Agar.io Cheats & Cheat Codes for PC

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Agar.io Cheats & Cheat Codes for PC

Agar.io is a 2015 massively multiplayer online action game developed by Matheus Valadares and published by Miniclip. The goal for players in the game is to grow their “mass” as large as possible, becoming the biggest mass on the leaderboard. Players grow by eating naturally generated agar across the map and eating other player’s masses. Agar.io received overwhelmingly positive criticism from critics and fans alike. Players and critics praise the game for its simplicity, addictive nature, and graphics. Inspired by the success of Agar.io, many developers released similar games. For example, Slither.io was released shortly after Agar.io in 2016, and Valadares released Diep.io in July 2016. 

Agar.io Premise

In-game screenshot of a party of players in Agar.io.

©Agar.io gameplay screenshot – Original / License

Players find themselves transported to a microscopic world. Starting as a small cell, players fight other players in gladiator fashion until they become the biggest cell on the petri dish. Cells grow in size by eating naturally generated agar or by taking over another player’s cells, adding them to their cells. Smaller cells have the advantage of speed and the ability to hide under viruses dotted across the petri dish. The largest cells have to avoid viruses to prevent being broken down into smaller cells, making them vulnerable to other players. 

Agar.io Tips and Tricks

Screenshot of split cells in Agar.io

©Agar.io gameplay screenshot – Original / License

Even though Agar.io has relatively simple mechanics, many people play the game competitively, making it difficult for new players to succeed. Luckily, many strategies are available to players to help them progress their skill level. Here is a list of tips and tricks for players to succeed in Agar.io

  • Players should try splitting their cells in half or multiple parts. There are numerous advantages involved with this tactic. First, when players separate their cells, one half will “jump” and spread out. If a player splits their cell in the direction of another player, they can swallow that player’s cell even if initially they were too far out of reach. Another advantage is that it allows players to continue the game and survive if they lose one of their cells. A third advantage is that splitting helps a player move quicker as a group of smaller cells rather than one large, slow-moving cell. 
  • Viruses are a smaller cell’s best friend. Smaller players can strategically position themselves under a virus or behind a virus to avoid large cells. Viruses will “pop” a larger cell, and many players will want to avoid them even if it means not eating a small player.
  • Players should avoid corners and edges whenever possible. With only limited visibility of the map, large players can catch others by surprise. Players should always have an escape route in case of an attack. Corners and edges will inevitably trap players when multiple players arrive.

Agar.io Cheats and Cheat Codes

Some players might make their Agar.io experience more dynamic or easier. Additionally, many players team up, making it unfair for newer players. Whatever the player’s reasons are, they might consider cheats and cheat codes to make their experience more enjoyable and increase their skill level. Steps are required to enable cheats and cheat codes, which include downloading and installing a scripting service. Before enabling cheat and cheat codes for Agar.io, players should understand that cheating is not allowed by most Agar.io servers. These cheats could result in players being banned or kicked from servers if caught using cheats. Therefore, players should only use cheats and cheat codes at their own risk. 

Agar.io Downloading and Installing Cheats

The first step for enabling cheats and cheat codes is installing a script manager plug-in. One of the most used and liked script managers is Tampermonkey. This browser extension allows users to run user scripts such as different hacks. Make sure to install the correct version of Tampermonkey for their browser. 

Once Tampermonkey is installed and enabled, players can navigate to a website that catalogs user scripts for Agar.io. One of the most popular sites for this is Greasy Fork. Players can navigate through the list of different hacks for Agar.io and choose the ones they wish to install. Simply click on any hack and renavigate to a separate page. Once the page is loaded, click the green install button.

Agar.io List of Cheats

 Many different hacks and cheats in Agar.io have their advantages. Here is a list of the common types of cheats players use.

  • Mass hacks: Mass hacks relate to the size of a player’s cell. These hacks can help grow your cell faster than the average growth rate. Some of these hacks allow you to bind a key such as “+” which allows a player to grow a certain amount every time they press it. Other hacks are more subtle since players can gain more mass with each agar or cell they eat than usual. 
  • Split timer cheats: This cheat is one of the more subtle hacks available. These cheats eliminate the cool-down time for a player splitting their cell. With this hack, players can bind a key such as “+” to split their cell multiple times without a cool-down. This cheat is most likely going to go unnoticed by other players. 
  • Movement speed hack: This cheat allows players to bind keys such as “+” and “-” to increase or decrease the speed of their cell movement. Traditionally, cells gradually slow down the bigger they grow. This cheat allows players to override this speed constraint by making them move faster than usual. Players should monitor their speed carefully. This cheat is easily noticed by other players.

Agar.io Cheats and Cheat Codes FAQ

How do I unlock or upload new skins for my cell?
Agar.io allows players to upload skins that their cells can use. These skins can add a level of uniqueness and creativity to each player. Players can unlock free skins by creating an account with a Facebook or Google login. Once an account is created by a player, they can choose from a variety of free skins. Players can unlock premium skins by leveling up or by purchasing in-game coins.

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