Costume Quest

Strategy Guide/Walkthrough/FAQ


  • Avatar Awards

    Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding Avatar Award:

      Pumpkin Pail: Start a new game.
      Pumpkin Helmet: Complete the game.

  • Achievements

    Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number of Gamerscore points:

      All Decked Out (15 points): Collected all Creepy Treat Cards.
      Battle Buds (5 points): Defeated a monster in combat with a friend by your side.
      Binary Bouncer (10 points): Used the Robot Costume to Boost off of 15 different ramps.
      Chompin' Champ (15 points): Won all prizes in Bobbing for Apples.
      Do the Monster Bash (10 points): Got the jump on 10 monsters.
      Downsized! (15 points): Defeated BoJonn in battle.
      Dozer Dodger (15 points): Defeated Metxel in battle.
      Dressed to Quest (5 points): Acquired 5 Costumes.
      Leave some for the rest of us! (15 points): Collected a total of over 4,000 candies.
      Make it Work (10 points): Won the Autumn Haven Mall Costume Contest.
      Mask-O'-Raider (25 points): Completed all Quests in the game.
      Master of Disguise (10 points): Used every Costume Ability in battle.
      Sweet Justice (25 points): Finished the game!
      The Last Gourdian (10 points): Acquired the Pumpkin Costume.
      They'll be worth a lot someday (15 points): Collected all Battle Stamps.

    The following achievements require the "Grubbins On Ice" bonus downloadable content:

      Birdbrain Beatdown (15 points): Defeat Araxia in battle.
      Jeepers Peepers (5 points): Acquire the Eyeball costume.
      Playin' Hooky (5 points): Use the Pirate hook on 5 unique ziplines.
      Revolutionary Hero (15 points): Complete all quests in Repugia.
      Short Stack (10 points): Find the mysterious visitor in the cliffs of Repugia.

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