God Mode



  • Achievements

    Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number of Gamerscore points:

      The Creature Lives (20 points): Enrage 10 Cyclops.
      Rune (10 points): Trigger 20 Mage seals.
      Them Bones (10 points): Decapitate 100 Skeletons.
      Hand of Doom (20 points): Kill 50 enemies using melee.
      Buzzkill (10 points): Grind 50 creatures using the Buzzsaw melee attack.
      God Mode (40 points): Reach the final level and attain God Mode.
      The Day I Tried To Live (20 points): Survive the "Death" Test of Faith.
      Nothing Safe (20 points): Complete your first Oath.
      Blow Up The Underworld (30 points): Purchase all upgrades.
      Burden In My Holster (10 points): Fully upgrade one weapon.
      Heaven Beside You (10 points): Finish any map with 3 or more active Oaths.
      Sweetest Curse (50 points): Finish any map with 6 active Oaths on hardest difficulty.
      The Hunter (10 points): Kill 100 creatures.
      Demon Cleaner (30 points): Kill 2500 creatures.
      Embryo (10 points): Destroy 50 scarab eggs before they hatch.
      Stairway to Hell (20 points): Kill 20 creatures using the Hammer ability.
      Born a Legend (10 points): Finish any map on any difficulty.
      Odyssey (40 points): Complete all maps on hardest difficulty.
      Badtriggerfinger (10 points): Purchase your first weapon upgrade.
      Deathbound (20 points): Complete any map without dying.

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