: You must stay directly behind a racer for this to work.

T.T. Amulet

Collect all secret keys and open all the doors with them. Defeat T.T. in all the tracks you create and you will gain a piece each time. Make the track shorter for a quicker win.

Wizpig Amulet

Defeat the Bosses from each World twice (the first Battle and the Boss Rematch).

100 Coins

After defeating the Bosses the second time you can go back and try the Boss Touch Challenge. They are very difficult, especially the one at Dino Domainone.

Sand puzzles

Go to the beach area near the lighthouse and use the stylus to draw pictures in the sand. If you draw a balloon, you will get a Golden Balloon. If you draw a pentagon, you will get a scratch card. If you draw a Coin (small circle shape), you will get 10 Coins; this can be done a maximum of four times.

Hidden scratch card

When you start, follow the track around until you go through a log tunnel. In here, there is a cracked wall with a picture of Wizpig. Draw around Wizpig’s head (ears included) and the wall will crumble and a small area will open up that contains a scratch card. You must be quite accurate and it may take a few attempts.

Secret key in Ancient Lake

At the start of the Ancient Lake level, there is a ramp on the right. Collect a Blue Balloon and boost up the ramp to collect the key.

Cracks in the wall in Beach

Go to the beach and touch a coconut tree with your stylus. Pull one of the trees back and release it. You can make three cracks in the wall. Collect them quickly. Coins will appear which can quickly disappear after about ten seconds.

Secret key in Boulder Canyon

Go across the drawbridge and hit the Blue Balloon and the little bell. You should now have a boost. Turn around and wait until the drawbridge is fully raised. Boost up it and you should now be sitting on a ledge with the key.

Secret key in Crescent Island

Start the Crescent Island level and pass by the big river on your left. After this river, there will be a little lagoon. The key is in here.

Balloon in Dino Domain

There is a Balloon on the road up to Dino Domain.

Ice Balloon in Snowflake Mountian

On the way to Snowflake Mountain, to the right of the entrance will be a Balloon in an Ice Block. Use the stylus to slide it all the way down the path and into the water. It will float all the way down the river and will be thawed out, waiting to be collected at the beach.

Secret key in Snowball Valley

After passing through the Snowball Valley and exiting the igloo tunnel, move through the Balloon row that you see. Go down the straightaway to the finish line. Then, turn left just before the candy cane holding up the finish line banner. Move up the hill towards a picket fence, then turn right to find a small cubbyhole containing the key.

Banjo series references

The key in the Snowball Valley looks like the Ice Key from the Banjo series.

The Silver Coins look like the ones in Spiller’s Harbor from Banjo-Kazooie: Grunty’s Revenge .

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