Aces of the Pacific Cheats & Cheat Codes for MS-DOS

Aces of the Pacific Cheats & Cheat Codes for MS-DOS

Aces of the Pacific is a combat flight simulation game developed by Dynamix for MS-DOS in 1992. The game takes in World War II and you can choose a career path in the United States Army Air Forces, United States Navy, United States Marines, Imperial Japanese Army, or Imperial Japanese Navy. The game was a commercial success and achieved sales of 350,000 units. Aces of the Pacific was praised for its graphics and gameplay but criticized for its poor optimization. In 1994, it was named the 12th best computer game ever by PC Gamer US.

The Premise Of Aces of the Pacific

In Aces of the Pacific, you can fly various warplanes of the World War II era. You can embark on historical missions such as the Japanese Navy’s surprise Attack on Pearl Harbor, or even the defense of Pearl Harbor. The game immortalizes numerous World War II aces and you can fly alongside or against them throughout their career. Through the 1946 Expansion, you can play through an alternate timeline in which atomic bombs were never used on Japan.

The Main Characters Of Aces Of The Pacific

The main characters of this game are actual pilots who fought during World War II. Below is a list of the aces featured as well as some of their real-world accomplishments.

  • Richard “Dick” Ira Bong – A United States Army Air Forces major and Medal of Honor recipient in World War II. He was one of the most decorated American fighter pilots and the country’s top flying ace in the war.
  • Thomas Buchanan Mcguire Jr. – An American United States Army major who was killed in action while serving as a member of the United States Army Air Forces during World War II and posthumously awarded the Medal of Honor.
  • Captain David McCampbell – A United States Navy captain, naval aviator, and a Medal of Honor recipient. He retired from the Navy in 1964 with 31 years of service.
  • Joseph “Joe” Jacob Foss – A United States Marine Corps major and a leading Marine fighter ace in World War II.
  • Gregory “Pappy” Boyington – An American combat pilot who was a United States Marine Corps fighter ace during World War II.
  • Hiroyoshi Nishizawa – A Japanese naval aviator and an ace of the Imperial Japanese Navy Air Service during World War II.
  • Tetsuzo Iwamoto – One of the top-scoring aces among Imperial Japanese Navy Air Service fighter pilots.
  • Saburo Sakai – A Japanese naval aviator and flying ace of the Imperial Japanese Navy during World War II.

Other Titles In The Series

Aces of The Pacific is a part of the Aces game series. Here is a list of the games in the franchise:

  • Aces of the Pacific
  • Aces of the Pacific: Expansion Disk – WWII: 1946
  • Aces Over Europe
  • Aces of the Deep
  • Aces of the Deep: Expansion Disk
  • Command: Aces of the Deep
  • Aces: The Complete Collector’s Edition
  • Aces: Collection Series
  • Legendäre Asse

Aces Of The Pacific Cheat Codes

Aces of The Pacific doesn’t have cheat codes in a traditional sense however, you are able to edit the Aces of the Pacific Pilot roster by using a hex editor. Below is a list of the hex codes, be sure to save the ROSTER.DAT file to a different directory before editing these codes.

  • 00: Number of Pilots on Roster
  • 02-10: Name of Pilot
  • 12-20: Backup Description
  • 23: Aircraft Insignia
  • 00: Japan
  • 01: US Navy & Marine Corps
  • 02: Royal Air Force & Fleet Air Force
  • 03: Chinese Air Force
  • 04: Russian Air Force
  • 05: Royal Netherlands Air Force
  • 06: US Army Air Force
  • 07: Royal Australian Air Force
  • 24: Service Country & Branch
  • 00: US Navy
  • 01: US Marine Corps
  • 02: US Army Air Force
  • 03: Japanese Navy
  • 04: Japanese Air Force
  • 05: Royal Air Force
  • 06: Fleet Air Force
  • 07: Royal Australian Air Force
  • 08: Chinese Air Force
  • 09: Russian Air Force
  • 0A: Royal Netherlands Air Force
  • 25: Rank
  • 09: Petty Officer 2nd Class 0D: Sargent
  • 0A: Petty Officer 1st Class 0E: Master Sargent
  • 0B: Warrant Officer 0F: 2nd Lieutenant
  • 0C: Lieutenant 10: 1st Lieutenant
  • 11: Captain
  • 26: 00 = Active 01 = Dead
  • 29-2A: Date Started
  • 2D-2E: Current Date
  • 32-33: Missions Flown
  • 34-35: Successful Missions
  • 36-37: Campaigns Compleated
  • 3C: Squadron
  • 3E: Campaign
  • 40-41: Air Victories
  • 43-4D: US Medals
  • 4E-55: Japanese Medals
  • 57-62: Realism Panel Settings (00 = no 01 = yes)

Pilot Recovery Cheat

You can keep your pilots forever by making a copy of the ROSTER.DAT file before missions and if you get killed, you can copy the file back and your pilot is resurrected.

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