Getting Fat Could Make You Better At MW3

Getting Fat Could Make You Better At MW3


Finally, Mountain Dew and Doritos are good for something other than making my dentist angry. Starting in October, Call of Duty players who purchase the products will receive a code that allows them to receive double experience points for a short period of time.

The length of time that these points are available depends on what type of product you’ve purchased. For instance, a 20 oz Mountain Dew will secure you 15 minutes of Double XP time. Whereas a Walmart 20 pack will get you 90 minutes.

Considering the amount of Mountain Dew and Doritos that I consume daily, I should have no problem perpetually maintaining double XP status for the entirety of the promotion.

In other news, the achievement list for the Modern Warfare 3 campaign was leaked onto the Internet today. If you’re the type of person who likes to be surprised, you should probably stop reading. Here’s the achievement list in chronological order, we think:

  • Destroy the Jamming Tower

  • Take back New York Harbor.

  • Escape the mountain safe house.

  • Defend the Russian President.

  • Infiltrate the village.

  • Make it to Westminster.

  • Save the U.S. Vice-President.

  • Assault the shipping company.
  • Track down Volk.
  • Escape Paris with Volk.
  • Reach the church.
  • Escape the city.
  • Discover Makarov’s next move.
  • Find the girl.
  • Rescue the Russian President.

    From the looks of things, I’m going to be spending a lot of time protecting Presidents this November. But I’m sure they’ll be customarily ungrateful.

    By Josh Engen

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