E3 2016: Mafia III Preview

E3 2016: Mafia III Preview

The Mafia III theater demonstration at E3 began with an interesting juxtaposition going through a history of events. It’s part 1968 tourism video, inviting people to New Bordeaux, interspersed with a documentary detailing the devastating exploits of Lincoln Clay as he cut through the Italian Mafia to get revenge for destroying the black mob. It’s compelling in a way you can’t begin to imagine. You’re seeing this beautiful city, then hearing about all the ways Lincoln fought back.

The footage kept calling back to that contrast. Part of the Mafia III footage was spent showing the various districts of the city. There was the mysterious Bayou, where the Italian mob makes moonshine and distributes guns. In turn, we saw Delray Hollow, Lincoln’s former home, and now a heroin and sex den. Frisco Fields is a high-end area, filled with PCP and Southern Union racists. The French Ward is the largest and most traditional district, the one you think of when you think New Orleans.

It’s in the French Ward that the rest of the E3 Mafia III presentation took place. First, 2K Games showcased the many ways you can bring down the Italian mod in an area. There’s a monetary value you need to bring to zero. You could take out important people, rob orgies, blow up drug boats, kill smack dealers, capture brothels or drug dens, or interrogate pimps. In the demonstration, we watched as the Lincoln on display chose to kill “Handsome” Harry’s enforcers. In particular, he took out a man named Oscar. This cut down Sal Marcano and the Italian mob’s take by $15,000, leaving about $84,400 before Lincoln could start a mission going after Sal’s caporegime and head of the French Ward, Uncle Lou. When people play, they choose how to bring that number down.

This triggered a massive and gorgeous mission in the footage. It was called, “Real Nice Time.” Uncle Lou was trying to help a politician Sal knew get reelected to the State Senate with a riverboat cruise. Lincoln was there. First, he hobbled the ship, causing a crash. Once it started sinking, he boarded for a showdown with Lou.

Again, it displays the contrast between the gorgeous scenery and the corruption beneath it. The riverboat is gorgeous. It’s one of Mafia III ‘s period pieces and absolutely stunning. From the casino floor to a massive theater, bar, and other detailed rooms, it’s an amazing place. You want to look around, but you can’t. It was constantly sinking in the demo, causing furniture (and Lincoln!) to shift. On the plus side, it provided ample cover, as well as an opportunity to take advantage of enemies when the tossing of the ship caught them off guard.

Once Lincoln hunted down and defeated Uncle Lou, the French Ward was his. That’s when it was time for a Sit Down with his three underbosses, Cassandra, Burke, and Vito Scaletta. Each one has their own vendetta against Sal and the Italian mob and provide various kinds of aid in the field to Lincoln. They can also act as the day-to-day leaders for his empire, adding additional perks and income levels for the areas they manage.

E3 2016: Mafia III Screenshot

The Mafia III theater presentation ended by offering the same kind of odd dynamic and sense of choice we’d seen throughout the video. Lincoln had to decide who’d control the French Ward. Cassandra managed a few districts already and Vito was happy, but Burke had nothing. The Sit Down had them presenting their positions, and Burke reacting badly when he didn’t get the French Ward. It then resulted in a unique mission where he betrayed Lincoln and needed to be hunted down.

E3 2016: Mafia III Screenshot

The Mafia III E3 footage served two major purposes, and it did both well. It intended to show how defined and detailed New Bordeaux can be, with its unique districts, and succeeded – especially with its incredible riverboat. It highlighted the choices people can have Lincoln make, ranging from the ways in which he can bring an Italian mob-controlled district’s value down and manage his underbosses. It did everything it could to get people excited about Mafia III ‘s possibilities, and it succeeded.


Game Features:

  • New Bordeaux, a re-imagined New Orleans: A vast open world ruled by the mob and detailed with the sights and sounds of the era.
  • A lethal anti-hero: Be Lincoln Clay, orphan and Vietnam veteran hell bent on revenge for the deaths of his surrogate family.
  • Revenge your way: Choose your own play-style; brute force, blazing guns or stalk-and-kill tactics, to tear down the Italian Mafia.

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