Forza 5 Available Free This Weekend on Xbox Live

Forza 5 Available Free This Weekend on Xbox Live

Make sure your oil is changed and dig out those drivin’ gloves, because Forza Horizon 2 ’s launch is just around the corner!

In their attempt to pull all-eyes towards the Forza brand in preparation, Microsoft has announced Xbox Live subscribers will get Forza Motorsport 5 for free all weekend long! According to the Xbox Wire, gamers can “…check out the full Forza experience with special in-game challenges, play against others online and build your achievements and Gamerscore. Throughout the weekend, you will have the chance to compete in a special multiclass endurance in-game race event, Grand Tour of Prague. Complete this endurance event and drive at least 130 miles in the race to earn a new title and badge for your Forza Motorsport 5 profile. After the weekend, you’ll have the option to purchase the game online from the Xbox Store…”

Speaking of Forza Horizon 2 , we’ve also got this week’s latest car list reveal to cover! Take a look below for the new entries (as we creep ever closer to the 200+ total):

2013 Ram Runner
The Ram Runner is much more than a dress-up kit for your Dodge Ram, it’s a tested and proven pre-runner set-up. It was developed with Baja-racer and KORE Performance owner Kent Kroeker. Hood scoops and a bed-mounted spare tire give it an aggressive look, but the real transformation happens in the suspension…

1984 Ferrari GTO
Unofficially referred to as the “288 GTO” (the 288 stands for “2.8 liters, 8 cylinders”), the GTO resurrects a storied name from Ferrari’s past for a new breed of supercar, one that led directly to hypercars like the Enzo years later…

2012 Jaguar XKR-S
As one of Jaguar’s fastest and most powerful series production car to date, the XKR-S is no poseur. Its aggressive and sleek lines are straight out of the jungle, yet not without grace. The super-charged 5.0-liter V8 brings 550 horsepower to the table and 502 foot-pounds of torque to keep you slammed back in your seat…

1969 Chevrolet Camaro SS Coupe
After two years of strong sales and success in racing, the first facelift for the original Camaro gave the F-body a sleeker and more hard-edged look. Mechanically-speaking, most of the drivetrain and other components were carried over from the previous model years…

Take a look at the rest of the week seven cars:
2013 Bentley Continental GT Speed
1969 Dodge Charger R/T
1969 Ferrari Dino 246 GT
2014 Ford Fiesta ST
2005 Ford GT
2010 Lamborghini Murciélago LP 670-4 SV
2005 Mercedes-Benz SLR
2011 McLaren 12C
1961 Maserati Tipo 61 Birdcage
2013 Mercedes-Benz G 65 AMG
2012 Ultima GTR

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