Rayman Origins



  • Land Of The Livid Dead world

    Collect all ten Skull Teeth, and successfully complete the treasure chest chase levels to unlock the Land Of The Livid Dead world.

  • Achievements

    Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number of Gamerscore points:

      Betilla's Back! (15 points): Head Nymph Betilla is Free!
      Beautiful Beats! (15 points): Holly Luya, the Music Nymph is Free!
      Feed the Fairy! (15 points): Edith Up, the Gourmet Fairy is Free!
      Merm-Aid! (15 points): Annetta Fish, the Ocean Nymph is Free!
      Nymphs Rock! (15 points): Helena Handbasket, the Mountain Nymph is Free!
      Scout (15 points): You found 10 hidden cages.
      Explorer (35 points): You found 25 hidden cages.
      Dr. Lividstone, I presume? (80 points): You found ALL hidden cages.
      Speedy! (15 points): Earned 5 speed trophies!
      Turbo! (35 points): Earned 15 speed trophies!
      Nitro! (80 points): Earned ALL speed trophies!
      Electoon Friend (15 points): Completed 10 Medallions.
      Electoon Hero (35 points): Completed 25 Medallions.
      Electoon Legend (80 points): Completed ALL Medallions.
      Milk Tooth (15 points): Earned 1 Skull Tooth.
      Full Mouth (35 points): Earned 5 Skull Teeth.
      The Jaw! (80 points): Earned ALL Skull Teeth.
      Pop! Pop! BOOM! (15 points): Popped 50 Enemy Bubbles.
      The Bubblizer! (15 points): Chain-Bubblized 4 Enemies.
      I'm Back! (15 points): Replayed any completed map.
      Painless! (15 points): Completed a level without taking a hit!
      Vacuum Snack! (15 points): Inhaled 50 things on Moskito-back.
      No Panic! (15 points): Saved ALL Darktooned Wizards in "Port 'O Panic".
      B Side! (15 points): Played an Unlocked Character in any map.
      Hover Happy! (20 points): One hour of flight time!
      Crusher! (15 points): Crushed 50 Enemies.
      Crush Combo! (15 points): Simultaneously crushed 4 enemies.
      Sprinter! (20 points): Sprinted a Marathon!
      Fisher King! (20 points): Swam a Marathon!
      Kung Fu Combo! (15 points): Perform a swipe-to-air Kick Combo!
      Hyperspeed! (35 points): Sprinted for an Entire Level!
      Boing! Boing! Boing! (15 points): Bounce-Bubblized 11 Enemies without landing in "Polar Pursuit!"
      Blue Baron! (35 points): Beat the Giant Eel within 60 Seconds in "Aim for the Eel."
      Survivor! (15 points): Survived a Piranha Pond without a scratch!
      Back At You! (15 points): You Bubblized a Hunter with his own live missile!

    Additionally, there is one secret achievement:

      Nothing Lasts Forever... (80 points): Ding, Dong, the Livid Boss is Dead!

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