RollerCoaster Tycoon 3D

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Cheat mode

At the "Options" menu, select the "Park Decoder" option, then enter one of the following codes to activate the corresponding cheat function:

Asteroid SplashSplotch, Splotch, Splotch, Crown
Atari DragonCrown, Drink, Crown, Drink
Atari Ride ThemeWrench, Drink, Wrench, Drink
Bamboo FenceFerris Wheel, Wrench, Wrench, Wrench
Black BeardRoller Coaster, Roller Coaster, Splotch, Splotch
BoneyardSplotch, Ferris Wheel, Mechanic, Mechanic
Cemetary FenceCrown, Crown, Mechanic, Mechanic
Chute DropWrench, Mechanic, Crown, Crown
Coffin BenchMechanic, Splotch, Wrench, Wrench
Combat ArenaSplotch, Tree, Wrench, Wrench
Combat MechMechanic, Mechanic, Mechanic, Wrench
Dead ElmDrink, Drink, Ferris Wheel, Tree
Flying CarpetWrench, Splotch, Tree, Tree
Fourth DimensionCrown, Drink, Ferris Wheel, Ferris Wheel
Ginger BreadsFerris Whee,L Ferris Wheel, Tree, Ferris Wheel
Griffin BounceCrown, Crown, Mechanic, Drink
Hi Tech SignMechanic, Tree, Mechanic, Tree
Liquid MagicMechanic, Mechanic, Tree, Mechanic
MangroveSplotch, Tree, Tree, Splotch
MeteorsFerris Wheel, Drink, Tree, Tree
Moai HeadCrown, Crown, Mechanic,Crown
Outlaw CactusSplotch, Ferris Wheel, Splotch, Ferris Wheel
Picket FenceSplotch, Drink, Splotch, Splotch
Pumpkin SlimeDrink, Splotch, Drink, Splotch
Red Baron RefreshDrink, Mechanic, Crown, Wrench
ReverseFerris Wheel, Wrench, Wrench, Ferris Wheel
Robot RevolveFerris Wheel, Splotch, Crown, Crown
Robot Trash CanCrown, Crown, Splotch, Splotch
Rocket RepairDrink, Ferris Wheel, Splotch, Splotch
Standup TwisterFerris Wheel, Ferris Wheel, Splotch, Splotch
String TheoryMechanic, Mechanic, Splotch, Splotch
Sundae SurpriseDrink, Splotch, Wrench, Wrench
SunflowerDrink, Splotch, Crown, Crown
Suspended SwingingFerris Wheel, Ferris Wheel, Ferris Wheel, Tree
Tea CupsRoller Coaster, Tree, Roller Coaster, Tree
Techno FallsWrench, Roller Coaster, Mechanic, Splotch
Tropical BlendsCrown, Ferris Wheel, Crown, Crown
Wing SeaterSplotch, Wrench, Crown, Crown
ZipperDrink, Ferris Wheel, Ferris Wheel, Ferris Wheel

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