2018 E3 Rumor Rundown

2018 E3 Rumor Rundown

It’s about time for E3, and we all know what that means. Gamers around the world are pulling their own hair out over rumors and speculation leading up to the show. While we do know plenty of announced, unreleased games that will be hogging most of the event’s screen time, there’s always plenty of room for surprise and new announcements. Of course, the “insider” scene has blown up with the rise of social media, and the growing backlash against the secretive nature of the games industry. Each year there are more and more leaks, and more of more credible-looking rumors. The month of May alone has been full of wild stuff coming from people who have, by this point, solidified their reputation. So from Pokemon to Superman , let’s take a look at some of the biggest rumors, and talk about how plausible the scuttlebutt is.


We’ve known since last year (although it’s pretty inevitable) that Game Freak has been hard at work on a Pokemon game for the Switch. But we don’t have a single official word about it otherwise. But around mid-may, the rumor dam busted and talk flooded the streets. The rumor right now is Pokemon Let’s Go: Pikachu and Eevee versions. It seems like they’re somehow related to the classic Pokemon Yellow Version , although it’s not clear if it’s a straight remake, or if there’s more going on. Since there has been relative silence until the dam burst, it’s hard not to take this one seriously. We’ve even seen mock-ups of the apparent logo, which is a pretty good reason to take notice. Of course, a remake of sorts based on the original region also feels like pipe dream material, so the grains of salt aren’t unjustified either.

Star Fox

Usually when outlets like Eurogamer are brave enough to report on a rumor, that means it’s probably true. This one is wild, as it’s the answer to the question asked since Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze came out: What is Retro Studios working on? The answer is allegedly Star Fox Grand Prix : A Diddy Kong Racing -inspired racing game based on the struggling Star Fox property. This one, at first, is a hard pill to swallow. Star Fox Zero was one of the higher-profile Wii U bungles, still fresh in everyone’s minds. Meanwhile, Retro Studio’s reputation is the stuff of legends. Metroid Prime , for chrissakes! As hard as it is to believe Retro is the perfect developer to rehab a dying brand. Why not throw everything out and try something totally new? And the world totally needs another Diddy Kong -style racer, so I hope this one’s true.


Things have been pretty quiet from Rocksteady, the development house behind the core Batman: Arkham series. Personally I think WB Montreal ate Rocksteady’s lunch with Arkham Origins , but I digress. Rocksteady hasn’t released anything since Arkham VR . So what’s next? A long-running rumor has been twofold: First, a Superman game, then a Justice League game, potentially with multiplayer elements. Let’s pump the breaks on Justice League , but recent rumblings for Superman have returned. Supposedly the game’s set in the same universe as the Arkham games, and it will be a game on a much larger scale than even Arkham Knight . It should be noted that this latest rumor wave came from 4Chan, which is about as reliable as a wooden crate full of explosives. That said, correct rumors have originated from 4Chan before in the past, so it’s just as likely as anywhere else. The key thing here is Rocksteady is obviously doing something, and being tied to superheroes for the time being makes sense.

2018 E3 Rumor Rundown

Walmart Canada

Yeah, let’s just drop all of this in one spot, because it’s a lot. So, Walmart Canada’s website was accidentally updated with a metric assload of new listings for games, very few of which were announced at the time. The list had some foregone conclusions, such as a new Assassin’s Creed , but it also had some really weird stuff, like Rage 2 for example. But then, days later, Rage 2 was confirmed by a bemused Bethesda! So it’s probably pretty safe to assume we’ll be seeing the likes of Splinter Cell, Gears of War, and LEGO DC Villains . Borderlands 3 was there too, which Gearbox Software has claimed won’t be at E3. But publishers lie all the time, so who knows? It’s definitely one to look up and follow – it could even double as an E3 bingo card!

So those are the big ones. E3 is going to be pretty wild this year if there’s any indication. But really, what year isn’t E3 wild? Well, you could make a strong case for 2014, probably. But still, for those of you who like to buy into the “hype train” kinda stuff, now’s the time to hop on – these rumors are going to fly fast and hard, and by the time we figure out if they’re real or not, it will be too late to join in on the fun.

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