Gameloft Exceeds Two Hundred Million Games Sold!

Gameloft Exceeds Two Hundred Million Games Sold!


Gameloft is known for producing mobile games worldwide. Today they have announced that they have sold more than 200 million games.

Gameloft will continue to concentrate on mobile devices, especially the iPhone and iPod Touch, but games for consoles, including DLC and support for DSi, will also be at the core of their business.

As of right now, the “Gameloft catalogue now contains nearly 300 games available for download” in over 80 countries.

Press Release:

February 18, 2009 – Gameloft, the worldwide leader in mobile game publishing, today officially announces it has sold over 200 million mobile games since starting in 2003.

The Gameloft catalogue now contains close to 300 entries in all existing categories and suited to every culture. Gameloft games are now available in more than 80 countries, thanks to a very strong distribution network (telecom operators, phone and console manufacturers and media partners).

Gameloft games are distinguished by their availability since they are generally adaptable to all phones and platforms, so each person can enjoy the game he or she wants, regardless of their hardware. Apple (and the Appstore) has become Gameloft’s single biggest sales channel for mobile games in 2008, overtaking all the mobile operators.

“At Gameloft, we believe that consumers are uncompromising,” said Michel Guillemot, President of Gameloft. “They want the best games for the mobile phone or console in their pocket or at home. They also want immediate access at the lowest cost. We channel our creativity and our determination into creating entertainment that corresponds to their expectations and their need for diversion. That includes adapting it to their lifestyle and their budget. These are the reasons they buy our games in such great numbers.”

In 2009, Gameloft announced it will publish a significant number of games for the iPhone and for all devices connected to downloadable networks. It will continue to simultaneously publish games for 1,200 telephones and consoles accessible through the PlayStation®Network, PlayStation®Store, Nintendo WiiWare, Nintendo DSi and Microsoft Xbox LIVE Arcade.

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