E3 2009: Microsoft's 1 vs 100 Beta Available through Xbox LIVE

E3 2009: Microsoft's 1 vs 100 Beta Available through Xbox LIVE


Today, at the Microsoft Media Event, it was announced that 1 vs 100 (the interactive game show for Xbox LIVE subscribers) would see its first episode aired.

Currently in beta, the premier episode went live tonight at 7:30 pm Pacific.  In honor of that event, we’ve decided to publish a fact sheet to refamiliarize all of you with the free-to-play competition announced at last year’s E3.

Fact Sheet:

What is it?

Imagine you are a contestant in the world’s largest interactive game show — right in your own living room. The host welcomes you. There is potential to win big. Are you ready to go LIVE? It’s “1 vs 100” on Xbox LIVE.

“1 vs 100” on Xbox LIVE1 is a new genre of social entertainment that brings the excitement, anticipation and production value of game shows to Xbox LIVE.

Do you watch game shows on TV and yell out all the answers? Now, you can become a contestant from your own home and play with thousands.

With a live studio host providing entertaining commentary2 and real prizes up for grabs, contestants must think fast to answer fresh questions created by trivia experts. In “1 vs 100,” players will be on the largest virtual stage in the world: Xbox LIVE.

In the mood for a quick-play game show on Tuesday and an all-out trivia showdown on Friday? Xbox LIVE offers two versions of “1 vs 100” so you can choose how to play.

“1 vs 100” is an entertainment experience that features premium content, and is one of many benefits available exclusively to Xbox LIVE Gold members.

What are the features of “1 vs 100 Live”?

  • Go LIVE! “1 vs 100 Live” is a live event where you may play against thousands of other Xbox LIVE Gold members as “the One,” the 100 known as “the Mob,” or “the Crowd.” Prepare to be entertained as the live studio host, TV award-winning Chris Cashman, provides spontaneous and comedic commentary throughout the show.
  • TGIF. In the mood for some weekend fun? “1 vs 100 Live” is a regularly scheduled game show on Friday and Saturday evenings. Head to the theater lobby early to meet the live studio host and get ready for the action.
  • Tune into fresh fun. Spruce up your general-knowledge trivia and pay attention to current events, because you just might be asked about them in a “1 vs 100 Live” show that night. With “1 vs 100 Live,” the general trivia is created by a team of experts around the world and is always fun, fresh and current, giving you a new experience every time you play. Questions are tailored according to region for the best experience.
  • Win prizes! This would not be a game show unless there were prizes. In “1 vs 100 Live,” contestants have the chance to win prizes based on their skills.3 Win up to 10,000 Microsoft Points if you are the last person standing as “the One.” With 10,000 Microsoft Points you can have a shopping spree and choose from a wide range of entertainment offerings including 17,000 movies and TV show episodes on Xbox LIVE Marketplace. Or take home an Xbox LIVE Arcade game if you have one of the top three scores in the round or if you’re still in “the Mob” after 40 others are eliminated.
  • Start a party. “1 vs 100” brings the Xbox LIVE Gold community together for a larger-than-life event. You can play with hundreds of thousands of people, and there will always be contestants online ready to jump in. Meet up and connect with up to three of your friends before getting into the fun, or be matched with other contestants like you. The camera will stay on you and your party throughout the entire show.
  • Be yourself. When you jump into “1 vs 100,” you play as your customized avatar, which animates and cheers to show you are pumped and ready to win. Look around to see the avatars of your friends in your party playing with you.

What are the features of“1 vs 100 Extended Play”?

  • Don’t just watch, play! In the mood for playing a game show after work from the comfort of your own couch? Spice up your weeknights with “1 vs 100 Extended Play,” a lighter version of the show that’s enjoyable up to seven nights a week on Xbox LIVE. See how you stack up against your friends, as you and thousands of others play as “the Mob” for top score. “1 vs 100 Extended Play” features a floor host who walks you through the game show.
  • Hone your skills. If you’re a trivia buff, “1 vs 100 Extended Play” is the game show for you. “1 vs 100 Extended Play” features themed trivia every weeknight for the ultimate variety, with topics such as Player Written Questions, Battle of the Sexes, and Super Hard.
  • Win prizes! The more you play, the more chance you have to win. You can earn entries into the “1 vs 100 Extended Play” Sweepstakes by correctly answering questions.4 Players have the chance to win prizes including a Zune digital media player or a home theater system with TV.

How do I play?

An Xbox 360 system, a broadband connection and a hard drive, and Xbox LIVE Gold membership are required to access “1 vs 100” on Xbox LIVE, which is currently available in the U.S. and Canada.

  1. “1 vs 100” requires broadband access, Xbox LIVE Gold Membership and a hard drive.
  2. Only “1 vs 100 Live” features a live studio host.
  3. “1 vs 100 Live” is a skill game open only to legal residents of Canada (excluding Quebec) and the 50 United States or District of Columbia (excluding Connecticut, Iowa, Maryland and Vermont), ages 18 and up. For full details, including system requirements, see official rules at http://www.xbox.com .
  4. No purchase necessary. “1 vs 100 Extended Play” Sweepstakes open only to legal residents of Canada (excluding Quebec) and the 50 United States or District of Columbia, ages 18 and up. The date for the end of “1 vs 100 Extended Play” Sweepstakes is yet to be announced. Skill testing question required for Canadian winners. For full details, including a free, alternate method of entry, see official rules at http://www.xbox.com/1vs100 .

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