GelTabz Review / Preview for the GameCube (GC)

GelTabz Review / Preview for the GameCube (GC)

Are you gellin’? I’m gellin’…. by Vaughn Smith

January 16, 2006 – My apologies first to the Madison Avenue marketing genius who invented the “Are You Gellin’?” series of gel insole commercials. My second apology goes out to anyone who has already read a GelTabz product review, as I’m sure every journalist must have used this tired phrase in their reviews of this product. If not, I’m a flippin’ comic genius. That being said, here I am about to embark on a 5000 word review (give or take a few thousand words) on the tiniest gaming peripheral ever released…The GelTabz Performance Thumb Grips available for Xbox, Xbox 360, PS2 and GameCube.

Performance Thumb Grips…sounds a little pretentious don’t you think? I must admit I guffawed at the notion of these little gel things. When I read the marketing copy on the back of the packaging which read “…playing with a stock controller simply isn’t good enough”, I balked. Then I opened the package, and having read the 450 page manual, managed to get my GelTabz configured on the Xbox 360 analog sticks (setup is easy for any controller and the Xbox and X360 Gels are interchangeable). I’m kidding, there isn’t a manual. Set up is extremely simple. Pull the GelTabz onto the analog stick tops and you’re good to go. That’s it.

The GelTabz are ribbed for your thumbs pleasure and I’m not kidding when I say these little things really do make ALL of the difference. The copy on the back of the package began to echo in my one good ear…”playing with a stock controller simply isn’t good enough…” Hey, they’re right!

GelTabz provide comfort and grip to the analog sticks. If you’ve ever experienced thumb fatigue after a marathon gaming session you’ll realize this inexpensive and ingenious product is something you’ll want in your bag of gaming tricks. Even if your hands don’t suffer from an over-productive perspiration problem when playing, you’ll want the GeTtabz for the extra comfort.

I’ve been playing with the GelTabz for almost two weeks and I’d like to outfit all of my controllers with them. If you are interested in this great product, GelTabz can be purchased online at www.geltabz.com and it appears that the company is trying to solidify retail sales for the near future.

While most players wouldn’t go out of their way to hunt them out, trust me when I say they make a perfect gift. They’re priced just right at $5.99 per package and even though the recipient may initially wonder just what they are and what they do, the GelTabz usefulness will become immediately apparent once installed. In fact you had better buy two packages – one for you and one as a gift because you don’t want your friends having the upperhand now, do you?

Concerns: None really, except I would have loved a GameCube GelTab that fit over the C stick. Why? Because Fight Night Round 2 ripped my thumb apart!

Summary: A great fit. Affordable. Comfortable. Improves grip due to ribbed rubber surface and increases the circumference of the analog stick head for added control. Durable although it appears they could wear out over a few months of constant use. If properly applied, should not come off during play.

By Vaughn Smith
CCC Site Director

A Second Opinion

Ditto. Whatever Vaughn said.

You want more? Oh. Products come across the CCC desk weekly. Some are good, some are average and some are downright terrible. GelTabz might be small – In fact, they’re the smallest peripheral I think CCC has ever received – but they will make a big difference in terms of gaming.

Adding grip and comfort to your controller is an idea that seems like a no-brainer, so why has it taken until now for someone to invent these? It’s not like the regular analog sticks are painful to use obviously, but the comfort level increases greatly when the Geltabz are in use. So why not be more comfortable? You gotta buy these.

By Dave Allison
CCC Site Owner

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