Celeste Cheats & Cheat Codes for Xbox One, PlayStation 5, Windows, and More


Celeste Cheats & Cheat Codes for Xbox One, PlayStation 5, Windows, and More

Celeste is a platform game developed by Maddy Makes Games and released in 2018. Both fans and critics praised the game, garnering universal acclaim on PC and consoles. Players consider the title one of the greatest games in modern history due to its gameplay, mechanics, soundtrack, and controls. The game was nominated for dozens of industry awards, winning many of them, including Action Game of the Year.    

Celeste Premise

Studio Ghibli films like Spirited Away heavily inspired the story of Celeste. Madeline, the protagonist, decides to climb Celeste Mountain one day to regain her self-esteem. Despite warnings not to climb the mountain, Madeline persists. Along her journey, she must come face to face with her anxiety, depression, and her greatest enemy of all…herself.    


Celeste Main Characters 

Celeste has a small cast of characters that will help or hinder Madeline’s quest to climb the mountain. While the gameplay focuses more on platforming and obstacles, the characters and story are engaging. 

  • Madeline
  • Theo
  • Badeline
  • Granny
  • Mr. Oshiro
  • Bird

Celeste Video Games in the Series

Celeste is a standalone title with no sequels coming up. However, the developers have made one game prior to Celeste and have an upcoming game, Earthblade, that will be released in 2024. 

  • TowerFall (2013)
  • Celeste (2018)
  • Earthblade (2024)

Celeste Cheat Codes

There is a limited amount of cheat codes available for the tile. However, following the steps below and inputting the correct keys will ensure you unlock all levels in the game. 

During the prologue level, go left until you find the intro car. Press the keys below in this order.

PlayStationLeft, Right, L2, R2, Up, Up, Down, Left, R2, X
PC/MACLeft, Right, Tab, Z, Up, Up, Down, Left, Z, C
Nintendo SwitchLeft Right ZL ZR Up Up Down Left ZR A
XboxLeft, Right, LT, RT, Up, Up, Down, Left, RT, A

Celeste Cheat Code FAQ

Are there cheat codes for Celeste?

Yes, there are some cheat codes for Celeste. During the prologue, players can unlock all the levels in the game. 

What are the achievements in Celeste? pl

Get a 1UP1UP!
Complete Chapter 2Archaeology
Complete Chapter 2 B-SideBlack Moonrise
Complete Chapter 4Breathe
Climb Celeste MountainCeleste
Complete Chapter 6 B-SideCenter of the Earth
Complete Chapter 3Checking Out
Collect the Crystal Heart in Chapter 4Eye of the Storm
Complete Chapter 1Forsaken
Collect a CassetteGateway
Complete Chapter 4 B-SideGolden Feather
Complete Chapter 3 B-SideGood Karma
Collect the Crystal Heart in Chapter 8Heart of the Mountain
Unlock every trophyHeartbeat
Collect the Crystal Heart in Chapter 6Heavy and Frail
Collect 175 StrawberriesImpress Your Friends
Complete Chapter 5In the Mirror
Complete Chapter 5 B-SideMirror Magic
Complete Chapter 7 B-SideNo More Running
Collect the Crystal Heart in Chapter 7Pink Sunrise
Collect the Crystal Heart in Chapter 1Pointless Machines
Collect the Crystal Heart in Chapter 5Quiet and Falling
Complete Celeste for PICO-8Real Gamer
Complete Chapter 6Reflection
Collect the Crystal Heart in Chapter 2Resurrections
Complete Chapter 8 B-SideSay Goodbye
Collect the Crystal Heart in Chapter 3Scattered and Lost
Complete Chapter 1 B-SideSever the Skyline
Collect 30 StrawberriesStrawberry Badge
Collect 80 StrawberriesStrawberry Medal
Complete all C-SidesThanks For Playing
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