Final Fantasy Type-0 Fan Translation Takedown Is Justified

Final Fantasy Type-0 Fan Translation Takedown Is Justified

It’s official. Square Enix has done the expected. The people behind the unofficial, Final Fantasy Type-0 translation have been told to pull their patch. The internet is up-in-arms. You can practically hear their criticisms screaming off of the Sky’s RomHacking Nest page .

“Square Enix you’re as terrible as you ever are… ”

“Shame on you @Square Enix for giving a shit on what your fans want and only take note what a casual group of people want.”

“Square-enix have become one of the worst companies ever ! they don’t give a crap about their fans , and it speaks volumes that fans have to take matters into their own hands to play a game they want.”

Feel that rage? It’s palpable. It’s also ridiculous.

There’s a common thread running through all of these comments. Many suggest that Square Enix is filled with heartless, stupid people who don’t care about their fans and have demanded the removal of the patch out of spite. Naturally, this is ridiculous. People have been calling for Final Fantasy Type-0 since 2011, the year it was released in Japan. There have been petitions. People continually requested it when Sony was asking for games people wanted brought over from Japan. The fact that Final Fantasy Type-0 HD is coming over is clearly thanks to the demand shown by fans. It’s a classic case where Square Enix heard all the requests, and brought it over in the most viable way.

Granted, I can see some reason to be upset. People expected the PSP version, but instead Square Enix is bringing a remastered, HD port to the PS4 and Xbox One, and a freemium version to iOS and Android devices. Yet, instead of being happy that a far larger audience will have access to Final Fantasy Type-0 , with one version even being free-to-play, people still complain.

Because let’s be brutally honest here: we all know what happens when games get fan translations. People find an emulator, flashcart, or homebrew firmware, grab a rom of the game, patch it, then play it illegally. For every one person who perchance does the right thing and buys a copy of the game before or after, I’d wager hundreds, thousands, or in the case of the Mother 3 patch likely millions, just grab the rom and patch, then go. I don’t even want to think about how many Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc sales NIS America lost because people just decided to grab the PSP fan translation instead.

Final Fantasy Type-0 Fan Translation Takedown Is Justified

Look at the comments sections of the Sky’s RomHacking Nest announcement where the Final Fantasy Type-0 patch removal was announced . Every person is acting like a spoiled, entitled baby. Now, instead of getting to immediately download a (free) patch they can apply to an (illegal) iso, they’ll have to (gasp) wait for the official release. Then, depending on what platforms they own, they’ll either have to make due with a free-to-play version that will probably prompt them to make in-app purchases or pay for a full PS4 or Xbox One copy. The Japanese version of Final Fantasy Type-0 for the PSP is going to cost someone at least $30. As someone who imports games regularly and knows the cost/effort that goes into acquiring them, I can tell you these folks aren’t going out of their way to head to Play-Asia or NCSX to grab a copy.

Listen, the Final Fantasy Type-0 release may not be all we wanted it. It isn’t going to be on the PSP or Vita, sure. But you know what? We asked for it. We wanted it. Square Enix heard our requests and answered. To now suddenly complain because a fan translation team has been ordered to pull their patch is unjustified. This isn’t like Mother 3 , which never was released outside of Japan. This is a game that’s coming. Square Enix used their translators, to ensure quality, and want this investment to pay off. Put those hard feelings aside and let us happily and anxiously await the release of a game we’ve wanted for three years. Wanted to play it for free? Make the best of the Android and iOS port.

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