Dead Rising Cheats, Codes, Cheat Codes, Walkthrough, Guide, FAQ, Unlockables for PlayStation 4 (PS4)

Dead Rising Cheats, Codes, Cheat Codes, Walkthrough, Guide, FAQ, Unlockables for PlayStation 4 (PS4)

Dead Rising

Overtime mode

Successfully complete all case missions up to The Facts. Then, talk to Isabela in Carlito’s hideout before and after the 10 a.m. intermission sequence. Then, return to the helipad by 12:00 p.m. on the 22nd to unlock Overtime mode.

Infinity mode

Successfully complete Overtime mode to get the “True Ending” and unlock Infinity mode. In Infinity mode, you lose 1 life bar per 100 real seconds. It requires 20 real minutes to lose all 12 life bars if you have them. This equals four game hours.

Small chainsaws

After killing Adam the clown by the rollercoaster in Wonderland Plaza, he will drop a chainsaw. Pick it up before you activate the control to stop the ride. After the intermission sequence, another chainsaw will spawn at the location. Pick it up. Get the Criminal book from the back of the bookstore where you find the Japanese tourists, and the Engineering and Entertainment books from the Book Store accros from the toy store and CD store in Paradise Plaza. These will give you three duration enhancers for the small chainsaws that you get from the clown, which will make these powerful weapons last for a long time. These chainsaws can kill Bosses in two or three hits and are great crowd killers.

After killing Adam and getting the small chainsaws he uses, grab the Criminal Biology, Engineering, and Entertainment books to make them last nearly forever. They are the best weapon in the game.

Use the following trick to get unlimited small chainsaws. After you defeat Adam the clown in Wonderland Plaza, you can get a small chainsaw. Then, press the button to stop the roller coaster and another small chainsaw will appear. You can take the survivor back to the security room to earn some PP if desired. Go back to Wonderland Plaza. Go to the location where you got the small chainsaws. There will be another one there. You can leave the plaza, return, and get another one as many times as desired.


Go to the Paradise Plaza. Go to the second floor and find the Colombian Roastmasters in the food court. Look over the rail and you should see an orange platform. Jump on it and there should be a katana there. The katana is a one hit kill weapon and chops the limbs off the zombies. It is one of the most powerful weapons in the game.

Molotov Cocktails

After the Boss fight where you fight Paul, he will be engulfed in flames. Do not kill him. Instead, pick up the fire extinguisher in the store to put out the fire. Then, bring Paul back to the security room. If done correctly, there may be two women as well. After a while, you will receive a call saying that Paul has a present for you. Go back to the security room to meet Paul. Continue to talk to him and he will give you an unlimited supply of Molotov Cocktails.


Get to the Entrance Plaza for the first time — when the man tells you to look for barricades. Notice that one of the men talking near the entrance has a shotgun. When the zombies attack, run up to his body. It is in midst of a tightly packed zombie swarm. Pick up the shotgun and run upstairs. This weapon is very good for some of the first Bosses, like Convicts.

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Sub-machine gun

Jump from the stairs closest to you when you start to the blue ledge above Kid’s Choice Clothing. Keep following the walkway past the stuffed bear all the way to the end to find the sub-machine gun.


When you exit the warehouse at the start of the game, go up the closest set of stairs on your right. When you are at the level part of the stairs, jump onto the blue ledge beside you. Once you have jumped onto the ledge, walk against the wall while still going forward. There will be a teddy bear, a bottle of orange juice, and a box. Walk even further to find an Uzi by itself on the next ledge.

Go to the food court and look to the left (if entering from Leisure Park). You will see a big statue of a chef above a sign. Jump onto the place where the waiter would usually stand at a restaurant, then jump onto the ledge beside the chef. If you look closely, you can see an Uzi beside the chef.

Go to the Al Fresca Plaza. Find the fountain near the entrance to the plaza, which will have about 200 zombies wandering in a circle. Jump into the center of the fountain to find a dumbbell, and next to it an Uzi.

Go to the parking lot leading to the underground parking garage. Get into the sports car and drive to the part in the tunnel where there is a dead end that makes a “T” formation. Go through the door at the very end of the “T”. Walk to the left and look behind a few barrels to find an Uzi. The maintenance key is also in this room.

Easy guns early

To get the shotgun and sniper rife, you must defeat Cletus, the owner of the gun store. If you go there before you finish the first mission where you help Brad, you do not have to fight the store owner. You can get as many shotguns and sniper rifles as desired to assist you during the first few missions. These weapons are very powerful and useful. Note: This also works on the third day.

Recommended weapon combo

Have the Mega Blaster unlocked, Adam’s small chainsaws, the three books to enhance his chainsaws, and the rest however desired. Just by using the Mega Blaster and the chainsaws, you can last a long time without picking up different weapons. When they run out, just pick up the chainsaws at the rollercoaster in Wonderland Plaza and the Mega Blaster will be in the security room if you drop it or it runs out of ammunition.

Trip attack

When you jump, press Square when your feet are just off the ground. You should drop to the ground spinning your leg, tripping zombies. You will get 30 PP for each zombie you hit. This is very difficult to do while moving.

Easy PP

Start the game and take five pictures of the man fighting the zombies on the car, then take five pictures of the zombies attacking the bus. Then, take five pictures of the gas station blowing up. Next, take five pictures of the girl on the roof, making sure you get her shooting one of the zombies, when she falls off, and one of her on the ground. When you get in the mall for the first time, take pictures of all the people. When you get to the roof, find Jeff on the right side. Then, find his wife on the other side and get a good picture of them hugging for a lot of points. Take them back to the security room. If done correctly, you should be at level 2. Get out into the mall and get killed, save your status, and quit. Do this 25 times and you will be at level 50 at the beginning of the game. This is very helpful because you will have all you skills up and all other things maxed out.

Start the game and allow the intermission sequence to continue while you take pictures from the helicopter. Take a picture of the man fighting the zombies on the car, the zombies on the boss, and the women fighting the zombies, and when she falls off. Also take pictures of anything else interesting. Then, skip through all of the beginning until you are at the security room for the first time. Go out and find Jeff near the elevator leading to the warehouse. Go to the other side and find his wife Natalie when they hug and kiss. Take a picture to get 7,000 PP. Continue playing until the first Boss fight with Carlito. Kill him to get 20,000 PP, then shoot all the dishes to get at least 30,000 PP. Then, wait for the call for Barricade A; it is in Al Fresca Plaza barricaded with a plywood panel and a bench. If you have learned the move, double kick once to break them and go in. Burt and Aaron are in here. Burt will hit you several times until you hit him a few times (four good jump kicks). Give Burt a good weapon. Do not give Aaron one as he does not use it. You will get 20,000 PP for them joining and 20,000 PP for escorting them. Before escorting them, find Leah Stein in a jewelry store. Keep talking to her until she comes with you. You will get a join bonus again. Escort her for another 20,000 PP. For anyone else you can find, get them to get a join bonus and escort them for a fair amount of PP.

While on the helicopter at the beginning, take a picture of the gas station as it explodes to get more PP. Also, take a picture of the women being tackled off the roof as she is in the air to get more PP points.

When you first come out of the vents to the rooftop at the beginning, turn left and go to the far end of the roof. A woman named Natalie will be standing there. Talk to her and make her follow you (kicking the soccer ball at her is also something you can try). Take her to the other side of the roof where the elevator is located, then go to the far end there. You will see a man named Jeff creeping around the dumpster. Immediately take out your camera. Quickly take a picture of the two of them hugging and kissing for 10,000 PP.

In any food area in the mall (for example, Jill’s Sandwiches and the Colombian Roastmaster), pick up a frying pan and examine the stove. You will get 2,000 PP for using the stove. When the frying pan is red hot, you can use it to get another 100 PP for every zombie you kill by holding Square and burning their face.

The microwaves can cook frozen and uncooked food products with a 2,000 PP bonus (similar to the frying pan). You only get the bonus once for each of the microwaves (six or seven in all), including a 10,000 PP bonus for getting them all. In addition, cooked foods provide more health, but eat it right away or it will spoil.

Enter the Chris’ Fine Foods restaurant in the Food Court. Break the large dishes sitting on stands on the east wall for 1,000 PP each and a 10,000 PP bonus for destroying all of them.

In the toy shop, hit the giant servbot until the swirly eyes are lined up with the sad face for 10,000 PP.

Go into the gym across from the hardware store. Knock down the punching bags to get 2,000 PP per bag, and 10,000 PP after you knock down all the bags.

In the gym, run on the treadmills for 2,000 PP each. You will receive a speed boost and a 10,000 PP bonus for running on all the treadmills. The Gym is also a Safe room. Zombies cannot enter it unless you break the glass.

Repeatedly hit a clothes rack so that it spins to get a 2,000 PP bonus.

Get in the rollercoaster in Wonderland when it is not out of control. Ride on the roller coaster until it stops to get 10,000 PP.

Go to the plaza outside of the warehouse some time on the second day. You will see an intermission sequence showing someone about to murder a trapped girl in a box. After the scene the man is nowhere to be found, but there will be strange people in masks and yellow raincoats that will attack you if you get too close to them. They all have good knives. For every one of these psychopaths you kill, you will get 500 PP. If you see one of them throw up his arms and shout, he will have just lit a stick of dynamite. If you are low on health, run toward him. When he grabs you, shake him off then run. The blast should take out his friends. The best weapon to use against them is a handgun; try to aim for the head. Be careful when fighting them with a melee weapon. They will sometimes try to gas you for capture. If this happens, you are not dead but will lose all your weapons and must escape. After you are out of the box, go directly ahead. Grab the folding chair and walk slowly to the large group of worshippers to attract some of them. Try not to alert all of them at once, just about two or three. When that weapon breaks, start to use the jump kick on them. When you have cleared out a good number of them and you have an open path, run towards the carpet they are praying to. On the red carpet is a sword. It should take them out fairly quickly, allowing you to escape.

Kill a Spec Ops to get his machine gun. Go to Seon’s Supermarket in Overtime mode. There should be over eight Spec Ops there. Enter the pharmacy and close the double doors leading to the corridor to the pharmacy. They will all stand in front of the door if they see you and not do anything. Go to the window in the front of the pharmacy and shoot them down with the machine gun. To repeat this, get new machine guns from the bodies and exit via the maintenance door in the corridor. Shoot any Spec Op from the front window to make them all crowd in front of the door again. You will get 1,500 PP per Spec Op. You must successfully complete Overtime mode though to keep the PP. Do this after giving Isabella nine Queens and having one in hand for when you decide to finish.

Easy zombie kills

Go to the parking garage in Leisure Park. Get in the car parked outside. Drive down into the parking garage and run over zombies by going left and following the tunnel until you get to another vehicle. When you reach it, switch vehicles and drive back out. The car will have respawned. Repeat this process until you have killed as many zombies as desired.

Avoiding zombies

When walking in groups of zombies that you know are going to grab you, start jumping. This allows you to go to the area that you wish to travel to without being grabbed by a zombie. Zombies cannot grab you while you are in the air.

Unlimited zombie hallway

Go to the entrance plaza then go upstairs. Go to the end with the bee, then go to the door marked “Exit”. This hallway is the one from the very beginning that Otis sealed off. It is a dead end but has a lot of zombies that will continuously respawn. This allows you to get a lot of kills quickly. You can also stop by the antique store on the way and pick up a few katanas or battle axes for very fast kills.

Take no falling damage

When falling from a height that would cause damage, use the Knee Drop skill if you have unlocked it. Not only will you not take any falling damage, but you will also squish any zombies that you land on.

Healing survivors

If you are having trouble with survivors getting low on health and dying while you escort them back to the security room, carry enough health items for yourself and a survivor or two. Orange juice and coffee creamer work good because they heal fairly well, and nothing is needed to make them.

Equipping survivors

When giving survivors weapons, try to give them blades such as katanas or cleavers. The small chainsaws Adam uses are also good, but remember to switch them for something else before going into the security room. Also, if you prefer guns, shotguns and a sub-machine gun are good except for the stray bullets that hit you. If you give them a gun, try to give survivors shotguns. They will kill the zombies around them and you. They help each other out and very little damage is done if they hit you or each other.

Give survivors the best weapon possible because they do not waste ammunition and the item never breaks. This is useful if you want them to shoot all the zombies while you do something else such as Boss fights. Use this for Cletus. Focus on Cletus while a survivor such as Burt or any other one shoots the zombies.

Escorting survivors

When escorting survivors, use waypoints (go into aim mode and press Triangle) instead of having them follow you. This makes them go directly to the waypoint instead of walking around trying to get to you. This also gives you time to help any stragglers. Make sure to set the waypoint in a safe area and do not stray too far from it unless you absolutely have to.

Paradise Plaza shortcut

After you defeat Adam the clown and stop the roller coaster, a Willamette employee will be on the ride. His name is Greg Simpson, and he will tell you he knows a shortcut back to Paradise Plaza. You will follow him into the women’s restroom, where he will stand near the sink and say “Go right through here and you’ll be in Paradise Plaza”. It is difficult to understand what he is talking about. Jump up on the sink and an icon will appear that reads “Paradise Plaza”. You now can simply leap back and forth from the women’s restrooms in Paradise Plaza and Wonderland Plaza. Not only is this a useful shortcut, but it is also quite helpful in getting survivors back to the security room safely.

Keeping clothes

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If you die and choose to save and start a new game, you will be wearing whatever items of clothing you had when you saved. This means you could be naked except for your boxers, wearing children’s clothing, etc.

Getting back your regular outfit

If at anytime you change into an outfit you do not like, you can get back your default outfit in the janitor’s room, underneath the stairs leading to the heliport.

Easy Hostile Survivors Escort mission

On the third day before you start the Bomb Run mission, make sure you visit the “Huntin’ Shack” in the North Plaza; however, do not go charging in. There are three people inside who will keep shooting at you. Make sure you have a picture of the air duct that leads to the Security Room going in. First, open the door and walk in a little bit. You will get barraged by bullets. Turn your back to them and the bullets will make you stumble out of the shop. One of them will come to the door to see how you are. Speak to him but do not go too far in. Talk to Jonathan and Frank will eventually mention the Security Room. This is when they will demand a picture of the air vent as proof. Once they have seen the picture, they will join your group. This is a reasonably easy escort as they all have guns. Take them through the Leisure Park. It is quicker and by now the Convicts should be easy to kill. Make sure you take Brett’s machine gun from him before you go in the Security Room as it is a very good weapon.

Perfect Erotica photo

After you talk to Kent and do his mini-mission to take pictures of him, there will be an in intermission sequence where he shows you pictures he has taken and asks if you can do better. This will give you scoop information on the next challenge for him on the next day. For that event, you will need a perfect “Erotica” picture (saved from a previous game or during that same game; the game allows you to choose from your picture viewer). Save Selphie, the girl that is being chased by the convicts out in the park. When you have her safely back to the security room, she will be in the room beside the couch that you can save at. Go in the room to make her stand up. Stand away from her and zoom your camera in around her knees. She will start to sit down. Take a picture the moment you can see up her skirt for a perfect “Erotica” shot that can be used for Kent’s challenge. This may require more than one attempt, as the timing must be precise.

Later in the game, after Brad is shot and becomes ill with a fever, you have a chance to take an “Erotica” picture and not only score a perfect, but get a lot of points as well. As soon as Frank tells Jessica that he will find some medicine and you have control again, open the door that leads into the room with the vent. Step into the doorway, then turn around so that you are facing Brad and Jessica. At this point, you should see Brad laying down on the bed, and Jessica sitting on the edge of the bed looking at him. Take out your camera, zoom in, and try to focus the camera on her chest, or a little below it, then take the picture. If done correctly, you should get an “Erotica” circle for both Jessie’s chest, and the opening in her skirt below. Doing this can net a perfect score, as well as several thousand PP. You can save this picture to later show to Kent upon playing over again.

Although 900 PP will satisfy Kent, for the absolute highest points received for an “Erotica” picture make sure to save Cheryl from the Raincoat Cult. She is not one of the four that are tied up. After you defeat Sean (the cult leader), you will receive the movie warehouse key. Open the door next to the left side of the movie screen. A very scantily dressed Cheryl will be inside. Near the end of the game, Otis will tell you that she wants to see you. When you get back to her, she will ask you to take some pictures of her in several poses. When she sits down on the floor, if you get the angle correct, you can get at least 1500 PP for her “Erotica” picture.

Perfect Horror photo

After rescuing Jeff and his wife Natalie, go into the saferoom where they are waiting. Sometimes Natalie will be sitting on the floor holding her knees. At such a time, you can take an upskirt photo of her. Instead of “Erotica” however, it will be classified as “Horror”.

To get a perfect “Horror” picture for Kent’s challenge, get to the mission where you must fight Carlito for the second time in the Entrance Plaza. On your way over to the Entrance Plaza, Otis will radio you and tell you that there are two people in a shoe store in Wonderland Plaza. Go over there and get a gun from one of the security guards before reaching your destination. When you walk in you will see a man and a woman standing in the corner of the store. The man will be hurt. After a brief conversation the man will ask if he can borrow your gun. Give him your gun and immediately aim your camera at him. The man will commit suicide. You only have a brief moment to snap a picture. If done correctly, you will have a perfect “Horror” picture with 10,001 PP (the single point because of his wound). The woman will be devastated and will not move. You must leave her behind. If you do not get a gun before you talk to this couple, the man and woman will follow you to the security room.

No generator in Overtime mode

If you check the clock tower earlier in the game (where you see the intermission sequence showing the opening of the cave crammed with zombies), you will not have to get a spare generator for Isabela in Overtime mode, just ten Queens to stop Frank’s zombification. If you wait until Overtime mode, at the point where you gather all the supplies for her, she will tell you that you must get the backup generator behind the clock tower before you can go after the Queens.

Infinite ammunition for military jeep .50 cal

When you are in the park in the middle of the mall, there should be three convicts in a military style jeep. If not, they will show up later in the game. Try to kill them. The Uzi you find on the balcony inside the mall works best. Kill the gunner first. If you kill the driver, the passenger will start to drive instead. When the gunner shoots, just move to the left or right until he stops. He cannot hit you if done correctly. You only have a second or two before he shoots again. You must hit him with a couple bullets, then start running again. Some time may be required to kill him, but it is worth it. After the gunner is dead, you can take the gun off the vehicle. After you have it, kill the other two convicts in the vehicle. You will get the jeep, an achievement, and a .50 cal. Shoot as many zombies as you can with the bullets you have. After your raid, get in the jeep. You will drop the gun. Look at where the gun was before you took it off. There is an empty slot there. When in the park, follow the perimeter. There is a road that you can turn into to go to a small parking lot. Go to the parking lot. There should be a motorcycle and a red car here. Inside the lot, there is a road that goes down into the basement parking lot. Go down with the jeep. There are a lot of zombies down there. This is a good location to get the Group Photo achievement. When you are done loading the level, look at your gunner slot. A gun should now be there. Drive around a little until you get to a location where you can get out take off the gun. Do not drive far, as you may get lost. Shoot everything until your ammunition is gone. Get back into the jeep. Once again there will be no gun in the slot. Leave by the same way you came in. You can stay down there, but do not just run over victims because there are some zombies with oxygen tanks that will explode when run over. Enough of these will render your car useless and prevent the gun from appearing again. When you get out of the underground lot and load the level again, look at the gun slot. Another gun will be there. Keep going down and up, loading another part of the level to spawn another gun. You can keep doing this for easy kills and an easy shooting 1,000 rounds of ammo achievement.

Fight convicts again

Use the following trick to fight the convicts in the park area again for more PP and a fully loaded machine gun. After killing the convicts, get into their car and do not touch the turret. Drive into the parking lot garage. Drive around for awhile, then drive out. Take the gun and leave. When you return to the park, you will see the trio riding around the park again. Kill them again and repeat as many times as desired.

Defeating Adam the clown

When the intermission sequence finishes, if Adam slashes Frank with his chainsaws it will do a lot of damage. To defeat him, you will need a handgun. If you do not have one, there are zombie policemen upstairs next to the bookshop. Adam will start to perform attacks at random when he blows up a colored balloon. When he is finished and about to throw it at you, quickly aim and fire your handgun at the balloon close to him. It will pop and do some damage to him. Do this until he runs out of health. Note: If you shoot Adam, he will block your shot with his chainsaws.

Defeating Brock

As soon as you get within range of Brock, the final Boss of Overtime mode, start doing knee drop attacks. He will block most of them. However, even the blocked attacks will damage him slightly. If you do the knee drops in fast succession, Brock will have a difficult time doing any attacks of his own.

Jump down to the front of the tank; he will follow you. As soon as he jumps down, perform the “Knee Drop” on him, if you have unlocked this skill. Then, jump back up to the top of the tank. Wait for him to jump back up and repeat. He will most likely not be able to block it, and in three to five hits he will be dead.

Defeating Carlito

Find a Queen Wasp. Look for the zombies that are either holding their head or looking at there arms slightly above their heads. Then, get the katana from outside the first window on the back wall of the Colombian Roastmasters. Use the Wasp to kill most of the zombies. The best place to get them is to run for the middle. You might get shot once or twice, but if you have the queen ready this is less likely. He will hit you with a shot from the rifle. Run as fast as possible upstairs. Brad will get hurt a few times; just make sure he does not die. Run to Carlito and slice him with the katana. Be careful — he tosses grenades as he is running and will hit you with the rifle after you hit him once. This also works with the hammer, but it is slow and he will hit you before you can hit him.

When fighting Carlito the second time with Brad in Entrance Plaza, it can be quite difficult. The best sniping position to kill him from is in the pink shop directly above the escalators where you first come in. There is a table with some signs on it. Position yourself between the little signs and shoot him with the rifle. Carlito may also turn his back to see where you are shooting him from.

When fighting Carlito the second time in Entrance Plaza, have at least four equipment slots, five health bars, and three smoothies. Quickness is the best just for speed. Once you start the mission, instead of going upstairs run down the hall under the right side of the second floor. Try to avoid the zombies, but do not drink any smoothies. When you are down the hall, there will be a store on the right. It is a outdoors store. Go in and get the mountain bike then ride upstairs. Get on the side where Carlito is located. Once there, ride as fast as you can toward Carlito and hit him. He may get one or two shots off at you, but do not worry. Go to where he cannot see you and drink a smoothie. Be quick because he will kill Brad if you are not fast enough. If you run into Carlito well, it may require only three or four hits to kill him.

To easily defeat Carlito the second time when he has a sniper rifle, begin by running up the stairs. As soon as you get up, turn left. Keep moving to avoid his shots. Try to stay out of his sight. At the “corner” on the second level near Carlito is a sporting goods store. Go inside and grab a hockey stick or two. Leave the store and quickly run across to the pillar. Stand almost even with the pillar so that Carlito cannot see you at all, but will keep shooting at you, only to hit the pillar. Hold R2 to aim with the hockey stick. The end of the stick (and therefore the puck) should be sticking out past the pillar while your body is still fully protected behind the pillar. If not, reposition yourself until you can shoot pucks at him. Once set, start slapping away until he “dies” and the intermission sequence starts. Be careful not to also hit Brad.

The third time you fight Carlito is when collecting the bombs in Case 7-2. To kill him easily, unlock the Real Mega Buster and shoot him about three times when he appears. Additionally, if you want to have a safer trip during the mission, instead of entering the tunnels through the parking lot with the motorcycle, get the maintenance key before the case and enter through Paradise Plaza. There will be a white sedan that will not break down as easily as the motorcycle.

Defeating Cletus

Use the following trick to defeat Cletus, the drunk owner of The Huntin Shack. Make sure you have an Uzi and a katana. Then, make three or four unbreakables, depending on how many inventory spaces you have. If possible, also find a shotgun. If you cannot, you can get one during the battle with Cletus. Run over to The Huntin Shack and watch the intermission sequence. After it ends, use the Flying Dodge towards the right side of the store. If done correctly, you should land behind a store shelf. From here, there are two strategies you can try. The first is to hide behind the shelf and shoot one Uzi bullet at a time to maximize damage. The whole clip at once does little damage. Then, pick up the shelf and run it in front of the counter. Wait for Cletus to begin reloading his gun. Hop behind the counter and pick up the shotgun; this is required to kill Cletus. Fire a few shots into him and The Huntin Shack will be yours. The second strategy is done by running all three shelves in a line in front of Cletus. After this is done, he will fire shots into the shelves, and no damage will be taken by you. Wait for him to start reloading, then hop behind the counter as done in the first strategy. Take the shotgun, and if possible a few wines, then run behind the shelves. He might just throw you over the counter by using Lift Up. Once behind the shelves, wait for him to reload again. Fire your shotgun. When your shotgun is out of ammunition, use the katana.

Wait for it to get dark outside and then go to the courtyard where the tower clock is located. Defeat the convicts, then drive to the steps that lead to the part of the mall where Cletus can be found. When you get to the steps, get out and dismount the gun on the back of the army jeep. Run into the building, avoiding any zombies on your way. When you get inside, avoid every zombie that you can. If you get hit, quickly pick the gun back up and continue to Cletus’ shop. When you get in there, an intermission sequence will start. After watching it, be ready to quickly shoot at Cletus or you will get hit with buckshots. Be quick to get your gun and shoot at Cletus while he is drinking his wine. When he starts shooting, take cover. When he reloads, continue shooting. He should be dead in a matter of three minutes or less. You will still have an automatic weapon that kills zombies in one shot. You should have about 120 bullets remaining from the fight. However, you now have a gun shop and do not have to worry about running out of ammo.

Defeating the convicts

Get a sniper rifle from the gun shop before the owner appears and you must fight him. If you do not make it and you must fight him, the easiest way to take him out is to run back out of his store, kill the zombies outside, then shoot him with the handgun or Uzi. Once you get the rifle, go to Leisure Park where the three prison convicts are found. There is a picnic area with benches just outside and to the right of Paradise Plaza. You can jump on top of this structure. This will keep you from having to worry about zombies jumping on your back while you scope the jeep from far away. The jeep usually seems to get stuck near the food court with its back to you. While on top of this structure, you can kill all three convicts with the rifle if you are positioned correctly. Once they are dead, you can jump down and steal the jeep and take the .50 cal.

Run to the entrance of the maintenance tunnels. Take the vehicle of your choice and drive into the tunnels. Follow the tunnel as far as you can to the left. There you will find two parked trucks, one with its headlights on. Exit your current vehicle and get in the truck. Drive back out of the tunnels and find the convicts. Ram the driver to kill him instantly, then repeat for the second driver. Then, use the truck as cover to take out the gunner with the weapon of your choice (preferably a firearm).

To kill the convicts easily, go to the underground with a car, and not the motorcycle. When down there, take the first left. There will be a large van at the end. Drive back up the tunnel, then drive out into the garden. Drive directly into the convicts. This will usually kill the passenger and the gunner. Do this a second time to kill the driver and earn the achievement, clothes, a turret gun, and a slightly new Hummer. This works best if they get stuck as they usually do.

Defeating Sean

Use the following trick to Defeat Sean, the coat leader. Get a guitar, then go to the theaters. Go to theater 2 and get the big metal shelf. Then, go to theater 4. Hit the coat leader with the big metal shelf until it breaks. Then, take out your guitar and hit him three or four times.

Defeating Steven

Defeating Steven (the overweight manager of the grocery store) is like killing a zombie but longer. When the intermission sequence ends, go to the dairy aisle and pick up some milk. Make sure to have a bat or a cleaver. As he chases you, go to the double doors where the intermission sequence ended and close one of the doors. Steven will pull out a shotgun and shoot for a while. After he is done shooting and is reloading, run outside. Power-up the bat and hit him. If done correctly, it will do a large amount of damage. If not, he will kick you backwards or shoot you. Do this with a bat (recommended) or a knife. Also make sure to have three milks, and two bats or knifes for an easier battle.

Bonus items

Successfully complete one of the following tasks to unlock the corresponding item inside a shopping bag behind the air duct in the Security Room:

    Ammo Belt: Do not miss with a machine gun.
    Arthur’s Boxers: Survive for at least 7 days.
    Hockey Mask: Photograph all PP Stickers.
    Laser Sword: Survive for at least 5 days.
    Mall Employee Uniform: Answer all calls from Otis.
    Mega Man Boots: Get the true ending without being knocked out.
    Mega Man Tights: Defeat at least 10 psychopaths.
    Prisoner Garb: Steal the convicts’ vehicle.
    Pro Wrestling Boots: Break at least 100 items.
    Pro Wrestling Briefs: Defeat at least 1,000 zombies barehanded.
    Real Mega Buster: Defeat at least 53,594 zombies.
    Special Forces Boots: Defeat at least 15 psychopaths or 10 special forces soldiers.
    Special Forces Uniform: Repel a helicopter.
    White Hat: Photograph at least 50 survivors.
    Unknown: Get at least 50 survivors out of the mall.

Alternate endings

Perform the indicated task(s) in 72 Hour mode to get the corresponding ending (from best to worst):

    Ending A: Solve all cases and return to the helipad at 12:00 p.m. on the 22nd.
    Ending B: Solve all cases and rescue a large number of survivors (unknown number).
    Ending C: Do not get to the helipad on time and solve all cases.
    Ending D: Be a prisoner of the Special Forces at 12:00 p.m. on the 22nd.
    Ending E: Do not get to the helipad or solve all cases.
    Ending F: Fail to collect all of Carlito’s bombs in Act 7-2.

Creating juices

Juices are created by mixing two of any food items in the blender upstairs at Columbian Roastmaster. All juices restore full health, but their effect only last a short amount of time. There are multiple ways to make juices:

    Energizer (unknown effect) = Randomizer + Zombait
    Nectar (attracts a Queen) = Orange Juice + Snacks
    Quickness (move 5x faster) = Wine + Yogurt
    Quickstep = Ice Pop + Yogurt
    Randomizer (random effect or stomachache) = Cooking Oil + Snacks
    Spitfire (spit becomes deadly) = Baguette + Snacks
    Untouchable (invincible to any attack) = Baguette + Pie
    Zombait (zombies more attracted to you) = Pie + Snacks


Certain books will give a specific effect:

    Weekly Photo Magazine: Skill+ (get a visual cue to indicate prime photo timing)
    Sports: Item+ (hold onto sporting goods three times as long as usual)
    Camera 1: PP+ (get a 25% boost to PP resulting from photos)
    Hobby: Item+ (hold onto toys three times as long as usual)
    Engineering: Item+ (hold onto tools and construction related items three times as long as usual)
    Horror Novel 2: PP+ (get a 25% boost to PP resulting from defeating zombies)
    Entertainment: Item+ (hold onto entertainment related goods three times as long as usual)
    Interior Designing: Item+ (hold onto interior designing goods three times as long as usual)

Easy “Bullet Point” trophy

Kill Spec Ops and empty enough of their machine guns to get the trophy. You could also go to Al Fresca Plaza via the Entrance Plaza, get the sub-machine gun in the fountain, empty it, then go back to the Entrance Plaza and repeat until you get it.

Easy “Carjacker” trophy

Unlock the Real Mega Buster, then shoot all three convicts once in this order: gunner, driver, passenger. Get in the car and you will get the trophy. Alternately, get the sub-machine gun in the Al Fresca Plaza Fountain and wait until the convicts crash into a tree. Shoot the gunner with the sub-machine gun until he dies. Take the gun he was using from the back of the car and use it to kill the driver and passenger. You may want to do all this during daytime and/or after you escorted Sophie or any survivors with you.

Easy “Costume Party” trophy

If you do not have ten or more item slots yet, go to Ye Olde Toybox in Paradise Plaza and grab a few novelty masks. Take them to Child’s Play and drop them on the floor next to the Servbot Masks there until you have ten. Then, just put them on zombies until you get the trophy.

Easy “Freefall” trophy

Go up the stairs in any two floor plaza and jump down to the first floor.

Go on top of the shelves in the warehouse, between the security room and Paradise Plaza, and drop down.

Easy “Group Photo” trophy

Go to the maintenance tunnels and take a picture of the huge crowds of zombies. You can also try this in Al Fresca Plaza, Wonderland Plaza when the two survivors are dangling from the huge toy object, or in the cave near the end of the game.

Easy “Hella Copter” trophy

Unlock the Real Mega Buster and use Zombie Ride to get on a zombie’s shoulders. Jump on top of one of those cement shack objects over the benches. Time your shots so that they hit. They slightly slow. Try to wait until it stops. It should break down and leave in just a few hits.

Easy “Indoorsman” trophy

Find a store where you can close the doors, such as Ripper’s Blades in the Entrance Plaza or an empty store in North Plaza. Stand there until you get the trophy. Bathrooms are also good, especially the one in Paradise Plaza. The Security Room may also work.

Go inside the mall, Paradise Plaza (the place that takes you on the route to the security room). There is a place with a hidden sub-machine gun. Go on the right staircase up to the middle. Jump from there to the round ceiling, then go to the side. Jump to the next one and then the next one following to reach a box and teddy bear. Keep going until you find the sub-machine gun on the last round ceiling. Then, just stay up on one of the three round ceilings for 24 hours to unlock the trophy.

At the start of the game at the entrance plaza before the zombies enter the mall, stand still for 24 hours (two real life hours) to get the “Indoorsman” trophy.

Easy “Karate Champ” trophy

Get to Level 50 and have all slots full of wine or orange juice except two. Kill zombies with skills such as Double Lariat or Giant Swing. Also, when you can fight Cliff, kill him and get the Wrestling Book from the empty store next to Crislip’s Home Saloon.

Easy “Legendary Soldier” trophy

Unlock the Real Mega Buster and go to Seon’s Supermarket. There should be around eight or more Spec Ops there. Make your way into the pharmacy if desired, but close the double doors you open to get to the corridor leading to it. They will just stand there. You can shoot at them from the pharmacy without them shooting at you. You do not need to do this since the Real Mega Buster kills them in one or two hits. However, use this tactic with one of their machine guns if you do not have the Buster yet.

Easy “Outdoorsman” trophy

After getting the “Zombie Ride” skill, go out to Leisure Park and go to the area near North Plaza. Get on top of a zombie and jump off it to get on top of the cement cabin structures on top of the benches. Just stand there until you get the trophy. Standing on the helipad may also work.

At the start of the game at the entrance plaza before the zombies enter the mall, stand still for 24 hours (two real life hours) to get the “Indoorsman” trophy. Then, continue until you get the chance to save the game. Save the game and turn off the Xbox 360. When the saved game is reloaded, you should immediately earn the “Outdoorsman” trophy.

Easy “Perfect Gunner” trophy

When the Spec Op soldiers come to the mall, kill some of them, then take their machine gun but do not use it. Go down to the meat processing place under Seon’s Food & Stuff. Start shooting the big chunks of meat that are hanging down from the ceiling. Keep shooting until you run out of ammunition. This should result in the Perfect Gunner trophy. If you miss, you will have to start with a brand new machine gun.

Easy “Punisher” trophy

Unlock the Real Mega Buster, then use the Buster on all the psychos. They should be dead from one to five shots. If not, use the small chainsaws Adam the Clown drops.

Easy “Raining Zombies” trophy

Get a parasol and go to Al Fresca Plaza. Use it and you should get it easily.

Easy “Strike!” trophy

Grab a bowling ball and go to the Maintenance Tunnels. Throw the ball and you will likely hit ten or more zombies. This may also work in Al Fresca Plaza.

Easy “The Artiste” trophy

When you reunite the first couple of survivors in the rooftop, snap a picture as they hug for a large amount of PP. They should have a golden PP marker over their heads when the time is correct. Many other survivors and psychos have other golden marker poses that give large amounts of PP. Two easy ones are taking a picture of the two people hanging from a huge toy or something in Wonderplaza during Day 2.

Easy “Unbreakable” trophy

Unlock the Real Mega Buster, two bottles of wine, have at least one small chainsaw, the Criminal Biology, Engineering, and Entertainment books, and reach Level 50. You will be able to kill anything with one or two hits. Note: To get the Unbreakable trophy you only need to play Overtime mode and not get caught by the Spec Ops (i.e. do not lose all your health). If you started playing from 72 Hours mode, being captured by the Cult Members also affects this trophy.

Easy “Zombie Genocider” trophy

Go to the parking lot in Leisure Park and get in the convertible. Drive into the maintenance tunnels and grab the maintenance key in the “T” shaped dead end just ahead of where you went in. Get back in the car and drive over to the exit under Paradise Plaza. Switch to a white sedan there then drive all the way over to the exit under Seon’s Supermarket. Kill as many zombies in that location as desired. Then, switch to the delivery truck there and drive once more around the maintenance tunnels until you reach the exit to the parking lot. Drive out and switch to the convertible and repeat everything except the maintenance key part. Try to choose an efficient route and stick to it. It will take a while but you will be able to get it if you begin doing it at the start of 72 Hours mode. It would be a good idea to stock up on wine or orange juice, have at least one nice melee weapon and the two Horror Novels to get the most out of the PP you earn from killing the zombies.

Easy “Zombie Road” trophy

When you get the skill “Zombie Ride”, go down to the maintenance tunnels. Go to one of the huge crowds of zombies and use the skill to get on top of one. Make sure to release A when you get on top. Walk on them in a circle and you will get it easily. Try practicing the skill first and have some wine or other food with you just in case. A Queen might also be useful for an emergency.


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Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

    Platinum Trophy (Platinum): Collect all Dead Rising trophies.
    Zombie Killer (Bronze): Defeat at least 10,000 zombies.
    Zombie Genocider (Gold): Defeat at least 53,594 zombies.
    3 Day Survivor (Bronze): Survive for at least 72 hours.
    Portraiture (Bronze): Photograph at least 10 survivors.
    Census Taker (Silver): Photograph at least 50 survivors.
    Self Defense (Bronze): Defeat at least 1 psychopath.
    Punisher (Bronze): Defeat at least 10 psychopaths.
    Psycho Photo (Bronze): Photograph at least 4 psychopaths.
    Psycho Collector (Bronze): Photograph at least 10 psychopaths.
    Raining Zombies (Bronze): Knock at least 30 zombies aside with a parasol.
    Costume Party (Bronze): Place novelty masks on at least 10 zombies.
    Strike! (Bronze): Send at least 10 zombies flying with bowling balls.
    Level Max (Bronze): Reach Lv. 50.
    Peace Keeper (Bronze): Defeat at least 5 psychopaths.
    Photojournalist (Bronze): Score at least 1,500 PP from a single photo.
    The Artiste (Bronze): Score at least 3,000 PP from a single photo.
    Sharp Dresser (Bronze): Change into at least 20 different costumes.
    Clothes Horse (Bronze): Change into all costumes available in the mall.
    Unbreakable (Bronze): Get the true ending without being knocked out.
    PP Collector (Bronze): Photograph all PP Stickers.
    5 Day Survivor (Silver): Survive for at least 5 days.
    7 Day Survivor (Gold): Survive for at least 7 days.
    Item Smasher (Bronze): Break at least 100 items.
    Tour Guide (Bronze): Escort 8 survivors at once.
    Humanist (Bronze): Get at least 10 survivors out of the mall.
    Life Saver (Silver): Get at least 20 survivors out of the mall.
    Saint (Gold): Get at least 50 survivors out of the mall.
    Gourmet (Bronze): Eat all types of food available in the mall.
    Bullet Point (Bronze): Fire at least 1,000 bullets.
    Perfect Gunner (Bronze): Don’t miss with a machine gun.
    Group Photo (Bronze): Get 50 Target Markers with the camera.
    Full Set (Bronze): Collect all portraits in the NOTEBOOK.
    Transmissionary (Bronze): Answer all calls from Otis.
    Frank the Pimp (Bronze): Simultaneously escort 8 female survivors.
    Indoorsman (Bronze): Spend at least 24 hours indoors.
    Outdoorsman (Bronze): Spend at least 24 hours outdoors.
    Freefall (Bronze): Drop from a height of at least 16 feet (5 meters).
    Marathon Runner (Bronze): Cover a distance of 26.2 miles (42.195 km).
    Carjacker (Bronze): Steal the convicts’ vehicle.
    Stunt Driver (Bronze): Jump a car at least 33 feet (10 meters).
    Stunt Rider (Bronze): Jump a motorcycle at least 33 feet (10 meters).
    Zombie Road (Bronze): Walk over 33 feet (10 meters) on the backs of zombies using the Zombie Ride.
    Karate Champ (Bronze): Defeat at least 1,000 zombies barehanded.
    Overtime Mode (Bronze): Unveil all CASES and be at the heliport at noon.
    ∞ Mode (Bronze): Get the true ending.
    Zombie Hunter (Bronze): Defeat at least 1,000 zombies.

Additionally, there are five secret trophies:

    Snuff Shot B (Bronze): Successfully photograph zombie Brad.
    Snuff Shot J (Bronze): Successfully photograph zombie Jessie.
    Hella Copter (Bronze): Successfully repel a helicopter.
    Legendary Soldier (Bronze): Defeat at least 10 special forces soldiers.
    Legendary Soldier (Bronze): Defeat at least 10 special forces soldiers.
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