EVE: Valkyrie will Now Run on Unreal Engine 4

EVE: Valkyrie will Now Run on Unreal Engine 4

As reported by Polygon , during this year’s EVE Fanfest it was revealed that CCP Games’ virtual reality dogfighter EVE: Valkyrie has been moved from its original Unity engine to the Unreal Engine 4, and has thus been completely rebuilt from the ground up to better operate with this new graphical engine. According to Polygon, nothing of the original game–save place-holder assets and the game’s general concept–is now left in EVE: Valkyrie .

It gives us familiarity. It gives us a great engine, I’ve worked in Unreal before. It gives us ready made accessibility into the market, ” lead game designer Chris Smith told Polygon. ” I’m not a business person, so for me it’s just a great engine that renders a great game. It allows me to express what I need to express on a tool I’m familiar with. On the code side, everyone seems to be adapting very quick. What you’re seeing today is from nothing in January to now.

We had a great demo before, but turning it into a real boy? Something that you want to play a thousand times that has systems that can be expanded upon… this is the game now, ” he continued.

According to Polygon, the new Valkyrie’s design since its move to the new engine is noticeably different, to the point where the cockpit is allegedly much more realistic and the heads-up display is much more effective. The audio has been given a touch-up, too; there’s now radio chatter and more ambient effects to complete the immersion.

Following Facebook’s acquisition of Oculus VR and the Oculus Rift, CCP Games has clarified that the acquisition will not change EVE: Valkyrie ; the studio still plans on releasing the title for PC and Oculus Rift. EVE: Valkyrie is also being developed for Project Morpheus, Sony’s own virtual reality headset.

Also during Fanfest, CCP Games revealed that its free-to-play PlayStation 3 shooter DUST 514 will make its way to PC under the title “ Project Legion ”, which will also be designed as a free-to-play game (just like DUST 514 ).

As another effort to expand upon EVE Online’s universe, CCP Games has released EVE: Source , a large comprehensive encyclopedia on everything to do with the sci-fi MMO and its universe of New Eden. Additionally, the final issue EVE: True Stories was released on Wednesday, April 2, the first of which was introduced back in mid-February .

Global payment services provider Xsolla has also announced that it is working with CCP Games to help expand EVE Online’s payment options to players in emerging markets, such as Russia, the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS), Latin America and South-East Asia.

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