Surgeon Simulator: Anniversary Edition Cheats, Codes, Cheat Codes, Walkthrough, Guide, FAQ, Unlockables for PlayStation 4 (PS4)

Surgeon Simulator: Anniversary Edition Cheats, Codes, Cheat Codes, Walkthrough, Guide, FAQ, Unlockables for PlayStation 4 (PS4)

Surgeon Simulator: Anniversary Edition Secret alien transplants

Successfully complete every type of operation to unlock a new black floppy disk marked with “????” in the computer tray. Insert the floppy disk into the computer to begin the Space operations. Complete all of the Space operations. Then, load the Space Brain Transplant, and look for a keypad to the right of the patient. Use your index or middle finger to enter ” 296145 ” on the keypad. If you entered the code correctly, the lights will flash red. After flying out of the operation, you will return to the desk at the main menu. A new VHS tape will appear to your right, with alien characters on the label. Insert the VHS tape, and numbers will appear on the video screen. After blacking out and waking up, you will see another keypad. Enter ” 4948 ” on the keypad to start the Alien transplants.

Easy “Best Surgeon In The Universe” trophy

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Use the “Secret alien transplants” code to start the alien transplants. Then, successfully complete the following six transplant surgeries, which are selected randomly, to get the “Best Surgeon In The Universe” trophy. Note: Break the organ canisters with your hand after you remove all the necessary parts.

    Birgirspallex: Blue organ that resembles an intestine, which is wrapped around the Pewdsball.
    Cubed Trangrifier: Black cube with a blue dot. You will get an electric shock when it is removed.
    Gavichal: Little orange organ in the upper-right part of the body.
    Gobbleshaft: Immediately below the alien’s chest is a green-blue object in the middle that seems to remain alive if you cut it out. Cut it directly at the middle and not at the outer borders.
    Pewdsball: Large orange ball with black wound lines.
    Robbaloraz: Attached to the Birgirspallex, and located under the Gobbleshaft. Blue with green dots and resembles a liver.

Easy “Call Trisha” trophy

Trisha’s phone number can be found during the regular and ambulance versions of the heart, kidney, and brain transplant surgeries, in the following order:

    1. In the heart transplant surgery, use a scalpel to puncture the hanging blood transfusion bag. After the blood pours out, you will get a note with the first set of numbers.
    2. In the kidney surgery, find the medicine bottle to the left of the kidney crate. The next two numbers are on the back of the pill bottle.
    3. In the brain transplant surgery, inject yourself with the green syringe. While hallucinating, look at the digital readout on the machine to the right of the patient.
    4. In the heart transplant surgery in the ambulance, open the cabinet on the right wall. Use the laser pen to burn off the piece of paper taped inside to find the next set of numbers.
    5. In the kidney transplant in the ambulance, take the blank clipboard found to the left of the surgical stretcher. Hold it over the bright light in the center of the operating area, and adjust the clipboard until very faint characters appear.
    6. In the ambulance brain transplant, look into the two windows of the back doors, and push them open. The last set of numbers will briefly appear on the road.

When combined, all the digits form “099326071850”. Return to the office before starting an operation, and use the phone to dial that number. A new note from Trish will now appear at the main menu.

Easy “First Success” trophy

Each time you start alien operation, enter ” 4948 ” as the four digit code. These are the numbers on screen when you insert the “alien tape” into the VCR. There are six different alien transplants, but only one of them needs to be completed to get the “First Success” trophy. The Gobbleshaft transplant is the easiest of them to complete. Each time you start a secret transplant mission, an organ to transplant is selected at random. If it is not the Gobbleshaft, restart the mission until it appears. Break or remove the alien’s upper rib cage to reveal the Gobbleshaft. It is bluish and is connected by six smaller tubules of the same color to the rest of the body. Cut the little tubules directly next to Gobbleshaft’s body, so that they remain connected to alien’s body. If you cut any of them off the alien’s body, the new Gobbleshaft will not be accepted, and you will not be able to complete the operation.

Easy “Heterochromia” trophy

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During an eye surgery, when you put the new eyes into your patient, make sure the color of the eyes that you put into the eye sockets are different to get the “Heterochromia” trophy. If you accidentally lost one color of eyes by dropping them on the floor, the jars also contain what appears to be billiard ball “eyes”. These “eyes” will count as a different color.

Easy “I Can See For Miles… Per Hour” trophy

Only use the scissors due to its size, and speed at cutting the optic nerves while only using your thumb and index finger. After taking the scissors, cut the elastics on the mask quickly. Stab the eye and remove the scissors; keep them in your hand. Stab the other eye, and remove the scissors; keep them in your hand. Punch the patient’s head on both sides as hard as possible. If you are lucky, only one side will be needed. Cut the optic nerves, which may be difficult due to the movement of the ambulance. Grab the eyes bottle, and put the eyes in the tray. Take and put the eyes in Bob’s head as quickly as possible, preferably to the side of the fingers to keep them out of the way.

Easy “Lumberjack” trophy

During any type of eye surgery, after the eyes have popped out of the skull and are hanging by the optic nerves, use the axe to cut those nerves. Cut the nerves of both eyes to get the “Lumberjack” trophy.

Easy “Screw The Prime Directive” trophy

After getting the “Enter The Code” trophy, there will be a new VHS tape on your desk. Use it, then enter the numbers shown on it ( 4948 ) to get the “Screw The Prime Directive” trophy.

Easy “Vworrrp Vworrrp” trophy

Start the regular heart transplant operation. Use a hammer to open the rib cage, and begin cutting out organs. Remove everything except for the heart. Keep the regular beating heart in place. Once the chest cavity is cleared out and only contains the heart, look to the right of the patient, and get the new transplant heart from the container. Place it into the patient so it has two hearts to get the “Vworrrp Vworrrp” trophy.

Easy “What A Load Of Bull” trophy

Take the clock radio to the right of the phone on the desk in the reception area. Smash it against other objects until music begins to play. Try rotating a hand with the radio so that the bottom of the radio faces the television and VCR to the right, then kick it against them several times to get the “What A Load Of Bull” trophy. You can drop the radio after the music starts.


Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

    There Is Nothing More To Teach… (Platinum): Completed every achievement. Now go save lives!
    I Think I Got This (Bronze): Perform a heart transplant.
    Kali Mah! (Bronze): Perform a heart transplant in under 1 minute 50 seconds.
    Don’t In-Test My Patience (Bronze): Perform a double kidney transplant in under 3 minutes.
    How Long Can You Live Without A Brain? (Bronze): Perform a brain transplant in under 1 minute.
    Blink And You’ll Miss It (Bronze): Perform an eye transplant in under 2 minutes and 30 seconds.
    You May Feel A Light Tapping (Bronze): Perform a teeth transplant in under 3 minutes.
    Like a hotdog down a hallway. (Bronze): Perform a corridor heart transplant.
    Don’t Even Need A Bucket (Bronze): Perform a corridor heart transplant losing less than 900ml of blood
    Tunnel Vision (Bronze): Perform a corridor double kidney transplant losing less than 800ml of blood
    The Brains Of The Operation (Bronze): Perform a corridor brain transplant losing less than 750ml of blood.
    Won’t Even Need Glasses! (Bronze): Perform a corridor eye transplant losing less than 1250ml of blood
    Open Really Wide (Bronze): Perform a corridor teeth transplant losing less than 550ml of blood
    Nine Nine Nine! (Bronze): Perform a heart transplant in an ambulance.
    Life’s Too Short (Bronze): Perform a heart transplant in an ambulance in under 1 minutes 40 seconds.
    A Surgeon’s Merit Is Based On Speed (Bronze): Perform a double kidney transplant in an ambulance in under 2 minutes.
    Brainstorm (Bronze): Perform a brain transplant in an ambulance in under 1 minute 30 seconds.
    I Can See For Miles… Per Hour (Bronze): Perform an eye transplant in an ambulance in under 2 minutes and 10 seconds.
    Not The Time Or Place For Precision (Bronze): Perform a teeth transplant in an ambulance in under 1 minute and 50 seconds.
    In Space, No One Can Hear You Bleed (Bronze): Perform a heart transplant in space.
    It’s Life Jim, But Not As We Know It (Bronze): Perform a heart transplant in space losing less than 800ml of blood.
    The Surgery Of The Future (Bronze): Perform a double kidney transplant in space losing less than 700ml of blood.
    Precision Instrument Time (Bronze): Perform a brain transplant in space losing less than 600ml of blood.
    Expert Space Stalker (Bronze): Perform an eye transplant in space losing less than 1000ml of blood.
    Maintained Healthy Gums At Least (Bronze): Perform a teeth transplant in space losing less than 600ml of blood.
    I Immediately Regret This Decision (Bronze): Electrocute and drug yourself at the same time.
    And They Said It Was Impossible! (Silver): Complete a procedure after being drugged and electrocuted. (Must be afflicted within 20 secs)
    What Have I Done?? (Bronze): Lose the patient within 15 seconds.
    Hammer Time (Bronze): Lose 50,000ml of blood using the hammer.
    The Goggles Do Nothing (Bronze): Completely smash up the goggles.
    Lumberjack (Bronze): Cut out the eyes using the surgical axe.
    Heterochromia (Bronze): Give the patient heterochromia.
    You Can’t Handle The Tooth! (Silver): Complete the tooth transplant only removing the rotten teeth.
    Keyhole Surgery (Bronze): Completely remove the rib cage.
    Practically Licensed (Bronze): Complete all procedures.
    I Should Never Have Doubted Myself (Silver): Get an A++ rating on a procedure.
    Best Surgeon In The World (Gold): Get an A++ rating on all procedures.
    Like A Wet Paper Towel (Bronze): Throw the new heart away in the surgery.
    I’m Sure He’ll Live (Bronze): Complete a procedure with less than 10ml of blood remaining.
    Vworrrp Vworrrp (Bronze): Create a Time Lord.
    The Beat Of Your Heart (Bronze): Replace the heart with something else.
    Doctor Doctor, Give Me The News (Bronze): Answer the phone.
    Nigel The Secretary (Bronze): Go about your secretarial duties.
    Spaaaaaaaaace (Bronze): Go where no surgeon has gone before.
    About As Politically Correct As Fur (Bronze): Give the patient a… scarf.
    It’s In! It’s In I Tell You! (Bronze): …and it was going so well.
    Nothing But Skull (Silver): Complete a brain transplant by throwing it in.
    Call Trisha (Bronze): Now where did you leave her number…
    Enter The Code (Bronze): I’m not sure that was worth it…
    We’re Going On An Adventure! (Bronze): Take your radio with you.
    First Success (Bronze): Complete an alien organ transplant.
    I Have No Idea What I’m Doing (Bronze): Smash all canisters within 10 seconds.
    Best Surgeon In The Universe (Gold): Complete all 6 secret transplants.

Additionally, there are three secret trophies:

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    What A Load Of Bull (Bronze): Listen to the surgeon rap.
    Let’s See That Sick Filth Again (Silver): Perform a 180° spoon flip.
    Screw The Prime Directive (Bronze): Reveal your next patient.
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