Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number of Gamerscore points:

    Human Thesaurus (50 points): Find all the possible words on a grid.
    Overachiever (50 points): Score more points than possible. Magic!
    Spelling Bee Contender (50 points): Finish first in an online game.
    Diamonds Are Forever (200 points): Reach the Diamond league.
    1337 (50 points): Find 1337 words.
    Short & Sweet (50 points): Find 3000 3-letter words.
    Four-Eyes (50 points): Find 2400 4-letter words.
    High Five! (50 points): Find 1500 5-letter words.
    Master of the Sixes (50 points): Find 600 6-letter words.
    Lucky Number Seven (50 points): Find 210 7-letter words.
    Spelling Bee Champ (150 points): Finish first in 100 online games.
    Globe Trotter (50 points): Play 500 games online.
    Computer brain (50 points): Enter 20 words in a row without any errors.
    Octorithy (50 points): Find 80 words of 8 letter or more.
    Classic Style (50 points): Play 500 classic games.
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