Ghost Recon: Future Soldier Gets A Release Date

Ghost Recon: Future Soldier Gets A Release Date


People like my mom will always remember Tom Clancy as that guy who wrote that novel about governmental espionage. You know the one. It’s a political thriller set during the cold war in which the protagonist is reluctantly caught up in some kind of top-secret operation. Remember?

Well, Clancy not only wrote the only non-romance novel that my mother has read in the last 20 years, he also lets video game publishers throw his name on any game that is even remotely military-based. In other words, he’s brilliant.

And the undisputed king of the military-based based thriller has yet another video game heading for your console next year. There were rumors going around that Ghost Recon: Future Soldier will finally hit the shelves on March 6, and Joystiq contacted Ubisoft to confirm that this is indeed the target launch date.

Hopefully this news will allow fans of the series to breathe a sigh of relief after Future Soldier’s delay-heavy development process. Then again, March 6th is still a ways off; there’s still plenty of time for Ubisoft to announce yet another delay.

For those of you who can’t wait until March, the developer also announced that the multiplayer beta will be going live in January, but is exclusive to Xbox 360. Sorry PS3 owners. You always seem to get the shaft.

By Josh Engen

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