BioWare Altered Anthem Drop Rates, and Players Aren’t Happy

BioWare Altered Anthem Drop Rates, and Players Aren’t Happy

Anthem is one of those games that can often be all about the loot. There’s always a better gun or piece of equipment out there waiting for you. Except now, it might prove a bit more difficult to actually find it. BioWare lowered the Anthem drop rates, which means people will need to spend more time grinding to get the goods.

Early Anthem players noticed that something seemed to have changed, and BioWare confirmed it. When patch 1.03 was released, people saw that it was harder to farm good items. People took to Reddit to talk about it, and Anthem Lead Producer Ben Irving showed up to clarify things and confirm that the drop rate was changed, but only because the previous patch altered it in the first place. This was in addition to the decreased chest rare loot rates that were announced.

Irving said the following:

In our Friday changes, one of the edits we made had the side effect of increasing certain drop chances. This was not intended. Once we identified the problem we changed it back to how it was before. That was about 11 hours later.

Took a little time for that message to make it around internally and to make sure we understood what happened and how to avoid it going forward.

It’s never our intent to make changes without being transparent, so we wanted to come in here to respond and clarify.

Basically, BioWare sent out the 1.02 Anthem patch, realized that it made the drop rates better for good gear, and then used the next patch to remove that boost. People who previously played saw what they thought was a fair rate, then saw it removed. Naturally, folks are upset and responding in the way you would in the Reddit thread and on forums.

We’ll have to wait and see if fan response causes BioWare to change its Anthem drop rates for loot.

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