Arx Fatalis

Strategy Guide


  • Cheat mode

    Press X to cast a spell, then enter one of the following series of runes. Note: Enabling some codes may not allow the game to continue normally.

      Infinite HP

      Cast "Mega", "Mega", "Mega", "Mega", "Mega", "Kaom".

      Character at level 10, 30 stat points, 200 skill points

      Cast "Mega", "Mega", "Mega", "Mega", "Mega", "Vitae".

      Character at level 0, default stats and skills, no runes

      Cast "Nhi", "Nhi", "Nhi", "Nhi", "Nhi", "Vitae".

      Reveal map

      Cast "Nhi", "Rhaa", "Aam", "Nhi", "Rhaa", "Aam".

      Fire Bow

      Cast "Spacium", "Aam", "Mega", "Spacium", "Aam", "Mega".

      Power sword

      Cast "Mega", "Aam", "Rhaa", "Rhaa", "Rhaa", "Rhaa".

      Summon perfect warrior for a challenge

      Cast "Mega", "Mega", "Mega", "Aam", "Vitae", "Tera".

      Disable wall collisions

      Cast "Mega", "Tera", "Mega", "Tera".

      Big head

      Cast "Mega", "Rhaa", "Mega", "Rhaa", "Mega", "Rhaa".

  • Wear heavy armor without sufficient strength

    If you have the Bless spell and an Ylside armor, you can put it on them even if you are in the 10th level of Strength. Use the Bless spell (your level of magic is important at this point) and put on the armor and weapons. When the spell ends, you can still wear the armor.

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