8 Ball Pool Cheats & Cheat Codes

8 Ball Pool Feature

8 Ball Pool Cheats & Cheat Codes

It feels like as long as there’s been an Internet, there’s been 8 Ball Pool. What started as a Flash game on Miniclip.com has spawned a mobile app and countless duplicates. No matter how many competitors arise, nothing will ever beat playing the original 8 Ball Pool at the end of the week in the computer lab against your buddies. The original 8 Bit Pool debuted sometime in the early 2000s. However, Miniclip released the current iteration of the game in 2010. Since then, it has become the top-rated pool game with over 500 million app downloads.

8 Ball Pool Premise

8 Bit Pool takes all the best parts of pool (addicting, fun gameplay, cathartic sounds, chill vibes) and removes the worst parts (leaving your home, needing to buy a pool table, requiring friends). You simply boot up the application, get matched with a random competitor, and play a game of pool. If you have a Miniclip account, you can also customize your table and cues to suit your fancy.

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8 Ball Pool Main Characters

The main characters of 8 Bit Pool are you, your opponent, the table, your cue, and the 15 colored balls.

8 Ball Pool Games in the Series

In 2010, the game was refreshed, but there has been no official sequel or other games in the series.

8 Ball Pool Cheat Codes

Since this is a live service game, there are no traditional cheat codes available. Cheating goes against Miniclip’s Terms of Service. Cheating in 8 Bit Pool can result in a ban.

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8 Ball Pool Cheat FAQs

Can You Cheat at 8 Ball Pool?

Yes, but it goes against the game’s Terms of Service.

How Do You Get Free Coins on 8 Ball Pool?

The only legitimate way to get free coins is to log in daily, complete missions, and share the game with friends. Any sites claiming to give you free coins are most likely scams. Avoid them.

How Do You Aim Better in 8 Ball Pool?

Tap and drag in front of the ball, rather than on top of it, which will allow you to see more of the board.

How Do You Win in 8 Ball Pool?

To win, you must put all your balls (either stripes or solids) in the holes, then put in the black 8 ball, before your opponent.

Can I Play 8 Ball Pool on PC?

Yes, there are two ways to play the game on PC. The easiest way is to use the web version of the 8 Ball Pool site. If you cannot access the web version, you can download the mobile version using a mobile emulator like BlueStacks.

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What Are the Ranks in 8 Ball Pool?

  • 1-2 Beginner
  • 3-5 Trainee
  • 6-9 Amateur
  • 10-14 Hustler
  • 15-20 Hotshot
  • 21-27 Virtuoso
  • 28-35 Expert
  • 36-44 Veteran
  • 45-54 Semi-Pro
  • 55-65 Professional
  • 766-77 Masterb
  • 78-90 Champ
  • 91-104 Superstar
  • 105-119 Hero
  • 120-136 Legend
  • 137-150 Immortal
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