Could All Your Favorite Avengers Soon Be Dead?!

Could All Your Favorite Avengers Soon Be Dead?!

Out with the old and in with the new!

When Marvel debuted The Avengers at the end of their Phase One roll-out, it was a no brainier which iconic picks would make up the initial squad. Aside from the fact that many already had stand-alone films released leading up to it, the likes of Thor, Captain America, Iron Man, Hulk (with Black Widow and Hawkeye sprinkled in for seasoning) were the logical first choices for such an epic project. The Avengers would go on to break domestic and international records and solidified Marvel’s dominance as a box office juggernaut for the foreseeable future!

But have you ever thought about what the face of Marvel could look like in just a few short years from now?

Avengers: Age of Ultron is just about to wrap production (being set for a May 2015 release). Here the originals will return to battle Ultron, on a path to their biggest throw-down with the team’s most epic rival ever (of course I’m referring to Thanos and the Infinity Gauntlet). While most just assume the same five or six primary characters will take center stage, others speculate Marvel may use this as an opportunity to fire up an entirely new phase of films (with our latest heroes taking a back seat to the new crop). What if the battle with Thanos in film three is intended not as the end of a trilogy, but rather the beginning of something else entirely? If that is the case, it’s very likely we could see many of our current batch killed off or sidelined sooner rather than later. What if Joss Whedon throws us a curve ball and wipes out the entire cast at the end of the next film (instead of making Thanos’ cameo just a harmless throw away as previously expected)? So what all-star picks could best fill these vacant spots during the last hurrah of the old school Avengers teams?

Well, I’m glad you asked my friends, as it just so happens I’ve given it some thought!

Ant-Man/Giant Man:

If they were to somehow pull the Hulk’s big green butt out of the Avengers 3 picture (possibly setting the stage for a Planet Hulk film instead), then the team’s role of “big bad” would need someone who could equally fit the bill. Paul Rudd is currently slated to appear in the upcoming Ant-Man movie opposite Michael Douglas. Comic fans will remember he later develops the ability to increase in size rather than shrink, taking on the identity of Giant Man (who puts that whole “Hulk-Smash” notion to shame). He’s a perfect substitute!

Dr. Strange:

If you sat through until the after-credits scene of Captain America: The Winter Soldier , then you saw the tease of ( SPOILER ALERT ) Magneto’s children Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver. However, since Marvel isn’t allowed to use the concept of mutants (due to rights issues with FOX), they end up crediting their abilities to “…the age of magic.” Couple that with his name being dropped earlier in the film (blink and you’ll miss it) the stage has already been set for the good doctor’s appearance. It’s also very likely we’ll see him debut in his own outing before then, as casting has recently begun.


Now this is the kind of meat and potatoes comic fans really want to get down with. I can think of no better way to change up the dynamic of the team than throwing this grizzled veteran into the mix. If you thought tensions ran high between Captain America and Iron Man, wait ‘till you see how this X-Man rubs his comrades all the wrong ways. Plus, it would provide a great opportunity to cast a fresh face besides Hugh Jackman in the role.

Could All Your Favorite Avengers Soon Be Dead?!


Of all the Marvel characters fans want to see join the Avengers most, our friendly neighborhood Spider-man is right at the top of most lists. Being the brainy, new kid on the block (who’s just as interested in molecular biology as he is with web slinging), he’d seemingly fill the void left by our token science guy Bruce Banner quite well. We also know Tony Stark builds Peter his own suit in the comics, so this could be a perfect way to reintroduce him to audiences!

One Avenger alumni whose status is expected not to change is Iron Man. Robert Downey Jr.’s contract is iron clad (see what I did there), stating he must appear in both upcoming sequels. Yesterday, he strongly hinted on Ellen DeGeneres’ talk show that a return to a fourth solo movie is likely. As for the rest, who knows? Rumors are stirring that Sony is more open to allowing access to its intellectual properties than in the past ( IE : Spider-man), providing a mutually beneficial agreement can be reached with Marvel. Now all we have to do is get FOX on board, and the above list is TOTALLY do-able!

If Who Framed Roger Rabbit can bring both Disney and Warner Brother characters together on-screen for the very first time, then getting a true ULTIMATE Avengers flick made shouldn’t be an impossible feat either.

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