All Age Ratings of Grand Theft Auto Games

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All Age Ratings of Grand Theft Auto Games

This will likely be a short article, but let us go over all of the age ratings of the Grand Theft Auto games. Developed primarily by Rockstar, Grand Theft Auto centers around modern crime. Hijacking cars, dealing contraband, getting into shootouts, and much more. As a result, many, if not 90% of the games, are M-rated.

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To give some idea of the ratings in question, here is the rating board itself:

  •  First, we have E or +6. This is for games for all ages, aimed mostly at kids. Lego Star Wars, for example, falls squarely in this category.
  •  E10, or 10+, is for games that feature more cartoony violence, or minimal suggestive themes. Super Smash Bros. Melee lands here.
  •  Then we have T, for teens. The content here has violence, crude humor, or suggestive themes. Spider-Man webswings into here.
  •  Then we have M or Mature. As you might expect, nearly all of the Grand Theft Auto games are in this category. They contain large amounts of violence, sexual themes, or topics meant for adults.
  •  Finally, we have RP, or Rating Pending. For games that are still in development.

What about the games?

So, what are the age ratings of the GTA games? Well, here’s the list:

  • Grand Theft Auto – M (T on the Game Boy Color)
  •  Grand Theft Auto 2 – T
  •  Grand Theft Auto 3 – M
  •  Grand Theft Auto: Vice City – M
  •  Grand Theft Auto Advance – M
  •  Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas – M
  •  Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories – M
  •  Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories – M
  •  Grand Theft Auto IV – M
  •  Grand Theft Auto V – M

So, out of all of these games, only two have gotten the T rating (and even then, GTA2 got M-rated on PC and Dreamcast). The rest earned the M rating, which is no surprise, given the content found in each game.

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