Earth Defense Force: Insect Armageddon

Strategy Guide/Walkthrough/FAQ



  • Hidden gallery images

    At the main menu, select the "Extras" option, then choose the "Gallery" selection. Press X(2), Y, X, LB, RB to view images 41 through 47.

  • Single Player mode without bots

    Successfully complete the game on the Normal difficulty to unlock the ability to play Single Player mode without bots.

  • Remixed Campaign missions

    Successfully complete a mission in the main campaign to unlock a remixed version with new enemies.

  • Pesticide guns

    Reach Rank 8 (maximum rank) with the indicated Armor class to unlock the corresponding Pesticide gun. Note: You can only reach Rank 8 by playing on the Inferno difficulty.

      Pesticide Cannon (Tier 8 Rocket Launcher): Trooper Armor
      Pesticide Mortar (Tier 8 Grenade Launcher): Battle Armor
      Pesticide Missile (Tier 8 Missile Launcher): Tactical Armor
      Pesticide Rifle (Tier 8 Sniper Rifle): Jet Armor

  • Achievements

    Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number of Gamerscore points:

      Amateur AntKiller (5 points): Kill 100 Ants.
      Welcome to the EDF (10 points): Kill 1000 Ants.
      Ant Farmer (25 points): Kill 10000 Ants.
      Newb (5 points): Kill 100 Spiders.
      Good Start (10 points): Make it through 5 Survival Mode Waves in One Session.
      Tick Picker (5 points): Kill 100 Ticks.
      Spider Fighter (25 points): Kill 10000 Spiders.
      Tick Tock Ya Don't Stop (10 points): Kill 5000 Ticks.
      Hector? What? (5 points): Kill 10 Small Hectors.
      Hector Wrecker (15 points): Kill 100 Small Hectors.
      The Sting's the Thing (5 points): Kill 10 Wasps.
      War Against Soaring Pests Award (10 points): Kill 100 Wasps.
      It's a Start (5 points): Destroy 100 Gunships.
      Gunship Down (10 points): Destroy 1000 Gunships.
      Fleet Depleter (25 points): Destroy 10000 Gunships.
      It's Bomber (15 points): Kill 10 Bomber Spiders.
      Look What the Rookie Did! (10 points): Kill 5000 enemies.
      Hangin' Tough (25 points): Survive 100 (total) waves in Survival mode..
      Who Ravages the Ravagers? (40 points): Kill 25000 Enemies.
      Eyes Up! (15 points): Destroy 10 Carriers.
      Carrier Dropper (25 points): Destroy 100 Carriers.
      Nesting Instinct (25 points): Destroy 10 Anthills/Spider Nests.
      Homewrecker (40 points): Destroy 100 Anthills/Spider Nests.
      Scavenger (30 points): Collect All Dropped Weapons.
      Smells Like Team Spirit (20 points): Incapacitate a teammate.
      Campaigner (20 points): Unlock all armors.
      All Dressed Up... (25 points): Level up an armor completely.
      Lifer (40 points): Level up all armors completely.
      High Roller (30 points): Purchase all available weapons for a single armor.
      Daddy WarBugs (50 points): Purchase all weapons for all armors.
      Helping Hand Award (5 points): Revive a teammate.
      Bedside Manner (10 points): Revive 250 teammates.
      Survive-o-Rama (30 points): Survive 500 (total) waves in Survival mode.
      Surviving... (20 points): Get 1000 kills in Survival mode.
      Social Dead Butterfly (20 points): Get 10000 kills in Survival mode.
      Lander Commander (10 points): Get 250 kills with the Lander Turret.
      Mechs Master (10 points): Get 500 kills with the Mech.
      I Heard Them Scream (10 points): Get 500 kills with the Tank.
      Nothing Turret (10 points): Get 500 kills with Base Turrets.
      The Architect (20 points): Destroy 500 buildings.
      Demolition Derby (20 points): Destroy 500 cars/vehicles.
      Collateral (20 points): Destroy 500 world objects.
      Lemon Squeezy (20 points): Beat the game on Normal.

    Additionally, there are seven secret achievements:

      Manticide (10 points): We mean it Man.....
      Manticore (10 points): Preying ON Mantis
      Patricide (10 points): Well he's a long gone daddy....
      Hectorcide (10 points): The bigger they are....
      Regicide (25 points): The Queen is dead!
      Chopper's Choice (50 points): Rule # 3
      Infernal Master Destroyer Deluxe (100 points): Dante? Is that you?

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