Fortnite Update Brings Llamas, Bombs, and Cross-Play

Fortnite Update Brings Llamas, Bombs, and Cross-Play

Fortnite is still trekking along will all kinds of sweet updates. This most recent patch brings previously announced goodies to the game, like supply llamas, remote explosives, Xbox One cross-play, and the St. Patrick’s Day event “Spring it On!”

Let’s break these additions down based on Fortnite ‘s two popular modes. Battle Royale is the lucky winner in the supply llama ring. These will act just like treasure chests in that they will contain items. Epic Games explained that supply llamas will contain the following: three traps and consumables, 10 stacks of each ammo type, and 500 wood, stone, and metal. The reason these are so loaded with loot is because they’re super rare. Only three supply llamas will exist in any given match. Not only that, but they’ll spawn in a completely random location every time. Keep your eyes peeled and maybe you’ll get lucky!

Battle Royale is receiving the remote explosive. These will be found in stacks of four (max of 10) in supply drops, treasure chests, supply llamas, or as floor loot. They have a rare rarity rating. Also new to Fortnite ‘s Battle Royale is its limited time Blitz mode. This will be starting on March 19. It’ll shorten matches to 15 minutes in an effort to create a more frenzied battle.

Fortnite ‘s Spring it On! event will be happening in Save the World. This includes the “Luck of the Storm” questline that rewards players with an Epic Leprechaun Survivor and either Luck Demolisher Wildcat, Highland Warrior Wildcat, or Battle Hound Jonesy. The Shamrock Reclaimer Outlander hero is also now available in the Event Store.

Xbox One cross-play also went live today. Xbox One Fortnite players can now play with anyone on PC, Mac, or iOS. You’ll be able to use your same character and purchased items across these platforms as well.

What’s your favorite addition to Fortnite this time around?

Source: Epic Games via Polygon

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