BlazBlue Characters and Songs Come to Magical Beat

BlazBlue Characters and Songs Come to Magical Beat

If you haven’t tried Arc System Works’s new rhythm/puzzle game, Magical Beat , you really should. It’s cheap to import and tons of fun. It’s basically a combination of a simple rhythm game and Puyo Pop Fever. Players drop multi colored “beatons” in a well and matching up three together clears them and sends junk blocks to the other player’s board.  The catch Is, you have to drop the blocks to the rhythm of whatever background music is playing. Choosing different characters gives you different patterns of beatons along with different background tracks. Characters with simple drop patterns, for example, may have fast or erratic background tracks making it hard drop to the beat.

The game is just about to receive its first batch of DLC, in the way of BlazBlue characters, of all things. You will be able to purchase song and character packs for 100 yen each, or get all of the packs in a bundle for 450 yen. The packs are as follows.

Under Heaven Destruction with Ragna

Rebellion with Ragna

Bullet Dance with Noel

Condemnaton Wings with Tsubaki

Blood Pain II with Kokonoe

Six Heroes with Hazama

Silhouettes of further BlazBlue characters were also shown, likely referring to future DLC. These shadows appear to be of Jin, Taokaka, Rachel, Arakune, Platinum, Carl, Makoto, Bang, and Hakumen.

Source: Siliconera

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