A Moment Of Silence For 2012’s Studio Closures

A Moment Of Silence For 2012’s Studio Closures

There’s something that’s always bothered me about gamers, and even though I’m probably not going to be very popular after saying this, I think we all need to have a little discussion; It’s time that we all stop complaining about the price of video games.

Sure, $60 might be a little speedy if you don’t have a job, or plan to purchase every single title on the market, but the cost-benefit ratio is pretty spectacular when you consider how many hours you’ll probably spend behind the control pad. Obviously, not every game has the same replay value that Black Ops 2 and Skyrim possess, so you may have to do a little research before breaking out your credit card. But that doesn’t mean that you’re getting ripped off.

The reason that I’m bothered so much by this particular gamer complaint has to do with the precarious nature of the industry. Running a development studio is a risky business, because the initial investment is significant and there’s no promise that a title will be successful. Unless your name is Activision and you’re releasing a Call of Duty title.

In 2012, nearly 30 studios either declared bankruptcy or closed their doors. So, for these companies, complaints about price were probably a little disparaging. Even the success of THQ’s Humble Bundle couldn’t save the company from bankruptcy, and they’ve historically been one of the more successful developers on earth.

A Moment Of Silence For 2012’s Studio Closures

Here’s a list of developers, just in case you want to dramatically spend a moment in silence for each of them:

4mm Games

38 Studios

BigBig Studios

Big Huge Games

Black Hole Entertainment

Bright Light

Dark Energy Digital

EA Bright Light



Game Group

HB Studios Halifax


Hudson Soft


Legends of Pegasus: Novacore Studios

Monumental Games

Multiverse Network



Rockstar Vancouver

Sony Liverpool

Spellbound Entertainment


THQ San Diego

Ubisoft Vancouver

Zipper Interactive

The saddest part about this list is that I’m sure it’s incomplete. Many smaller studios come and go with very little fanfare. These are just the studios that made their way into the news.

Josh Engen
News Director
Date: January 11, 2013
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