100 Million People Actively Use Steam

100 Million People Actively Use Steam

As reported by GameSpot on Monday, September 22, it has been revealed that Valve Corporation’s digital distribution client, Steam, has reached the milestone of 100 million active users, which is 25 million more since the beginning of the year.

Valve revealed this figure alongside the major Steam Discovery update , which was released at the beginning of the week. The Steam Discovery update itself essentially allows for storefront curation from individuals, organizations and groups, as well as additional features and options to make your Steam experience more tailored to you.

Though it’s not particularly made clear what exactly Valve considers an “active” Steam user, the company has also announced that there are now more than 3,700 titles available via the client, which is 1,300 more since the year started, according to GameSpot.

A recent Beta update to Steam’s client has implemented support for AMD hardware , allowing for better optimization for the client’s in-home streaming feature.

Specifically, VCE hardware encoding of D3D (Direct 3D) games is now possible, which in itself is supported by the latest AMD drivers for a wide range of AMD graphics cards.

We’ll bring you more news on Steam should further information reach our ears.

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