The Wonderful 101

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  • Bonus characters

    Successfully complete the game. Start another playthrough, then hold ZR and press Up, Down, Up, Right, Left, X, B, Y, A while standing at the precise location at the listed area of the game to unlock the corresponding character for purchase. Note: You must spend the indicated amount of Platinum to unlock them.

      Bayonetta, Jeanne, and Rodin for 2 million Platinum: At the start of "Operation 001".
      Captain Wanda, Wanda Guranpusu, and Wanda Scarf for 1 million Platinum: At the start of the "Prologue".
      Chewgi, Immorta, and Prince Vorkken for 1 million Platinum: At the shield generator in "Operation 009-B".
      Daddy, Future, and Red for 1 million Platinum: In Mission 2, during the battle with the Rambo in "Operation 006-B".
      Director, Goggles, and Poseman for 1 million Platinum: After the vehicle is first separated in the "Epilogue".

    Successfully complete the indicated achievements to unlock the corresponding character:


      101% Wonderful Hero: Successfully complete all stages on the 101% Hard difficulty.
      Platinum Paragon: Get a Platinum or higher in all Operation Results screens.
      Nice Try!: Earn an evade bonus at least 10 times.
      Custom Blocker: Obtain all the Custom Blocks.
      Lord of Tight Spaces: Reach all the hidden areas in Operation 004.
      Finders Keepers (Operation 004): Find all the Kahkoo-regah in Operation 004.
      Wonderfully Wonderful Player: Get all 100 bottle cap achievements.


      Wonderful Hero: Successfully complete all stages on the Hard difficulty.
      Return to Sender: Deflect 10 beams using the Unite Sword.
      Battling a Thousand!: Use the bat to hit away all the molecular disintegrator shots fired by Die-Tiekuu without missing once.
      Uniting Black Belt: Land three types of Unite Morph attacks in a single combo.
      GEATH May Cry: Successfully complete half the Kahkoo-regah.
      GEATHJERK Slayer: Successfully complete all the Kahkoo-regah.
      Ah, Now That's Better: Cut down all the weeds growing in Operation 005.


      They are... The Wonderful 101!: Successfully complete all stages.
      Operations 007-009 (Hard): Successfully complete Operations 007-009 on Hard.
      The Harder They Fall!: Defeat the Vaaiki without letting it get big.
      Junior Stomper: Obtain a hidden underground item.
      Full-Fledged Stomper: Obtain half of the underground items.
      Master Stomper: Obtain all the hidden underground items.
      Can We Take a Day off?: Enjoy all the rides in Operation 002-B as a team.

  • Unlockables

    Successfully complete the game on the Normal difficulty to unlock the Hard difficulty, gallery, and character biographies.

  • See through Wonderful Ones' mask

    During a cutscene, hold ZR to see through the Wonderful Ones' mask.

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