Dungeons And Dragons: Heroes Cheats, Codes, Cheat Codes for Xbox (XB)

Dungeons And Dragons: Heroes Cheats, Codes, Cheat Codes for Xbox (XB)

Dungeons And Dragons: Heroes

Duplicating items

Use the following trick to duplicate gold and items. Have two players, and have one take the item to be duplicated and save the game. Then, have that player give the item to the other player and leave the party. Have the player join back with the same character that you saved with. Wou will still have the item, but so will the other player. You can do this repeatedly, and once you make ten of them give all of them back to the first player and save. Then, give it to the other player, then leave and join. This time you will have ten each time. This can take awhile, but if used with an elixir your stats will rise.

Play a multi-player game. Obtain an item you wish to duplicate. Save your game. Drop the item. Have the person that had the item leave the party. Then, have that person rejoin the game and load the character that they just saved. You now have the item and another one of it on the ground.

Save your game after getting an item to be duplicated. Press Start on another controller. Load a second version of your character and have them drop the desired item. Have your original character pick up the item, then drop your duplicated character out. Save the game and reload. Your duplicated character will then have two of that item. Have him drop the item and repeat process until satisfied with the amount of items.

Duplicating Soul Shards

Find, but do not collect, a Soul Shard. Save the game just before you get it. Collect the Soul Shard, then save the game in a different file. Reload the game that was saved just before the Soul Shard. Load your character and repeat.

Exceed maximum weight carried

This trick allows you to carry as many thousands of pounds of items as you can possibly muster on your character. First, get as many strength altering items (Ogre gear) on your character as possible. Next, load up with as much junk as you can carry and reach your weight limit. Then, hold L + A + Y to display the cheat entry prompt and enter the ” PAQUIN ” (Tome of Lessons) code. A Tome Of Lessons will be created in your inventory. Repeat this step as many times as desired by selecting the “Accept” button repeatedly. Notice that items created in this fashion do not add to your burden. Next, drop all of those heavy tomes. You will notice that the game will think that you dropped the weight. You are carrying all that you were before, but the game states that you are carrying 0 lbs.

To equip more weight than your character can normally carry, equip items that increase your strength such as weapons, necklaces, and rings. Stock up on whatever armor or items you need, then equip whatever you need. Your weight will display as normal in the menu, but will be higher than your allowed weight. Note: Once you unequip your strength-giving items and your actual weight is higher than your allowed weight, you will not be able to pick up any additional items.

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Cheat mode

While playing the game, hold L and press A + Y to display the code entry box, which allows one of the following cheat codes to be entered. Note: You can repeatedly select the “Accept” option to quickly activate that code again.


    Enter ” PELOR ” as a code.

    Infinite Mystical Will

    Enter ” OBADHAI ” as a code.

    10,000 more experience points

    Enter ” DSP633 ” as a code.

    500,000 more gold

    Enter ” KNE637 ” as a code.

    Dexterity increased by 10

    Enter ” YAN ” or ” ZXE053 ” as a code.

    Constitution increased by 10

    Enter ” N STINE ” as a code.

    Nightmare difficulty setting

    Enter ” MPS LABS ” as a code. Alternately, successfully complete the game on the normal difficulty setting.

    View concept art

    Enter ” CONCEPTS ” as a code.

    View credits

    Enter ” CREDITS ” as a code.

    10 Anti-Venom

    Enter ” SPINRAD ” as a code.

    10 Berserk Brew

    Enter ” THOMAS ” as a code.

    10 Fash Freeze

    Enter ” ESKO ” as a code.

    10 Fire Bomb

    Enter ” WEBER ” as a code.

    10 Fire Flask

    Enter ” BROPHY ” as a code.

    10 Firey Oil

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    Enter ” EHOFF ” as a code.

    10 Globe Potion

    Enter ” WRIGHT ” as a code.

    10 Insect Plague

    Enter ” DERISO ” as a code.

    10 Keys

    Enter ” KEIDEL ” as a code.

    10 Keys

    Enter ” SNODGRASS ” as a code.

    10 Large Healing Potions

    Enter ” THOMPSON ” as a code.

    10 Large Will Potions

    Enter ” GEE ” as a code.

    10 Medium Potions of Will

    Enter ” LU ” as a code.

    10 Potions of Haste

    Enter ” UHL ” as a code.

    10 Pyrokins

    Enter ” SMITH ” as a code.

    10 Rod of Destruction

    Enter ” AUSTIN ” as a code.

    10 Rod of Fire

    Enter ” DELUCIA ” as a code.

    10 Rod of Miracles

    Enter ” JARMAN ” as a code.

    10 Rod of Missiles

    Enter ” MILLER ” as a code.

    10 Rod of Reflection

    Enter ” WHITTAKE ” as a code.

    10 Rod of Shadows

    Enter ” DINOLT ” as a code.

    10 Thrown Axe of Ruin

    Enter ” RAMERO ” as a code.

    10 Thrown Daggers of Stunning

    Enter ” BELL ” as a code.

    10 Thrown Daggers

    Enter ” MOREL ” as a code.

    10 Thrown Halcyon Hammer

    Enter ” PRASAD ” as a code.

    10 Thrown Hammer

    Enter ” BRATHWAI ” as a code.

    10 Thrown Viper Axe

    Enter ” FRAZIER ” as a code.

    10 Thrown Viper Axe

    Enter ” HOWARD ” as a code.

    10 Thuderstone

    Enter ” ELSON ” as a code.

    10 Tome of Lessons

    Enter ” PAQUIN ” as a code.

    10 Tome of the Apprentice

    Enter ” BILGER ” as a code.

    10 Tome of the Teacher

    Enter ” MEFFORD ” as a code.

    10 Tomes of the Master

    Enter ” SPANBURG ” as a code.

    10 Warp Stones

    Enter ” HOPPENST ” as a code.

    10 Holy Water

    Enter ” CRAWLEY ” as a code.

    Disable all active cheats

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    Enter ” UNBUFF ” as a code.

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