EA Closes Pandemic Studios

EA Closes Pandemic Studios


A few days ago it was revealed that EA would be making sweeping cuts across the board in a bid to restructure their workforce with an eye toward cost cutting and profitability.

Today we found out that Pandemic Studios, developer of Full Spectrum Warrior, Star Wars: Battlefront (I & II), Destroy All Humans! (1 & 2), Mercenaries, and upcoming WWII Nazi-resistance shooter The Saboteur among other series, has been forced by EA to close its doors.

Nearly all of the 200 employees were laid off today, and “a core team” will be retained to finish The Saboteur and take care of other gaming brands under their purview – possibly the oft-rumored Projects X and Y.

Below you’ll find athe official statement on the issue as picked up by IGN:

“Today, EA has informed employees that Pandemic Studios and all related franchises will be relocated to the EALA facility in nearby Playa Vista, and EA spokesperson told IGN. “The consolidation will result in the reduction of roughly 200 positions at Pandemic.”

“EA is committed to the Pandemic brand and franchises,” the spokesperson added. “A core team of Pandemic developers will move to EALA and continue development on Pandemic games with a focus on quality, cost management and schedule integrity.”

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